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New Cockpit Centric Worldview

Garmin GPS era 795 at siebert.aero: ‘where the earth revolves around the plane’ the new Garmin GPS era 795 was equipped with forward-looking, innovative features. The highlight of this model, the 3D view proves to be a particularly fascinating. The location of airports and runways, terrain heights and water courses, but also air navigation obstacles appear as virtual landscape in relation to the own aircraft from a completely new perspective, as if the pilot behind the plane would be. Others who may share this opinion include Nir Barzilai, M.D.. A finger click is enough and the entire environment around revolves around the aircraft. The era of 795 is a multifunction device, but a pure aviation GPS, which shines with iPad-like touchscreen control. Whether in portrait or landscape mode, the large, high resolution 7 “display promises sunlight legibility of all map images, info and notes.

In the new AC-U-KWIK – database over 7,800 airfields all over the world are finding that optional ChartView-software is available to complement Jeppesen IFR arrival and departure cards. Personal, individual content can be captured using the notebook function, manuals or check-lists find paperless with the new Viewer function for electronic formats such as PDF or JPG in the era of 795. The device with dimensions 130 x 203 x 38 mm is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS module. It is suitable for use on the control Horn, can be installed also on a leg holder. A Li-ion battery provides up to eight hours operating time, a docking station with power adapter is included. The Steering Horn bracket and the mounting plate with cigarette lighter cable, a USB data cable, an additional antenna GA 25 with suction cup holder supplied when placing an order in the online shop of Siebert’s aviation needs. The price for the era of 795 of 2.128 includes also an Internet coupon for a NavData update, a carrying case and a paperless Guide (as PDF file) in English. At Siebert aviation supplies the whole world revolves around flying and a wide range of pilot supplies and Cockpit instrumentation, construction and repair materials or gliding and UL accessories is constantly new and practical features”expanded. With over 50 years experience in the industry Siebert promises time-tested expertise, coupled with a comprehensive, current, future-oriented product range of nearly 3,000 articles.

PCE MiniKit

The PCE mini-kit of a sound Lux-wind humidity temperature meter. The new PCE mini kit by PCE Germany GmbH is a real enrichment for the industry or universities. The 5 in 1 case covers everything when it comes to volume, humidity, light, wind or temperature. The sound level meter 1 PCE MSM inter alia exists in the new PCE mini kit. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Estee Lauder has to say. The small, compact volume meter is ideal for quick measurements of noise, crash and the lighting meter measures the light conditions at individual workstations, in open-plan offices, warehouses or industrial and residential unpleasant noises.

Illuminated to dark spaces can thus be adapted. Of course 1 should not be missed at the Minis of the mini-anemometer PCE-MAM. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jorge Perez. This is an anemometer for wind / air currents. Most suitable for measuring wind speed when out – and Indoorapplikationen-oriented. The mini hygro-thermometer PCE-MHT 1 is responsible for temperature and air humidity.

The PCE-MHT is 1 in transport and storage areas by Food uses or in private homes, whether high humidity may may lead to mold growth or has already. The device is kept simple in the room and the measurement result is displayed within 15 s. As a closing device at the new 5 in 1 case is the contactless thermometer PCE 777 for surface temperatures. Servicing and maintenance of machinery and equipment, in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, the PCE 777 is considered especially like to help. The temperature of a surface is measured with a push of a button via infrared beam quickly and easily. With the new very affordable PCE-mini kit by PCE Germany GmbH, the applications are almost limitless. Each of these small devices is compact, sturdy, easy to use and fits into any jacket pocket.

WEB Laboratory

It ensures a superior thermal transfer printing at low cost. The versatile entry level model in the range of macro IDENT is recommended especially for marking small laboratory labels. The BBP11 provides high performance with permanently reliable results. This is required in the laboratory sample identification. Also, the printed lab labels some years must be legible. This label printer for the laboratory is the ideal solution for small to medium amounts of pressure (up to 1500 labels per day).

He prints with a printing speed of up to 12.7 cm per second. This printer as well as in any application can be integrated by default built-in Ethernet port. Thanks to the easy operation ribbons and label substrates can be used quickly and save time. Learn more about this with Estee Lauder. The printer has of the three communication interfaces USB, serial and parallel. BBP11 lab printer provides a high-quality print quality even by very small text, graphics and bar codes, thanks to the 300 dpi print resolution.

With the supplied free label software CodeSoft, basic (Vista compatible) this combination offers a very good price / performance ratio. BBP11 label printer includes the Zebra and SATO printer languages and can thus be used with laboratory data management (LIMS) and other existing applications. The lab printer very solid and robust. A variety of laboratory labels can be printed with adjustable sensors. These labels for microtiter plates, slides, tubes, Epis, etc. available at macro IDENT and own up to minus 196 C storage. The printer is suitable for a daily allowance depending on the size of the label – up to 1500 labels and occupies very little space in the workplace through its small and compact construction. Plus to the rolls of 25.4 mm, this printer can rolls of labels with a level of 76 mm process, which are usually only for large industrial printers. Optionally, there is a bracket that is attached to the back for this printer. Thus, the user has an even greater choices of laboratory labels, that he can use.

IPv6 Vulnerabilities

Threatened 570 days the supply of IPv4 addresses will be enough yet new Internet Protocol networks round, then comes the new Internet Protocol IPv6 version 6, briefly. To avoid unpredictable risks associated with incorrect IPv6 administration and corporate networks to continue to protect, professional education and information on the subject is necessary. That’s why the Academy of SearchNetworking, the sister portal of IT-BUSINESS.de, an intensive seminar on the topic of IPv6 hung up, in which the network specialist Benedict Sankara explains the basics, features and hazards of the new Internet Protocol on four dates. “The dates of the intensive seminar of secure IPv6 implementation planning, implementation & operation”: 20.4 Munich; 22.4 Frankfurt; 27.4 Dusseldorf; Downriver Hamburg Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is an improved version of the current Internet Protocol, IPv4. The characteristics of IPv6 are his significantly larger address space, its special suitability for mobile use and its improved security features. IPv4, the first commercial version of IP, includes a range of addresses for up to four billion machines. This number appeared in the 1970s as a huge, but no longer sufficient. The need for IPv6 pushes the increasing number of Internet users and systems, as well as the convergence of services in a shared infrastructure.

The commercial possibilities, the IPv6 for wireless devices, peer-to-peer networking, and the intelligent home”available can provide, promote also the transition to the new technology. In addition, the wireless market needs an IP service with low latency, which stands around the clock available, supports auto-roaming and is always accessible. “The intensive seminar of secure IPv6 implementation planning, implementation & operation” informed participants about what is actually behind IPv6 and what can do the new Internet Protocol. More information, accreditation and contact for journalists: ipv6 seminar is SearchNetworking.de German-language edition of Searchnetworking.com the successful range of information for IT decision makers of the US publisher of TechTarget. offers businesses on demand”precise details of suitable products, technologies, and vendors: latest news, white papers, webcasts, downloads and case studies as well as a comprehensive provider and product database. The newsletter of Searchnetworking.de provide IT professionals with the latest success relevant information from the field of activity of networking. Vogel IT media, Augsburg, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vogel business media. The leading German specialist information provider with around 100 journals and 60 Web pages, as well as numerous international activities is headquartered in Wurzburg.