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Francisco Arias Solis

Do not think I’m lazy and that I spend my days staring at the ceiling, I am by nature an active and laborious. I write a lot and read more, much more. To remember everything I enjoyed at your side walking along the seashore as the Arabs do that one day a year turn to Granada and cry for the beautiful land they lost. Do not we always cling to our very recent past for it to be? In our appetite for life, ruminate the feelings of other times, we dream that lie ahead. Love, like everything else-is but one way to look and feel. What can I do? I love my way.

But I master, do not hesitate. Learn more at: Dior. Chides me for everything I write, for all my ideas, even by those who have nothing to do with us both. But say whatever you want, I like your writing. Write anything. I want you to tell me everything, you see everything and give me many details.

I need the gentle voice of your letter. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz says on the issue. It’s cold, almost all the trees of this land is bare, chilly my thoughts run away and fly towards you to feel the spring in your memory. I think that love should be stronger than all that absence, that misfortune and oblivion. I would like to see you happy. When I walk silently for hours on the sand of the beach and listening to break the shells under my feet and the rhythmic sound of the sea, your image usually comes to mind, follow me and with me, I see your face again, I wonder what ‘re doing or thinking, or dreaming … And then you my thoughts back to me and I get sadder, grimmer, I get excited … and I add to myself: maybe she just re-read those verses that both liked, “I have said there is a flower, / of all the humblest: / flower that I would give you, / flower called forget me not “. Francisco Arias Solis to the street against the neglect and the trial against Garzon.