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So Carl Rogers

In addition there is but also the intimacy between the partners, so that the partnership survived the love. Intimacy occurs through knowledge of the others as well but its downsides and chasms. But extinguishes the intimacy often in the relationship due to the illusory assumption of the partner, the other already in and to know. Slowly lost interest to the partner, the relationship will be pragmatic and distances. In fact, the partners never really know each other.

Thus, the mystery of a successful relationship is the voltage to penetrate still other pages at the other. Many couples recognize not the urgency and efficiency of not what brings a couple counselling with him! The passion is a very significant component of the love relationship, so sexuality, desire and tenderness. Known to be a satisfactory or even passionate sexuality is often a significant motive to maintain a partnership despite many lows. In addition the manner is a pair, as in the sexuality met, often a mirror of the partnership interplay. For even more details, read what Nir Barzilai, M.D. says on the issue. The balance between curiosity, selfishness, and courage and the sensitivity, respect and devotion to another is an important prerequisite for the sexuality as well as for the life of the couple.

An additional component for a fulfilled relationship represents solidarity. It is mostly a deliberately taken all or nothing decision. She intentionally applied, for example, by marriage, purchase real estate or the procreation of children. The commitment therefore deliberately maintained, yet she crumbles under the facade, often connected with orientation or infidelity. I believe also the empathic understanding is an essential prerequisite for the successful cooperation. So Carl Rogers describes the person in his work as the center of reality which has empathic way of dealing with other various pages. Empathy means to enter the private world of perception of the other is completely and at all to feel at home. It contains, in each moment to have a feel for the changing perceived meanings in this other person, fear, rage, tenderness, confusion or what experiencing feels about whatever. Empathy means to live the life of this person; carefully in it to move, without hasty judgments; Meanings to guess which it will barely aware, but not to uncover try feelings…” Remains finally the communication on the significance to point out as a central importance to the communicative skills of the couple. The communication skills of the partners is the basis for successful talks about the everyday experience and thus represents a decisive basis for intimacy and closeness. Consequently, a satisfactory communication is the premise for the positive reciprocal exchange within the partnership. Open communication means that each of the partners is willing and qualified to talk about themselves and that both Partner try as possible clearly to communicate their positive and negative emotions and thoughts the others. This constructive communication is not only the basis for a beneficial affective relationship, but also the Foundation for effective problem solving. Sandra Neumayr of former Sopp Ebrahim pair consulting & marriage counseling Munich Senefelderstr.



If you pay too much attention to the mistakes of the child, he eventually begins to feel like he is bad or does not meet your requirements. Instead of paying too much attention to itself an error, a positive Education focuses on the decision. If a child knows that he is good, it remains open for your leadership and cooperation, children are much shame, just closed. Shaming the child is always inappropriate. Up to nine years parents should look for errors child through his fingers and treat them as neutral.

Instead of punishing and shaming her baby, trying to correct his behavior, use the five methods of positive education. Related Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is not necessary to focus on the problem – just ask him to do in the future as you want. Do not stop the problem – go directly to the solution. It makes no sense to focus on Error baby. Children and adolescents is generally assumed that if you can not prove their misconduct, this is the case, as if they did not make it.

Instead of trying to prove the guilt of the child, the wise parent pays the focus on the more important issue: Teen finds unsafe recognize their responsibility. Instead of teaching children to consider themselves poor because they have committed mistakes, we must teach them to learn from their misses and, if necessary, take responsibility and correct errors. In order to learn the lesson, the children do not need to take responsibility. In very young children still do not have a sense of their own ego, but at the same time they are constantly learn and adjust their actions.