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Affordable Housing

Again, we address the problem of finding affordable housing. I'm sure many nonresident citizens are faced with the need to find their place of residence of either the room or apartment for permanent residence. Many of the "nonresident" students living in dormitories for the time being, but one comes to truly adult life, work and appears to be to rent an apartment. Learn more on the subject from Jacobs Dallas. In this article we have tried to give good advice on how to rent an apartment, not throw good money after bad and do not cater to cheaters. Nowadays, everywhere you can see (at bus stops, on porches, lampposts) hang ads such as "rent an apartment quickly," "Renting an apartment in the center," "Rent room "and etc.

Do not forget that in addition to finding an apartment on the ads (and will not excess, and most post messages: for example, "girl, a student will remove …" or "a young couple … a guarantee of decency and fairness") can be identify several known ways: using an employee and a real estate agency. Learn more at: Darcy Stacom. It is the latter method and wanted to stay. What might be difficult? The most serious is 'Crooks', 'speculators'. There are so called "news agencies" that provide a list of addresses or phone the owners of apartments, to rent for a small payment in advance.

But when you start to call, visit the listed List an apartment, it turns out that either can not be rented, or your train is off and she was busy, or she never give up (and this happens). In general, addresses are not relevant, but the agency you can no longer nothing to prove – in the contract states that you have provided information services. Very often, legally, this company is not at real estate agency. Reliable real estate will never claim the money before signing the contract, a certain amount you will need to pay on arrival. How much will rent an apartment in a good agency? The amount will be different, but there is a nonrandom pattern – the cost of services agencies approximately equal to the cost of renting an apartment for a month. Finally. In order not to be deceived, it is very important to "protect themselves" and to make the lease (which should be signed by both parties) to the owner housing. In the contract should specify the date of the lease, the size of the rent, who would pay for utilities, can reflect the "defects" apartment (for example, broken furniture). It is also important to verify the absence debts for telephone, Internet, rent.

Costa Del Sol

About Andalusia communities: music and popular tradition the Guadalquivir legendary bathes the mythical cities of Cordoba and Seville. The Wellington Block follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The third jewel of the triangle in Andalusia is Granada. Three inseparable cities for those who want to learn about the rich history of Andalusia but would be unacceptable to put aside cities such as Cadiz, Ronda and Huelva. Although they are less famous, have an undeniable charm and include some unexpected treasures. On the other hand, Andaluciaes the region of music in Spain. Kim Jones has much to offer in this field.

To listen the beauty of flamenco, you must go to the Andalusian community. Therefore, if you are a big fan of the music, do not hesitate to choose Costa del Sol before the Costa Brava. Catalonia: a great contrast of landscapes Catalonia is characterized by the combination, in its landscapes, mountains and sea, a mixture that often leaves tourists amazed. In the interior of the Costa Brava (which is no longer considered practically Costa Brava) are also small unknown pleasures, including the city of Girona. Accommodation The apartments on the Costa Brava are the best option or renting an apartment in Barcelona if you prefer to stay in the city, while in the Costa del Sol, I recommend that you look at the opinions of Tripadvisor. The crowds I think that at this point the two coasts are pretty tied. Although pleasant in spring and autumn, summer takes the prize to the greatest number of people on both coasts.

All the tourists who landed on these shores seeking heat and beaches that do not have in their countries and the benefits that have two coasts. However, the tourist type is different and in the Costa Brava (think that more than in the Costa del Sol) you can find empty corners, unknown coves and make excursions to villages virtually no tourists. The time the Andalusian climate is characterized by mild winters on the coast, but colder inland, and long, dry summers (May to October) and very sunny. In the East, rain is rare. More favourable for Andalucia travel times and the South of Spain are spring or the autumn, since you can enjoy pleasant temperatures without large crowds. In spring we can still find cool nights and the water tends to be quite cold (the temperature of the water around 16 C). In the Catalan community there are 300 days of sunshine a year, so this time the Costa Brava attracts many tourists to its beaches during the summer. The sea breeze freshens the atmosphere a little, but the truth is that the heat is quite intense. Less heat stations, must say that sometimes live a cold winter, with snow in the mountains (the times that it has snowed in Barcelona can count on hands, so the coast is still harder snow, although not both inside, and Girona). The best time to visit Catalonia is spring or autumn. You can enjoy pleasant temperatures without crowds. In otono-primavera, however, still you can do a little chilly.On the other hand, rl sea is warmer in the Costa Brava to the Costa del Sol. In fact, the proximity of the coast of the ocean Atlantic Andalusia freshen water in the Costa del Sol.

Longterm Life Insurance

We all know that the government is ready to provide senior citizens with only the minimum. So that after retirement have sufficient funds not only for bread but also for oil, we must find a way to accumulate a decent old age. Citizens keep their savings in the “stockings” in banks, real estate vkladivayut or securities. One option – Cumulative hizni insurance. Note that in the West Erope, the U.S. and Japan, this kind of insurance – the most common. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Estée Lauder.

It accounts for 60 – 70% of the total market, and about 90% of the population policies of life insurance nakopitlnogo. In Russia, this insurance product is also known. Previously, such contracts had each family. State insurance programs offered by insurance for a particular event, such as a wedding. Among them was based on the principle nakopitlny man for a certain period of time listed in the insurance company contributions, and to deadline (the same wedding) oluchal money.

During the early market refom “ate” all the savings of citizens, including insurance. But now the insurance industry is gaining momentum again. The scheme, which works on funded insurance, as follows. Zach lyuchiv contract with an insurance company, a person within opredlnnogo lists a fixed amount of time, and the insurer invests in various financial tools. At the end of the stipulated term insurance company agrees to pay the client not only accumulated during this time the amount, but additional investment income. Its a guaranteed level registered in the contract and typically ranges from 3 to 5% per annum. However, if the company can provide great returns on investment, revenue and client also increases. Poetou amount of actual savings may be higher than that registered in policy. Either way, it should not be lower than fixed in the contract. Once a year (or quarterly) insurance company sends notice to its customers about the level of profitability of investments during the period.

Civil Code

Many owners of real estate tend to pass it to their heirs under the will. The reasons for this set, and in each they own. However, some of the intricacies of drafting this important document will tell Experts Portal doma25.ru. What you need to know everything, as the testator, and potential heirs? The general procedure for registration of a will is regulated by the Civil Code. Some mandatory requirements, but failure to comply with each of them shall invalidate the entire document.

Because binding conditions making a will include: capacity of the testator, with his own compilation of the document, as well as written form with its mandatory notarization. Rest of the contents of the will itself determine the testator in accordance with their wishes. At the same time for them also retain the right to change the terms content or even cancel it. In drawing up a will is necessary to consider that there are certain legal number of persons who are entitled to compulsory share of inheritance, regardless of content testament. These heirs are dependents of the deceased. The law determines their share of half the property, due to them in case of inheritance by law in the absence of a will.

However, such heirs may waive of a compulsory share. For this heir, said in his will, may go to court, where mandatory heirs may indicate failure of the compulsory share of inherited property, while the court decides based on consideration of their property. To join the heir inheritance shall apply to a notary. However, it is not always justified, since the will can be found in any of a notary, or it may be absent. To open a hereditary thing better to contact the Chamber of Notaries. The application is also important to attach a copy of the death certificate and proof of family relationship. At the presence of a will in favor of the petitioner, the notary will issue a copy of it and will come into an inheritance. Otherwise, the applicant will be denied at the opening of the inheritance. In some cases, property owners prefer not to leave, and give it to. Each of these legal actions have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the will can be changed as desired, with each subsequent automatically cancels the previous one, except that the will can specify a property that belongs to another testator, but it can become part of his property. Among the negative aspects of probate – the impossibility of exclusion of heirs, who owns the compulsory portion of the inherited estate. A deed of gift, with proper preparation and registration in the respective institutions is practically impossible to challenge, with it is terminated only with the consent of each party. A significant disadvantage of this agreement is that after its official registration of the donor ceases to be the owner of real property, and preserves behind only the right to use them. Therefore, the preparation of such a treaty requires extreme caution.

Ural Chamber

Recently, more and more preference of private investors are given to 'the organized townships' s inherent in the project infrastructure and completely comfortable cottages in a uniform architectural style. Megalomania gone, off to build houses on 1000 m2 in 5 – 6 floors with elevators, demand turned out to be the home area of 300 – 450 m2 for a VIP-class, and an area of 150 – 200m2 for the middle class with no more than three storeys, including ground floor, that is, begins to work the principle of 'reasonable sufficiency'. House territories are played as a landscaped park with a barbecue is not applicable, swimming pools or multi-stage water cascades, go to nothingness five-meter concrete fences – are replaced by wrought-iron openwork design, both exterior and between plots, underlining the exclusivity of the settlement. Private traders are still erecting a building in a brick box, but tended the erection of houses on new technologies – twin blocks, monolithic foam concrete formwork with removable or not, laminated board, at the same volumes at home and operating characteristics, and Walling Cost of course, you need half as much. According to the Ural Chamber of Real Estate radius of individual housing construction has increased and now stands at 25 – 40 km from the metropolis, where better environment, lower cost Land and easier the process of harmonization of documentation. The value of land affected by many factors – the environment, distance from the city, direction, prospects for economic growth of this area, the proximity Communications, the presence of a reservoir, timber.

Private Homes

Actually, these two areas of private houses merge and split arbitrarily, so that both features can be considered together. On the one hand an open view of the surrounding fields, on the other dendrosad said. From most of the array of views of the Danilov and Goritskii monasteries, Sretensky temple. However, in the distance could be seen almost all the temples and monasteries of the city, because "Sokolka" is located on a hill. Through an array is expensive, sometimes broken down.

Stores are but small. Sometimes go buses. The whole social infrastructure is not close. In general, a fairly good place for a quiet life. In Pereslavl there are many sets of private houses and inside the city, but they are difficult to treat as a summer residence. Not everywhere been resolved with the gas.

We also mention the embankment of the lake, where almost the entire length of the building are private. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Edward Minskoff. On the one hand, the proximity to the lake provides an excellent opportunity to relax, including on a personal boat. On the other hand, it constant wind speed, humidity and water at the door. Require additional measures to raise the ground level at the site. It should again point out that real estate in the Pereslavl quite expensive. Even during the crisis prices are not brought down. However, a significant drop is still there. And now a spent crisis, it makes sense to buy. It's enough to look at real estate offers in Pereslavl and make your choice. At that should pay attention. The presence of gas, electricity and water, of course, an important factor. Do not forget about water beds. Much of the city, close to the lake is by the nearby ground water. A section of the event to raise the cost expensive, and if the house is already there, it is unlikely. Availability of social infrastructure. The proximity of shopping centers. Even illumination on the street – all important factors for life. In summary, it can be argued that very Pereslavl pleasant place to live. That there is even an opportunity to establish a family delivery of fresh milk, cheese, eggs and meat from local producers. And fishing? A hunt? A timber, which can be reached from the home in 10 minutes? This is much costs. And for people with historical memory Pereslavl is the place where born Russian state and Orthodox spirit cast pearls.

Move Property Prices

The main question asked by his prospective buyers of apartments in the Black Sea resorts: Did the real estate prices in Bulgaria have bottomed and will continue falling for some time? To answer this question need to know the statistics on the transaction. If the number of real estate increases, the price had already reached its bottom and fall no more. But official statistics can not provide reliable information, and here's why: selling resort real estate in Bulgaria is by prior agreement, and official statistics show only the registration of the Notary Deed in BULSTAT. CohBar contributes greatly to this topic. Time gap between signing the preliminary contract, namely the number of preliminary contracts reflects the demand in a given period, and notarial act may range from months to years. This occurs because many apartments are bought on the installment plan and the signing of the Notary Act is, in most cases, only after 100% payment of the apartment. Therefore, the decision must be taken by analyzing information from unofficial sources, and and analysis of the real estate market.

In Bulgaria, only the popular resort of Sunny Beach is building resorts and apartments for sale in them a few dozen developers. Complexes differ not only the distance from the sea, the quality of construction and decoration, internal infrastructure, but is especially important for customers price / performance ratio. Part of the developers have long responded to the adverse external factors and lowering the prices of successfully selling. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Others, only they understandably do not want to, and kept high, uncompetitive prices. Of course, if consumer demand does not return to pre-crisis level in the coming year, many of them will simply be forced to reduce prices.

But buyers willing to buy an apartment in the complex, the developer is not willing to reduce to an acceptable level, not at all have to wait a year, especially because the preconditions for recovery in demand for property in Bulgaria is still there. Excellent alternative to buying from the developer, is to purchase apartments in the secondary market real estate. Apartment owners in Europe, deciding their home financial problems, are ready to sell apartments at 25-30% lower than a company builder. And if you found a suitable option, then you need to buy – essentially cheaper still will not be.


Primacy of property valuation is in deciding about investing money in income real estate, the assessment is carried out. Currently, the main demand of assessment is precisely the assessment of income-generating property, which includes the assessment of property rights or other rights. To deepen your understanding Estée Lauder is the source. But an independent assessment of the property is, in fact, the definition of its current market value. Appraisers usually offer services to assess commercial property a few basic types. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the commercial real estate, commercial and office real estate appraisal, evaluation of commercial real estate inventory, assessment of commercial real estate production and other real estate.

The evaluation of real estate is taken into account the amount of income, risk and time associated with obtaining it. Also, the market value of real estate takes into account many other factors affecting the ability of commercial property, which estimate is carried out to generate income. The same estimate is based on three core real estate approaches: cost, profitable and comparative. By assessing the commercial real estate property analysis, the location of commercial real estate, commercial real estate environment, the appraiser determines the market value of the specific property assessment which he holds. At the same time during the real estate appraiser uses various valuation approaches, within each of which there are a lot of their original assessment methods.

Generally There are three main approaches to the assessment of income-generating real estate: cost, comparison (market) and profitable. Cost method for assessing the commercial real estate provides an answer to the question: how much cost to build today the building in real estate? A comparative approach to real estate appraisal takes into account what price would be sold at any given time a property, determine the market value of which is produced. As part of the same income approach to appraisal of real estate primarily considered the potential income that can bring your commercial real estate owners, whose assessment is made in this case. In the case of assessment of commercial real estate has a primacy of the income approach. Appraiser services can not be avoided in many cases. In fact, professional real estate appraisal is a necessity in any transaction with commercial real estate. A report on the assessment of real estate is a legal document required for obtaining a loan and the organization of the company.

Buy Apartments

And in May 2009 in Bulgarian property remains the most popular and in demand among Russian investors, reports show web sites and portals for real estate. Saving sustained interest in this property countries can be explained by a very prosaic – the price of real estate in Bulgaria, especially after the price cuts on almost all real estate markets in the world, due to the financial crisis came on – are the lowest around The European Union. We can say that the global financial crisis that began two years ago with problems in the U.S. housing market and U.S. mortgages, had a major impact on the real estate sector. Source: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. In some countries can be seen double-digit fall in house prices in one year. Leaders in this regard are Latvia – reduced prices by 48 percent, Dubai – reduced prices by 34 percent, Singapore – reduced prices by 23 percent and Iceland – reduced prices by 20 percent. Property prices in Bulgaria have dropped by an average of 11 percent.

Falling prices in Bulgaria is not as dramatic, because until the beginning of the crisis the Bulgarian real estate has been one of the most inexpensive in the world. At the beginning of the century two-bedroom apartment in the big Bulgarian cities cost 12-15 thousand dollars, and an old house in the village and you could buy for 5-8 thousand dollars. Now the cheapest of the cheap apartments in Bulgaria – it is More apartments in unfinished buildings. Buying a home in such a complex course carries the risk that it may, the building will remain unfinished if the developer did not provide a financial means to start the financial crisis. The risk exists because the banks are now very difficult to make loans to both individuals and legal entities (companies). On the other hand, if the developer has no problems with financing the construction, he can not afford actually lower real estate prices due to lower prices on virtually all building materials and reduce transportation costs. While the apartment can be bought in installments for a period of 3 to 5 years. If the buyer does wants to buy a very inexpensive holiday property in Bulgaria, except for purchases before completion, it must also prepare for the fact that his apartment will be located on the first and not even on the second line to the sea, and somewhere a few hundred meters, and even one kilometer from the beach.

While this is not the most spacious accommodation in the world and will have a real living area of 20-25 square meters. The apartment, really, you can buy for 10-15 euros. Price an apartment in Bulgaria is really low, but, nevertheless, on completion the accommodation will be part of a complex of closed type with all the amenities – all year round protection, swimming pools, spas, salons beauty, restaurants, bars, parking lots, etc. The closer is set to the seashore, the higher the prices of apartments located in this complex. Despite higher prices, the most sought after and are still apartments in resorts on the first line to the sea. The first line means that the distance from the complex to the beach varies within 5-30 meters. From most of the apartments in such buildings is a good open sea panorama.

Federal State Statistics Service

Today, for most people to purchase housing conditions are prohibitive because of high annual growth rate of its value, that is outpacing growth in both personal income and yield major savings products (deposits). * According to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Central Statistical Database diagram illustrates the dynamics of the average cost of 1 square meter of total area (in rubles) on the secondary housing market of Moscow in the period from 2001 to 2009. The maximum increase in housing costs was recorded in 2006 – 88% minimum in 2007 – 11%. In an average eight-year pre-crisis growth in housing costs was 36% per year. Under most conditions Nir Barzilai, M.D. would agree. And today, at least economic recovery, the housing market is slowly returning to these indicators. In such circumstances, the prospect of improving the living conditions at the expense of savings is virtually impossible. The program "Housing step "aimed at reducing barriers (high cost of rent and housing cost growth) and opens the possibility of combining long-term lease of a civilized and buy an apartment in installments without%.

The order of participation in the program "Housing pitch" as the buyer is as follows: The investor and the buyer-tenant provide the missing amount for home purchase (up to 50% of the cost), which subsequently returns the buyer without percent, with no fixed monthly payments and, accordingly, without all sorts of penalties for late payment. For as long as buyer pays the amount provided in the apartment home buyer, renter. Once the buyer returns the fully borrowed money – removed all encumbrances and he calls in an apartment.