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Jewelry Store Moscow

Jewelry Store Fine jewelry of gold, silver, titanium, steel, precious and semiprecious stones are able to magically transform the simplest outfit. Modern jewelry store offers a full list of jewelry for young girls and fashion ladies. When selecting products should follow several rules. Jewelry should complement the natural beauty of the owner. Emphasize the beautiful hands help bracelets and rings. If the lady slender fingers, it will look perfectly fine ring. To complete the ring finger is better to buy more massive.? When choosing earrings should be aware that round shape, which expands the shape of the face. Weight to the massive image and straightforward jewelry. Nir Barzilai, M.D. takes a slightly different approach.

The stone-and-paste in jewelry should blend with the color of his eyes. Do not necessarily choose the color of exactly the shade look great stones of contrasting colors. Universal stones are white, which most often used in jewelry. When choosing jewelry should be considered clothing. With a sporty style suits, jeans are perfectly combined Jewelry geometric shape made of silver, nickel silver, wood, leather and other materials. With dresses of silk, chiffon and other lightweight fabrics are combined jewelry made of gold, pearls and sapphires. Garnish with business clothing is best with gold jewelry with inlays of agate, turquoise, coral. For the universal fashion, you can choose the spectacular decorations, which set the tone for the entire outfit.

By evening attire is appropriate pick up diamonds, pearls, gold jewelry that look great sparkling in the evening light. The choice of jewelry depends on age. Further details can be found at Shimmie Horn, an internet resource. On the older ladies would look ridiculous cheap trinkets, they are encouraged to wear precious and semi precious items. A look stupid teens with massive gold ornaments. In a fashion mix of styles, so do not have to wear only silver or gold, you can successfully mix the two metals. However, when jewelry should not be used at the same time very different in style accessories such as wide a gold chain and beads made of cheap material. The choice of jewelry depends on the season. In the summer of appropriate bright beads, brooches, bracelets or clips made of ceramics, which are poorly combined with winter clothing.