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Pfaff Coverlock

If you choose this option, you can eliminate the need reconfigure the serger in the transition to seam and back. In this case, the cost of such a pair is almost equal to the cost Pfaff Coverlock 4852. To know more about this subject visit Harvey S. Rosen. Species differences overlock weaves in the mechanism of the sewing machine weaving yarn provides shuttle. The design of the shuttle overlock not, but interlacing is provided with special looper. Number of stitches running overlock depends directly on what has serger looper.

Sutures obtained by means of upper and lower loopers Overlock Cheap overlock equipped with two looper – the top and bottom. In the photo red thread threaded into the upper looper, and the yellow to the bottom. Main interlacing performed with this design – trehnitochny obmetochny seam. The figure shows the face and back side of fabric with trehnitochnoy obmetochnoy line. On the front side (which turned up during the sewing), visible range stitches, forming a line parallel to the edge of the fabric. This line is made with a needle. Loop yarn red formed the upper looper. On the wrong side of the fabric passes the lower looper thread, which attaches almost invisible stitch on the needle.

Trehnitochny obmetochny seam is designed to handle the edges of the bulk materials and is suitable for sewing knitted fabrics with a whip at the same time slice. By adjusting the tension of threads this line can be modified and be used for other purposes. For example, if a taut thread lower looper, and simultaneously to weaken the needle thread tension, you get a stitch called ‘Trehnitochny flat seam Flatlock’.


To save electricity consumed are removable heat-insulating walls, set between the sections in case you do not fill the freezer. Thus isolating the unused sections, can be save up to 50% of energy consumption. These are equipped with removable baffles many models of refrigerators prestigious brands. In continuation of the issue complete fridge Traditionally refrigeration chamber is provided shelves of varying depths, drawers for vegetables, containers for eggs, fish or meat, greasers. In the more expensive models provide vessels for the oil, containers of garlic. Shelves differ not only in size and constructively, but and materials: glass, plastic or metal. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is open to suggestions. Cooling chamber equipped with shelves and various containers for eggs, vegetables, meat, fish tanks for aromatic products, such as garlic (the more expensive refrigerators). Shelves may be of glass or lattice (metal or plastic).

Design and material shelves affect aesthetic perception, durability, complexity of care. Glass shelves can withstand weight up to 25 kg, downstream products are protected from accidental spills, easy to care for them. They are just beautiful. Lattice (usually metal) shelves are stronger and withstand the heavy cans and pans. Air circulation they do not interfere, allowing food to cool more evenly. Horizontal storage shelf for bottles not only allows more efficient use of a useful volume of the chamber, but also to comply with rules for storing wines.

Pull-out baskets and boxes provide convenient accommodation products and access to them. Drawer stops prevent the precipitation of the nomination. Transparent materials containers and vessels allowed to see the content, aesthetic. Additional ease of use provide a variety of containers for packaged food, trays for freezing the dumplings and berries.