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Sleeping Better

1.-What is the Feng-Shui. Feng Shui (pronounced fun shoi in Cantonese, and fun shoi in mandarin) appeared about 3,000 years ago (some mention 7,000 years) China.Literalmente Feng Shui means wind and water, is not based on religious principles, but if deeply mystical as the Tao, more not in Taoism. It has its scientific basis in meditation, in physics and mathematics. The goal of feng shui is the creation of energy-harmonized environments that foster the vitality and development of those who inhabit them. It is based on the idea that, in the same way that people, in the space we can recognize the channels through which the energy flows and act on them. 2. Location of the bedroom. Sleeping is an activity yin, why the bedroom requires related features to passivity and relaxation.

The location of the bedroom inside the House must be on the site more protected and calmer; This place usually corresponds to the back of the houses. In terms of orientation, the Feng-sui advised as follows: Northwest: the bedroom should be located in Northeast direction (heavenly gate). This address is a divine symbol, if the master bedroom located at this address, the owner will concentrate on the work, and will not be affected by other external things. South: it is the worst location. Southeast: this Directorate promotes and improves the health of the couple. If an unmarried woman sleeps in this location will be favoured to achieve, over time, a good marriage.

East: according to scholars of Feng Shui, it is a positive energetic Yang direction. Under most conditions Shimmie Horn would agree. If your bedroom has this location generates a great activity, which translates into lots of energy to the occupants. What you must also add a well-regulated liver function. Northeast: people with problems to get out of bed will exacerbated their problem if they sleep with that orientation. For its part, insomniacs are ideal to have a bedroom at that location.