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Grand Ballroom

The dance school is strictly ahead more than just dance school and always one step for 122 years. There is a wide range of courses for children, teens, adults and seniors! At the dance school strictly dancing Zirndorf, Furth, Nuremberg and Erlangen. Even the little ones come out big in the kids dance classes! By the Pampersrocker dance classes (children dance for children 2 years and older), about the dancing mice courses to the hip hop – dance classes for kids from the age of 10 is everything! The young people will surely find the right course for themselves – in the student dance classes or try it with hockey, freestyle or other fashion dances! For adults, there is a large choice at various dance classes – from beginners up to the circle of dance, the dance courses for singles to the wedding dance classes for newlyweds, Waltz, hustle, Mambo and slow foxtrot to to the rock ‘n’ roll! Also for the young at heart from the age of 65, there is a large and varied offer! A lot is offered for all ages! There are numerous practice parties and events – from the large Princess day for children, over the popular “Italian night”, the festive new year’s Eve ball up to the “talent night” of show formations – there is something for every taste! In the dance school strictly in Furth near Nuremberg, dancing has flair. Under most conditions Related Group would agree. Here in the great white garden Ballroom with 500 seats, stage and classical Gallery is danced for 140 years. Won’t found comparable in the area of Nuremberg – Furth – Erlangen. You can dance but not only in our Grand Ballroom, but also in our new, modern and light-flooded rooms, as well as in our rustic dance cellar..

Learn to play musical instruments, and more and more people enjoy the variety of wonderful music produced professional voice training. It is also on many events and concerts, where music plays a major role and various bands and artists. It can be carried away and enjoy the sounds in his ear. Many people would then sometimes even stand up on stage and making music. But to learn an instrument and sing learning, you should go to professional and visit music academies or schools of music. Learn instrument especially the learning of an instrument should be pursued intensively. If you go to a music Academy, you have a wide range of different courses to learn his favorite instrument.

Whether it be piano, guitar, bass, or a wind instrument, today everything is possible. And many people use from and visits to exert this professional music school. So many people can make your hobby into a career and have fun. If you correctly ruled an instrument, it has later many ways to incorporate this into his professional life, for example as a music teacher and composer. There are open for a many doors. A great dream is to sing learn to sing, especially in young girls. The media always again inspired, through Castingsshows and other broadcasts in the TV, this is already a big issue for years. However must be located clearly in mind, that you go not just on the stage and sing. The singing belongs to lots of technology and certain breathing techniques, which one should learn professionally to a music school. Here you can get certain breathing techniques taught and also the debate plays an important role. Get really close to the dream of a career, you should therefore visit music academies and so much learning, as it is only possible for one!