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Industrial Avenue

Our paintball club "Hedgehog in the Fog" carries the game, as in urban areas, and in the area (currently games are held at venues in Vsevolozhsk area). Platform on which we organize and conduct games: Venues for paintball games in the Leningrad Region: Parking in Vsevolozhsk 'Homestead' (main) site in Vsevolozhsk 'Brickyard' (By arrangement with Taktiks) platform for paintball games in St. Petersburg: Urban Playground on Industrial Avenue (By arrangement with Vargeyms) Large selection of sites will allow you to choose a convenient platform not only at the venue of the game, but also to your liking, for fans of paintball in nature, we advise, order the game in the area. You can choose playground "Brickyard", or "Manor". Playground "Manor" is located in a forested area, it is perfect for fans to play outdoors.

Here, you can not just enjoy playing peytbol, but also great to relax in nature. The site includes a manor house itself and the adjacent territory, it is perfect for paintball. At the site is covered with dressing. Until sites can be quickly and easily reached by car using a card on our website, or by taxi. Second Playground "Brickyard" as is Vsevolozhsk. It is located near the Plant 'Ford' in the former warehouses. It is perfect for paintball. Much of land area will allow you to fully enjoy a game of paintball, there is possible to organize games of almost any scale, of the corporate games, tournaments.

For those who do not want to go far from the city, or wants to play in the shop of the former factory, we advise you to order the game at the urban site of the Industrial Ave. The site is located in city on Industrial Avenue, has a convenient entrance. It is located on the territory of the former plant. Paintball field on Industrial Avenue – a great place to play paintball. There are several types of play areas: directly in the shop of the plant on the roof of the building, in adjoining buildings, round brick 'fort'. Here you can enjoy a game of paintball, to get maximum pleasure from the game!