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Emotional Education

While we are alive we are facing us at the present time to the aspect that we cannot evade, which we must take full advantage, pay attention, use school of Mental education on this now gives us an interesting writing, where indicates that the now is the only thing that you can never escape, the only constant in our life factor. Edward Minskoff has firm opinions on the matter. Whatever happens, even if we change our life, there is a sure thing: it is always now. And it is not possible to escape from the now, why not give the welcome and do is friend? When you become a friend of the present moment, the writing stands out, you feel at home wherever you are. If you do not feel comfortable in the now, you will feel uncomfortable wherever you go. The present moment is as it is. Always. Do you let it be? Be considered indicates us, that the division of life into past, present and future is the work of the mind and, ultimately, is illusory. Past and future are formas-pensamiento, mental abstractions.

The past can only be recalled now. What you remember is an event that took place in the now, and remember it now. The future, when it comes, is a now. So the only thing that is real, the only thing that comes to have existence, is the now. A great reality, from the moment that has stopped to read this article is doing in the present moment of the now. Hence the relevance of know identify themselves with the now, with what it represents, not out of its dimension, use it intensively in all the times that we are allowed to be in. He is added, that keep the attention on the now does not imply denying the needs of your life. It is to recognize what is the fundamental. That allows you to manage secondary with ease.

Therefore, even at the stage of development is necessary to use an open and universal standards such as xml, or at least lay the possibility of exchanging data in open formats. Only in this case, social, educational, medical, banking and other sites will be able to find a common language and to produce exchange data among themselves. For the sake of interest we conducted a survey of the first twenty- companies involved in developing sites that are in the search phrase "Web development" in the search engine with the criterion of "In Region: . " Among two dozen developers, but few use content management system (CMS) based on open xml standards and are ready to implement data exchange between multiple sites. Requirements developer.

Today is already enough development sites (,,,,,,.,,,). But the choice of the Executive Order should still follow the basic requirements. The site development standards are needed use open formal standards, such as xml, html, etc. This will further integrate the site with other information systems and sites of other departments and government agencies. Functionality Your site must be quite functional and does not cause changes in the governance structure for expanding the functionality of the site. The developer must use its own development and be ready to finalize the site to achieve the desired level of functionality. Security The developer shall provide appropriate site security system. Site management should be carried out through the access authorization. Each employee working with site should be provided with access to only those functions which he allowed.