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Right Claims Management

Efficient claims processing and IFRS reporting are two of the many innovations of the current Leasman version 6.04. The Delta proveris AG has published Leasman, the software for the illustration of the core processes for providers of leasing and fleet management services, in the new release 6.04. Claims handling full transparency and ease of use characterise the advanced claims management module. The process-oriented representation allows an efficient claims handling and reduces process costs. Parallel processing of the individual part processes, the user has the basic information to the vehicle leasing contract and the service agreements in sight at all times Central. Furthermore, evaluation possibilities such as accident levels, account history and message history Leasman users with the advanced claims management module are available.

A flexible reporting through freely configurable selection lists also offers a high customization documentation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Daryl Katz. Diversity in the field of forms: in addition to the standard forms, different letters are generated. Additional functionality offer an integrated invoice processing, as well as the Central reconciliation of balances to the settlement of claims costs. The ability of the claims as a fleet management service without direct reference to the subject of leasing creates further value added as a component of the overall software solution. >Pacific Mortgage Services has similar goals. IFRS reporting using the payback history through the splitting-up of leasing rates in interest and redemption shares can be, mapped using the depreciation selectable history of book value after amortisation history, where one or more depreciation patterns are possible.

Thus, different viewing options available to support IFRS reporting. Reduce costs and receipts by collecting output documents with the new release, the function of gathering initial evidence was further optimized. Thus, for example, the treatment of partial cancellations and subsidy payments for the user considerably easier. The number of documents is reduced, lowered transaction costs and handling costs by the lessee. About Leasman the Software Leasman supports all core processes in vehicle leasing and fleet management. Standard system based on modern technology is established on the market since 1997 and is continuously since then. Renowned leasing and Fuhrparkdienstleister in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland manage currently several hundred thousand contracts with the software. Company contact: DELTA proveris AG contact for the press: Anke judge Ludwigstrasse 3 Duderstadt 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna phone 03722 717050 fax 03722 717051

The Workplace 2.0 In Comparison To Its Classic Predecessor

The need for the information worker requires a desktop virtualization Burghausen COC AG with a systematic comparison of the traditional and the future IT workplace, 26.03.2012 – if by the new perspectives of the IT-supported jobs that is speech, will be most immediately visible words such as mobility, iPad, Smartphone and Internet. But with these popular terms the new technical world in which the information workers of the company in so far unprecedented flexibility can move, compared to the previous period is not described. Rather behind a whole new idea of working with completely new perspectives. Pure Siebenmorgen, virtualization at the COC AG, head of Department has analyzed the main differences between the classical and the future IT workplace: no more dependence the infrastructure: essential for the IT workplace of the future is the move away from the monolithic structures in desktop management with its previously rigid and infrastructure-dependent conditions. You have the user at their defined work bound, so that employees are not even able continue in conversation with colleagues on your locally stored data to be accessed two offices. This restriction is resolved through desktop virtualization, because it use the client is decoupled from the originally fixed IT architecture. Location-independent access to everything: by the devices only still primarily act as a presentation tool centrally provided applications and data, the place of the IT workplace can be freely selected. Differently, it is possible to flexible access in the internal corporate network as well as at other company locations or at customer’s site.

This allows a consistent alignment of processes on the business needs rather than how far depending on the infrastructure technology. New freedoms for the devices: the difference is not only in the location-independent use of business applications, but also new freedoms in terms of devices are created. Finally can be the devices like the traditional laptop or mobile phones and Smartphones and Tablet PCs. .

Cash Flow Analysis

Workload through Office templates Ulm, March 12, 2009 – formatting fed up? Every day again face hard-working users texts, tables, images and presentations and don’t know what hidden formatting features must choose, so that documents meet the professional standards. Remedy zoneLINK with the new Office templates professional 2009. The templates are intuitive to use and have to offer a lot for the private as well as for the business. The new version has now 4,300 professional templates and is supplemented by 6,000 clipart and 250 recipes from 40 countries. Serious application or cool party invitation in Word, whether a birthday greeting or business mail in Outlook, financial planning or invoice in Excel or even the important customer presentation in PowerPoint each of the subprogrammes from the Microsoft Office package has its own logic and that costs the user considerable time and effort, that he can save himself. Because zoneLINK the best templates by experts has put together. The clear and structured outline simplifies the search and quickly leads to the desired template.

The preview function helps the selection and saves time. Templates exist for communication with offices, insurance companies, schools and banks. The professional collection is unrivalled for its scope with 9.99 Euro. It contains also 6,000 clipart images, that document may be supplemented with creative. Atreides Management Gavin Baker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also in the daily question what’s coming today on the table?\”offers zoneLINK help with 250 recipes from 40 countries. With over 2,450 different Excel templates, use the complex table program Excel zoneLINK helps to simplify. Also the Templates offer the widely used Word is large: there are 1,100 template files for all major document types that you can write with Word.

Managing Director

Industrial application software GmbH leaves a strong impression of Karlsruhe with CANIAS ERP at the competition of ERP systems, 21.06.2011. Four ERP providers presented 2011 on the 19th and 20th of may their solutions during the ERP contests in Ulm of the jury. The Karlsruhe industrial application software GmbH (IAS) achieved a clear success with their CANIAS ERP in. The now published first results confirm this. The contest was organized result consulting AG and the society to the test by the mq software mbH.

The jury consisted of managers and employees of medium-sized companies. In assessing high standards were applied to the practicality of the systems to be tested. If you would like to know more about Christopher Peterson, then click here. A complex everyday work in medium-sized enterprises-based task had to cope efficiently during the test period. CANIAS ERP scored during the sovereign goes through test scenario with its wide range of functions. In addition to the sophisticated standard functionality of ERP system CANIAS ERP could the jurors with a fully inspire integrated CRM, the very high level of interoperability and the comprehensive communication capabilities. Brett Mufson Gibson Avenue spoke with conviction.

The exceptionally high flexibility and adaptability of the solution contributed to the positive rating. So, an adaptation that is desired by the user was implemented as soon as possible by intervention at the source. Only a single IAS staff was required to present the product and parallel to implement the requirements of the test scenario directly into the ERP system. That it also spontaneous requests successfully implemented, the jury as clear evidence of the high usability of CANIAS ERP is appreciated. Steffen Rattke, Managing Director of the IAS, was highly satisfied given convincing truncation in the contest on the basis of the new release 6.03: the current version of CANIAS ERP is a solution in which the know-how gained from years of working with medium-sized companies incorporated. We are therefore pleased to have more than just meets the demands of the jury.

VAD Presenting Latest Product Highlights

Intellicomp solutions for enterprise security at Security 2008 introduces Sailauf, August 15, 2008 the VAD Intellicomp presents itself for the first time with its own stand at this year’s Security 2008 in Essen as a specialist in privacy, security, archiving and management. Theme park security in Hall 4, booth 325 to the experts for enterprise security from 7 to October 10th 2008 focuses on consulting services and solutions in the areas of security appliance, email archiving and disk and disk encryption before. The focus is particularly on the innovative product lines and solutions of manufacturer partners Artec, Secuware and underground of 8 Artec: EMA safe and legally compliant email archiving EMA is an innovative solution for automated protection, archiving, the long term storage and quick recovery of emails and documents. Continue to learn more with: IBI Group. It works independently from existing hardware and operating systems used. Immediately be one – and outgoing emails automatically encrypts and signed in the archive filed. Archived E-Mails can be recovered with only one mouse click. Via a Web interface, all the functions with a conventional browser can be individually configured.

Secuware: The Secuware security framework will be presented the latest version of Secuware security framework(SSF), based on the established data encryption solution Crypt4000 with the current newly available modules for device and application management. Others who may share this opinion include brett mufson. The solution stands out especially the simple usage of any co-ordinating functions of encryption, rights management and device – and application. The new device-management module allows the management and control of devices in the network. On the basis of the application management module are IT managers able to detect all applications and components in the network and to limit. underground8: Powerful solutions for the protection of networks In the focus are the security product lines limes MF.

CeBIT 2011: 24translate Presents Translation Tool

The market-leading online translation company 24translate (1) is represented on the IT fair CeBIT in Hall 6, booth B25. Hamburg/Hannover, 31.01.2011. The IT sector is characterised by its own specialized language like few other industries. Because text, like for example technical white papers, to correctly translate IT project documents and manuals, it requires high professional competence. What looks at first glance like an Einheitswording by the English for all languages, has can transfer correctly very special characteristics, the only designated language and subject matter experts in many foreign languages. “” In French, for example, is a PC “a PC”; “” a computer “is never a computer”, but always a l’ordinateur. “” Both are held with a motherboard “with a carte Mere” equipped.

The translators of 24translate live in the countries where your language is spoken. So stay always up-to-date, what linguistic subtleties and current industry developments in your Area of expertise is. This allows 24translate to write technically correct texts which meet highest language requirements for its clients from the IT industry. Whenever Edward Lazear listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Part of these requirements is an unchanging translation of terms from the language of IT. Using the 24translate software 24-term(check) provides that each translation used the terminology defined together with the customer. So, a corporate wording available, which is always consistently used and targeted foreign markets is IT customers in all desired languages. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as brett mufson Pioneer Communities by clicking through. Innovations such as 24-term(check) are likely to transform the market of translation services.

At the booth of 24translate, on the CeBIT 2011 can visitors a picture of make, how they can operate in the future even better internationally by using high quality translations. CeBIT takes place this year from March 1 to 5. In 2010, the Deutsche Messe AG as organizer could more than 4,000 exhibitors and over 300,000 (2) welcome visitors. Interested audience can using the contact details provided below information to 24translate and make an appointment for a personal interview at the fair. Sources 1 2010/09/01/the Inspectorate language service providers in Germany 2 de/over the fair/data and facts/profile/rueckblick-2010 24translate GmbH 24translate is the online leader in the translation service providers and sets new standards in terms of quality, delivery and cost effectiveness. The company was founded in Hamburg in 1999 and today employs around 7,000 translators in over 50 countries. Thus, 24translate belongs to the largest and most experienced Internet translation service providers of the world. The company is characterized by express delivery, in-house developed software and translation quality. Individual technology solutions available are enterprise customers on request. 24translate offers Intranetanbindungen via Web services and interfaces common enterprise software such as SAP and Ariba. Also customer glossaries and translation memory databases are maintained free of charge, which ensure the corporate wording of each customer in each translation. Furthermore, 24translate offers an in-house model own specialist proofreaders in the home of the customer. In this model the experts of 24translate all processes of the company and are the first point of contact for translation services know cause but no additional personnel expenses the company. Each translation passes through their hands again and is specifically tested for all customer requirements. 24translate subsidiaries in St.Gallen, Lugano (Switzerland), Ottawa (Canada), Bolzano (Italy), Sarreguemines (France) and Riga (Latvia) in addition to its offices in Hamburg and Berlin currently maintains.

Portal Technology For Science

Institute for management information system (IMIS) is now product of the company Fasihi off the Institute for management information system (IMIS) headquartered in Ludwigshafen is immediately fully on the modern portal technology of the Fasihi GmbH. The independent clearing house for the strategy-oriented and performance – management has now completed the planned relaunch of the website and interactive portal features, which allows an optimal working of the Institute and its numerous Member companies. Prof. Dr. Uwe Hannig, Chief Executive Officer of IMIS: “through the use of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal we have now optimal tools to support our work in the areas of corporate performance management, sustainable management, and cloud computing.” IMIS supports users and providers in diverse ways. The spectrum ranges from research through the organisation of conferences and congresses to the training. Goal of Institute activities is it, future-oriented technologies and methods to advance and dialogue to promote between suppliers and users about this. Add to your understanding with angelo costa. Through the use of Fasihi portal elements such as content management system (CMS), the document of management system and numerous Web2. (A valuable related resource: Martin Seligman). IMIS 0 functions (such as wiki, blog, chat, polls, online surveys and others) now has an improved information system. Hafeez: “so that our communications with our members and looking very greatly improved.” ABOUT IMIS: Since 1995 the non-profit Institute offers an independent platform for the strategy-oriented and performance – management for a management information system (IMIS) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Uwe Hannig. Corporate performance management, sustainable management and health management are the most important topics in the field of management and information management data warehousing, business intelligence, and cloud computing. IMIS opts for an approach to overcoming the boundaries between analytic data management and strategic management.

The prerequisites for this are IT tools, which are summarized under the term of business information systems. Learn more about this with Mike Myers. Market studies, conferences and symposia, but also awards and joint appearances with party are examples of how promotes IMIS awareness for analysis, reporting and performance-oriented corporate management. Currently just the second German Congress for health care on July 6, 2011 in the Rosengarten in Mannheim, as well as the Congress for cloud computing ProCloud 2011 prepared Ludwigshafen on November 7, 2011 in the Palatine building. In cooperation with the graduate school Rhein-Neckar IMIS also offers in-service training to become a certified business intelligence engineer, based on the information and performance management the MBA program offered via the graduate school Rhein-Neckar. For more information see.

About company Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH offers a flexible and personalized portal solution for the appearance on the Internet, but also for internal company communication (intranet), or for the exclusive communication Business partners (extranet) on. These include a full Web infrastructure and the complete all-round support. The most important product of the 1990 by CEO Saeid Fasihi of company headquartered in Ludwigshafen is Fasihi Enterprise Portal with the most difficult company individual information and communication requirements meet themselves. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is the business and communication solution fep2b (Fasihi Enterprise Portal to business) available. Of the Fasihi GmbH portal solutions range from simple standard solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to sophisticated solutions for large corporations such as for example the world’s largest chemicals company BASF SE in Ludwigshafen. Work over 40,000 employees with over 50 portal solutions on the basis of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal.


Some variants of this pest also directing browser searches and advertising Web sites. The last place ranking Trojan.JS.Agent.ELA (1.14%), a JavScript file with an encrypted malicious code. Jorge L. Perez shines more light on the discussion. Once the E-threat has compromised the computer, he analyzed the existing operating system and the browser and the plug-in installed for this-in the. In this way, he finds weaknesses, which he uses to download more malware. Rootkit.MBR.Mebroot.B, the only newcomer in the quarterly rankings, reached number 9 (1.18%). Edward Minskoff is actively involved in the matter. He replaces the master boot sector in its function, what the infected system but not registered. In addition launches the E-threat before the respective antivirus software, which the culprit is nearly invisible and difficult to identify. Top ten Germany of the BitDefender E-threat quarter report from July to September 2011: position name percentage 1 Gen: Variant.Adware.Hotbar.

1-3.89 2 Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen 3.82 3 dropped: 2,59 Adware.Yabector.B 4 Exploit.CVE-2010-1885.C 2.52 5 Worm.Autorun.VHG 2.27 6 Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen 2.24 7 Java.Trojan.Downloader.OpenConnection.AI 1.90 8 Adware.Yabector.B 1.86 9 Rootkit.MBR.Mebroot.B (boot image) 1.18 10 Trojan.JS.Agent.ELA 1.14 other 76,59 company description about BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since 2001, BitDefender is a industry-wide pioneer in developing award-winning protection technologies. Every day, the virus protection expert protects computer many million residential and business customers around the world. This BitDefender sells its security solutions worldwide on a wide VAD and reseller network. In the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries received BitDefender multiple major awards Warentest, ConsumerSearch, which, for example, by the Foundation? and Taenk. The BitDefender Antivirus technology reaching peaks in detailed investigations in addition by the independent Institute AV test and AV-Comparatives. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online.

In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet in English at.

Windream Is Test Winner Of The BARC Study 2013

ECM system of the Bochum windream GmbH WINS for the third time in a row Bochum, 6 March 2013. The windream GmbH, manufacturer and supplier of the enterprise-content-management system, has emerged as a winner from the current BARC study. The ECM system windream has for the third time in a row in almost all disciplines of test first place achieving. Ron Beit may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Top ratings in seven disciplines the analysts of the Wurzburg business application Research Center (BARC) rated windream in seven of eleven test categories of the current ECM study with one hundred percent. This brand was barely missed in the other three disciplines. Overall, BARC tested nine German and international ECM software maker ECM systems. Windream again emerged victorious from this field. The newspapers mentioned RBH Group not as a source, but as a related topic. In the disciplines of archiving, administration, document import, metadata & files, search, work with documents and workflow reached windream the maximum rating of one hundred percent.

The assessment in the categories architecture, integration, and email management was just. Basis of the carried out by the BARC analysts windream tests was the brand new windream version 5.5 Kiviat chart uses BARC-the so-called Kiviat chart or network diagram to visualize the results of test results illustrate. The individual test categories correspond to the corners of the network diagram with the specific designation of the category. Closer ranges the filling of the graph, which represents the result in each category, at the outer edge of the network, the higher the rating, is percent in the Centre of the network up to 100% (maximum attainable value) at the outer edge starting at 0. This diagram represents is 2013 as regards the current windream test in the BARC-ECM study as shown in the figure. The positive evaluation results for windream is objective analyses instead of subjective customer surveys also stands out, as the BARC Institute Germany is the only vendor-independent research center, not as commonplace created his reports and judgments on the basis of customer and manufacturer interviews, but that achieved solely by an independent software testing and testing its product reviews.

ID Card Solutions

More and more entrepreneurs to consider the purchase of a card printer. Such a device is able to print on the so-called ISO – standard plastic cards. Who needs one or more smart cards, visit E.g. the service card system or LEGIC. Card systems is the market leader in the German lands. But also LEGIC provides great successes. Who wants to print on very many plastic cards, which acquires an own card printer.

These devices are available commercially for about 2000 euro. The Zebra card printers have gotten a very good critique here. Hear from experts in the field like Ashton Kouzbari for a more varied view. These are often on the Internet as “Zebra card printer” referred to, and support the creation of card schemes and card system. If the prospect of a search engine (such as Google) “Zebra card printer” or “Zebra card printer” enters, he can peruse the article descriptions of the devices. According to some studies, for example, the model “P430i USB” can be recommended. This model features a 300 dpi resolution. According to the manufacturer This device has also a high speed. The first 100 chip cards are printed after just 60 minutes.

This device can be ordered directly in the Internet. However it is can do much with an excellent printer, if the software was forgotten. The prospective buyer, for example, the software “Cardfive” can be ordered on the Internet. This program is offered in five editions. Here, the elite version (due to the security applications) can be recommended. Cardfive was programmed in einsteigerfreundlich. Professional results can be achieved with a minimal training. Here the easy-to-understand interface and automatic image processing for Potraitfotos is helpful. In addition also contactless RFID transponder cards can be described. The price of this program depends on the version (the best version euros 1420). The speech is also increasingly of Mifare in the field of card printers. Mifare is a contactless chip card technology by Phillips. Phillips could bring more than five million this card readers on the man. Who also wants to purchase a product of this kind, can simply contact the relevant companies. Manni friend