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Juliette Binoche

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, created by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela (both Nobel laureates) has managed to be the architect of numerous miracles, within an area in which Western science criminalistics and psychology for centuries is swimming without getting results. The so-called rehabilitation of the professional as well as pave the way for reconciliation without resentment or exemplary punishment. For that it is necessary to first explain the term ubuntu, which, by one of those ironies of life in the twenty-first century, is best known in the community of Linux developers, open source. This is because his main patron Mark Shuttleworth (South African) appealed to it to disclose them, and with it of course also its philosophy. The word ubuntu is Zulu and Xhosa origin. It’s believed that Nir Barzilai, M.D. sees a great future in this idea. Means, broadly speaking, humanity, sense of community and also understood as a universal bond that binds all human beings. The literal translation of Ubuntu is: I am that you are should be said that the African concept of the universe the relationship between human beings and their environment is rooted in a holistic view of the cosmos.

The human being is part of everything and does not exist, as in most Western cultures, a highly developed concept of the individual as something that separates the world. Based on the definition of Ubuntu, which commits a crime, therefore, departs from humanity, or ceases to be human. But at the same time that action has an effect on all human beings are part of the cosmos. Therefore the only way to restore balance is to humanize the perpetrator in the film in my country based on the book of radio journalist Antje Krog "Country of my Skull" starring Juliette Binoche and Samuel Jackson, described the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Although framed in the Hollywood production which does not lack his usual ingredients, conveys the idea behind the process. With the theme of truth in exchange for amnesty, urges all those white, mostly belonging to the former Apartheid regime that practiced that had been reported as perpetrators of torture and murder, to appear before a court to which family members could also attend of the victims, to give his version of events. The condition: It must be the truth. In heartbreaking scenes and brought to the screen with chilling realism the perpetrators tell relatives of the victims the last moments of life of their loved ones.

However, for many of the stories, several of the perpetrators themselves are realizing the scale of its actions and begin to show feelings, are prey to fits of crying and unfeigned repentance. Is this process might be called the re-humanization? The fact is, it was shown that after such an experience, both perpetrators and victims can then look back again in the eye without hate. In some cases, the children of the victims agreed to be adopted by the perpetrators. Although it sounds to fantasy and fairy tale, there is no greater eloquence than the truth. And the fact that this is feasible and should be a real cause for reflection rather than doubt and distrust Desmond Tutu said in his speech to the opening of the processes . . is a new worldview, a new conception of life that is born in South Africa for our times. Simply relying on it.

Translation Services

Translation agencies not only to translate documents, but they also offer a professional service to ensure that your documents are duly translated into the target language so that they are acceptable in the culture where they are to be introduced and used. One of the main factors of the translation services is to unite two different cultures and make possible the understanding between them. Today, thanks to the evolution of the media we can obtain immediate contact, and in time real, with any part of the world. Globalization has brought, as a consequence, a growing demand for quality and sophistication related to translation services. Educational and literary material from any country now has the possibility to be translated into any language and be distributed anywhere in the world. Be an arduous task since it is not possible to maintain the rhyme and rhythm in a language that is different from the original. Translators to maintain integrity real of the text allows flexibility in style, but the goal is keep the meaning of the original text.

The role of translation services is mostly associated to the business world. The vast majority of the documents to be translated, in this field, are contracts, commercial correspondence, documents relating to the marketing, promotional material, reports, product catalogs and user manuals. The financial institutions of great magnitude, due to mergers and acquisitions business, must maintain its international relations regardless of the place where the merger has been conducted. As a result, has created a demand for translation services of documents to large scale – financial reports, documents, banking or insurance, to name a few. When there is a merger, the need to translate documents and marketing material is born in order to inform the shareholders and employees of the companies involved. The translation of legal documents into other languages requires precision and accuracy as well as an official translator certification, also known as translator jury.

These translators must have skill, not only in the two languages involved in the translation of the legal document, but in the understanding of the legal systems of both countries. Documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates require this type of official translation. Translation service providers must ensure strict confidentiality when handling these documents. Translation companies are also facing challenges such as the availability of a number of translators of different languages. Multiple translation services are often requested and are necessary for this cooperation and coordination of teams of translators involved in the project. Communication is a key element in this environment to ensure integration and consistency of the translation project. In this scenario, the translation agency must have editors, whose skill to translate must be similar, or higher, than the translator, and This way, to ensure the credibility, accuracy and quality of the translated documents.