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If you pay too much attention to the mistakes of the child, he eventually begins to feel like he is bad or does not meet your requirements. Instead of paying too much attention to itself an error, a positive Education focuses on the decision. If a child knows that he is good, it remains open for your leadership and cooperation, children are much shame, just closed. Shaming the child is always inappropriate. Up to nine years parents should look for errors child through his fingers and treat them as neutral.

Instead of punishing and shaming her baby, trying to correct his behavior, use the five methods of positive education. Related Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is not necessary to focus on the problem – just ask him to do in the future as you want. Do not stop the problem – go directly to the solution. It makes no sense to focus on Error baby. Children and adolescents is generally assumed that if you can not prove their misconduct, this is the case, as if they did not make it.

Instead of trying to prove the guilt of the child, the wise parent pays the focus on the more important issue: Teen finds unsafe recognize their responsibility. Instead of teaching children to consider themselves poor because they have committed mistakes, we must teach them to learn from their misses and, if necessary, take responsibility and correct errors. In order to learn the lesson, the children do not need to take responsibility. In very young children still do not have a sense of their own ego, but at the same time they are constantly learn and adjust their actions.


Young Parents

As a young family holiday! They appeared first born. How much anxiety and happiness are now experiencing the heart of young parents. Now many of them will change. The child will be their first priority. But they do it for the first time and they are hard. Young mother wonders what to do with the child? How to care for it? When and how to feed him? Why is baby crying? So many questions will appear in the child's development. Of course, the child is difficult to educate.

But, and young parents, in turn, once the same way their parents raised. We can say that all young mothers go for advice to their mothers, who already have extensive experience in raising and rearing of children behind. They always prompt, you have to do morally support, or substituted for some time, thus providing an indispensable aid to their daughters. If the baby is crying, it's not a sign that he wants to drink or lie in a wet diaper. Causes much: he may not be convenient zakutanym, and maybe he was even ill. And if a child has the curves legs – it's not terrible, and they should not be trying to rectify – the nature of all thought exactly. Why baby hiccups? Maybe he is cold, but not required. And what do you do if your child premature? How to take it on your hands? And what if with him something to happen? All know young parents is impossible. And even the slightest mistake in dealing with breast lead to death. Of course, certain questions can be answered grandmother newborn baby. But first of all about this need to ask your pediatrician.