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American Conspiracy

The American Conspiracy? The attacks of 11 of September and the death of Osama Bin Laden. It has ten years, the United States of America suffered with one from the attempted against greaters of history, had been attacked in the country, the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Department of American Defense, known as Pentagon. The disaster could still have been worse, an airplane taken for the terrorists, whom the White House would reach was deviated and fell in the Pensilvnia, preventing the destruction of the biggest American representation. Edward Lazear has many thoughts on the issue. ubtedly add to your understanding. All the attacks had resulted in the death of 2.977 victims and 19 kidnappers. From then on, it is that the question appears: who was the commander of the attempted against ones, and which the intention of such cruelty? The Americans keep the thesis of that the identified terrorists were the command of Osama Bin Laden and other Muslen to show the superiority of its countries in relation to the United States. But some critics, intellectuals, artists and proper Americans, believe that everything was a plan of the proper American government to cause a reaction to the external politics of the country in relation to the Arab countries and Muslim. Or still, they believe that the attempted against one was a personal action of George W.

Bush, who is maom. The coincidences for all the theories are in fact surprising. When seeing the landslide of the twin towers, we observe something during the explosions, that make to seem that it had explosives of the building inside, and that the Americans already knew of the tragedy. But also, if to repair all the actions that the Americans had taken in the hour, seems that the Arabs had planned everything with antecedence. The republican member of the house of representatives Ron Paul gave its opinion to the CNN: ' ' The argument of that we were attacked because of our freedom and prosperity is falso' ' , and it completed: ' ' If it was thus, Al Caeda would attack Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.

Democracy Or Authoritarianism?

Election free with right of the people (citizen, voter) to vote, and by means of the vote to choose its representatives politicians; thought freedom that if translates expression of free of retaliation; freedom of association for ideals for professional category, association of students, ideologies partisan politics; claim freedom, to make strike, when to jugar necessary; freedom of movement, to participate or not in agreement with the rules of law and the moral principles; at last, this will be enough to characterize the democratic system? what it is democracy? It will be democracy the high indices of poverty and misery; the segregation of classrooms for economic factors? Will be pssima distribution of income one of the characteristics of the democratic system? Will be the ethnic inaquality, the discrimination for sexual orientation or sort that determines if a people is democratic? It will be that in the democracy space for the unemployment exists, education publishes deficit, the declining health care public system, the predatory and producing real estate speculation of without ceilings or that it becomes men without land to produce? Can the democracy be made of crimes that benefit the penitentiary system with accumulated of people plays in penitentiaries? After all what it is democracy? Democracy is a regimen politician who establishes to the people the power to take decisions by means of the representation politics in the figure of other elect citizens direct or indirectly. The etimologia of the word democracy (demon = people and kracia = government) denotes that the power to govern is with the people, with the citizen. Munear Ashton Kouzbari contributes greatly to this topic. The idea of democracy for the Greeks, in the aristotelian philosophy, if approaches very to the term understood for the common sense, that is ' ' government of povo' '. The Romans in turn have conceptions that they coadunam between the supreme power of the people or that drift of the prince and that outrem is transmitted it.

American Central

The Hemisphere North, more rich, of immediate it was felt shocked with ‘ egosmo’ of the needyst countries as if this feeling, of the egoism, was an exclusive prerogative of them. ‘ colloquy fiada’ of sustainable economic growth not to confuse with sustainable development – it gave in this, it was enough the Chinese to start to eat a bit more, because it started to earn a bit more, and was the sufficient to all aggravate the food scarcity in the world In this economy ‘ moderna’ nothing is never lost, is alone ‘ it earns-ganha’ , until the hunger it relieves good profits, is alone to wait pra to see. Everything is recycle: a speculation substitutes to another one. Fabrizio Freda is often mentioned in discussions such as these. After having fed the bubble of the Internet, the monetary politics of the Federal Reserve (Fed) the American Central banking stimulated the estadudinenses to be become indebted, and the real estate bubble swelled. In 2006, the FMI still gave indications of that the mechanisms of attribution of credit in the real estate market of the United States would continue to be relatively efficient. The end of this history? After the rebentao of the real estate bubble in U.S.A., the speculators had rehabilitated old ‘ eldorado’ , the markets of cereals, acquiring contracts of wheat supply, rice and other cereals for one date future, to resell them with one high one of significantly bigger profits, what it draws out the increase of the prices, and consequently the hunger in mundo the FMI, that if considers as having the best economic team of the world it continues insisting of that one of the forms to decide the questions of the hunger is to increase the international trade. This remembers a phrase to me that the poet, musician and anarchist Lo Ferr wrote one day: So that the proper desperation if sales, are enough to find the formula. It seems that the formula already was found *Text of the author published in periodical printed matter in May.