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President Cristina Fernandez

The euphoria in the Argentine real estate market is over 9 September 2009 if you have some savings and you are looking to acquire a property in Argentina, don’t rush and look for any opportunity to purchase. Depression in the Argentine real estate market is tiring to sellers so it will not be too difficult to achieve a good Remover in the value of the property. The housing market is far from the good years that knew how to enjoy after the crisis of 2001. The demand for housing problems are increasing and anticipate that this dark Outlook for the sector will be maintained. Two of the main real estate regions of Argentina are the Federal Capital and the province of Buenos Aires. In these regions, the news were not for nothing encouraging until July.

In Capital Federal, quantity of writes had fallen by 38.7% in terms of interannual, in the month of July, while in the first seven months of the year, the decline in the number of writes amounted to 38.1% in comparison to the same period of 2008, and the amount involved in them, a 26.8%, as gave to know College of scribes of the city, whose professionals found by these moments with more leisure time. At Munear Ashton Kouzbari you will find additional information. In the province of Buenos Aires, the fall in the total volume of real estate transactions amounted to 37% in the first seven months of the year, showing a situation of real concern both for real estate itself and those dependent sectors such as the construction sector and the elements for the construction. Mid-year, before the elections course, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had announced a program of mortgage loans which would be generated with the Anses funds and granted by the Banco Hipotecario. The objective mainly aimed at obtaining votes rather than a real boost of real estate demand.

Argentine Government

magnitude, was the phrase that sounded yesterday in the Argentine Government against the precipitous fall of the bag of Buenos Aires (10% on Wednesday and 11% on Tuesday). Is it that the Government could not foresee the undesired effect in bags? The ANSES went out to buy bonds by AR$ 300 million on Wednesday, and some actions to put the chest to the sharp stock market fall, which at one point came to lose 18%, and who also managed to skid the ibex in Madrid, where quoted Spanish companies operating in Argentina, making it lose a 8.2%, its second historical loss. The oil company Repsol YPF lost 15.8% (do next goal of Government?) and had to be suspended. Banco Santander (Santander River), lost 9.9%. The executive director of the national administration of Social Security (ANSES), Amado Boudou, is responsible for giving the deathblow to the AFJP: will be responsible for the liquidation of those companies.

But this Government was already requesting funds to State boxes as well as the ANSES (AR$ 5 billion in 2008, according to the Ministry of Finance), national lottery, and others. Nor is it a new mechanism: already established it another Peronist Government: Peron in 52. It is a return to a hard peronism, who thinks first of box, later in politics, a banking Executive who drove an AFJP said to the nation. And as the Government like to say, that it has been chosen by electoral majority, it would not have been legitimate also to 10 million from contributors who had already elected to remain in the system of capitalization in 2007, when she gave to choose whether workers wanted to move to the system of allocation state, respecting their decisions? Or not are looking respect the people’s decision? Could we not call to popular consultation to see how the population wanted to see their managed retirement savings? The slogan is Government national and popular, according to panfletariamente bombard us daily. The Kirchner Government usually seeks to counteract the bad reactions that generate with its policies with other more populist cut, but in the end result in big ads and meagre results.

Utah Office Legislative Auditor General

If you want to stir up a frenzy of controversy, just ask families in Salt Lake City Schools what they think about educating the children of illegal immigrants. See Estee Lauder for more details and insights. The answers will be diverse and impassioned. Based on numbers provided by the Utah Office of Education state schools, including Salt Lake City Schools, spend about $5,140 anualmente per pupil. A recent audit titled A Review of the Public Education Costs of Undocumented Children recently threw some fuel into the fire. The audit, performed by the Utah Office Legislative Auditor General, reports that the state spends over $63 million annually on undocumented students.

Residents and state representatives of Salt Lake City Schools are engaged in a heated dialogue regarding the accuracy of that number. The study claims that Salt Lake City Schools educating students who is undocumented costs $100-$ 400 more annually due to the need for special language and low – income programs. This matter is of special interest to the Salt Lake City Schools because administrators have been trying to use available funds to meet rising standards in cost-efficient and effective ways. A look at the recent initiatives in Salt Lake City Schools reveals numerous efforts like vouchers, school choice and charter schools in the city s attempt to improve education. Many representatives of Salt Lake City Schools interpret the audit to show that educating undocumented students comes at the detriment of the rest of the population. Others, like House Minority Leader Ralph Becker, D-Salt Lake City, feel that the audit is giving an unbalanced view of the big picture.

Salt Lake City Schools Han residents who feel that undocumented workers still pay taxes and contribute to the thriving economy of the region. The Salt Lake Tribune recently issued an editorial that questioned the statistics used in creating the audit. The editorial claims that estimates of the 75, 000-100 000 that undocumented immigrants were used to make guesses as to the number of K-12 students. The paper calls this bad reporting. What do the residents of Salt Lake City Schools need to know? It seems to be undisputed that Salt Lake City Schools educating undocumented immigrant population does require some special teaching skills to address language and economic barriers. But does it necessarily follow that does the end result will be to refuse to educate those Salt Lake City Schools students? And is really want anybody wants that? Senator Margaret Dayton, R-OremA, who originally requested the audit, has indicated that her main concern is that state and local governments are paying for the federal government s failed immigration policy. However, the end result of all this political posturing will have a huge affect on families of Salt Lake City Schools. The big question remains: Does the additional cost of educating undocumented children the of Salt Lake City Schools eliminate the requirement to provide those students with tax-funded education?

Rome An Adventure For Your Children

What city in the world dares to dispute the title of the eternal city to Rome? Only a couple of minutes in the Piazza del Popolo or walk a few meters by the famous Via del Corso to give account that the magnetism of Rome not extinguished yet. To discover this city full of treasures of the past is as current as ancient, so monumental as intimate, as earthly as sublime. If you have chosen Rome as the destination for your next vacation and are travelling with children, you probably wonder if you can enjoy everything the city has to show. The truth is that there is a limit to the number of historic sites and museums that a child can visit in a few days. To make the places you choose to visit an unforgettable experience also for your children, the key is to explore Rome from another perspective: as an adventure.

Accompany them and let your inner child run freely through the streets of Rome. The Colosseum and its school of gladiators El Coliseo is a favorite of children of all ages. Travel within its ancient walls will leave them speechless, but do not complete the experience with a class in the school of gladiators? The Roman historic group is an association that aims to preserve interest in Roman history, and transmit the passion they feel for the same. Lessons usually take place over several weeks, but you can participate in special classes, which will allow your son be Gladiator for a day. If you can’t participate in these classes, there is always the option of visiting the Museum of the Association, where exhibits a variety of war machines such as helmets, swords and the typical clothing of the legionaries and Praetorian guard. The terrifying crypt of the Capuchins in the Via Veneto is our Lady of the conception of the Capuchins, a church which at first sight seems another beautiful church among the hundreds who are in Rome. But hides a fascinating story, more precisely a creepy crypt with small chapels decorated with the bones of thousands of Capuchin Friars. A scary place, undoubtedly, that will fascinate older children and adolescents, but is not recommended for very little.

The heroic Castle Sant Angelo the old fortress has enough passages, stairs, walls and cannons to delight the most daring adventurers. The Castle gives a spectacular view of the Vatican on the Tiber River, something that will delight adults. The heavenly dome of the Basilica of San Pedro the famous dome designed by Miguel angel has 330 steps which will take them up to its Summit. At the top, you can feel closer to heaven. He is not precisely to scale Mount Everest, but will give your children a good dose of adrenaline Moreover, it will make falling rendered in their beds. The best way to conclude an exciting day of adventures in Rome! At the reception of the majority of the hotels in Rome you will provide information on tours specially designed for children, but if you want to draw your own adventure in Rome, you already have a menu of experiences that you can adapt according to the age and personality of your children.