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PE in Brazil

Therefore it is not to toa that the Brazilian esportivo model of the priority the performance and to the income, in the well-nourished, well-endowed measure where if it destines to a clientele of and with excellent material conditions. In middle of years 70 the Law was sancionada that institua Politics and the National Power of Physical Education and Sport, disciplined and organized the System National Sport creating the call esportiva pyramid that had as scales the great mass of practitioners (scales lesser) until a quality and to the elite technique (top) with the objective to extend the benefits of the practical esportiva to the common citizen directing it searchs them it of the olmpica medal (GRANDSON, 1993). It is in this phase that the income sport reached its height in the public schools, being selected most adept and excluded those that did not have the abilities you specify for the practical one of the sport. This conception shows clearly the tasks that were presented the pupils: the gesture repetitive technician, the ready rules, finished, where ' ' atletas' ' they had that to the same execute them at the same time and the rhythm, being thus disdained the knowledge that the child had constructed, imposing distinct values to them of its reality (DARIDO, 1999). Edward Minskoff is the source for more interesting facts. However, it appears from years 70 appears a concern with series you initiate of basic education, in regards to inicializao of the knowledge on the Physical Education, in the direction to have one better income in the school. 2.3 The Physical Education and the new thinkers: the critical one to the sport in the school With the end of the authoritarian regimen (1985) appears new researchers with its boardings and conceptions for a new pertaining to school Physical Education. The conception of the Psicomotricidade was the first a if to oppose what he was considered in the esportivista Physical Education of the time. .

Summary: The objective of this article is comparativily to analyze the conflituosa interaction between language, thought and relationship and the paper of the psicopedagogia as element-key to conciliate this adversity and to transform the conditioning critical of the relation enters the three above-mentioned factors in way for the pedagogical development. The instruments for this analysis are the chess game, the classic biography of Robert James Fischer and workmanships in the area of the psychological pedagogia. Word-key: Psicopedaggica tension; chess; Bobby Fischer. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has much to offer in this field. Abstract: The aim of this paper is you comparatively analyze the conflicting interaction between language, thought and relationship and the rolls of the Psychopedagogy a key element you reconcile this adversity and transform the critical conditioning of the relationship between the three factors above in the path will be the pedagogical development. The instruments will be this pedagogy. Keywords: Psychopedagogical stress; chess; Bobby Fischer.

Introduction The cognitivo development as base for the development of the society has been a psicopedaggico axiom from where they derive innumerable assertive practical theoreticians and. The historical canon that converges to this factor perpassa names as Jean Piaget, Lev Semenovitch Vygotsky, Walter Benjamin, Ferdinand Saussurre and, in more tangential way, for being about playful language with practical application, Edgar Allan Poe, Aldous Huxley and William Shakespeare. In the area of the intrinsic communication to the language Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver with the workmanship are distinguished that he concerns to the mathematical theory of the communication and Norbert Wiener, with the classic Cybernetics and Society, the human use of human beings. However, all these authors need to deal directly or indirectly with the classic tension between language, thought e> relationship. The two first factors walk for the solution of a problem that has order practical and direct and the last one needs to deal with the natural impediment of a mechanist line, that is the involving subjectivity to the emotional fragility of each individual.



Once, walking around, in the toils of life, I asked why was a teacher. If I do not remember who first asked me that question was Leonardo the shoemaker who occasionally takes care of my shoes. Days later the conductor of the bus that takes me home every day returned to me the same question. And so, one by one, several people took turns trying to find a reasonable explanation to the fact that someone is dedicated entirely to the art of teaching. I do not know if they conspired together to make me the same question or if it was pure chance. Related Group has compatible beliefs. But the truth of the matter is they got uneasy and here I am asking myself why I am a teacher.

Actually I have not found the right answer but instead I found many answers loose bound together, I do not clarify things much but at least make me conclude that I am happy being a teacher. Here are some of those answers, aimed at those who asked me and those who did not. Responses are mostly for myself and for that teacher some time ago lives in me. I teach because I granted the privilege of building possible worlds and universes impossible dream. Because I agree with the change and sometimes I make the change happen. I teach because every day I learn twice as much as I teach. Why is the only way to win everything there without losing anything. I teach because I feel like the potter in my hands taking innocent minds to go through my classes will become precious elements of social pottery.

The book comes to tell some questions on the art, does not stop reduziz it definitions, but to also stimulate the thought and the quarrel, directing a look to the aesthetic one. It tries to contextualizar the art in the world where we live, considering the influence of the medias in its production, spreading and appreciation, and it searchs to define its functions in the society and the school. A boarding of the art under the aspects social, antropolgico, marketing and as knowledge source looks for to justify its place as it disciplines obligator in the school, emphasizing its importance in the life human being, entering in the Brazilian universe, and makes, first, a historical briefing of the trajectory of the education of the art in the school in century XX, in the attempt of more good understanding present moment. It presents the National Curricular Parameters for the area of Arts in the three levels of the Basic Education (infantile, basic and average education), and considers a comparative reflection of these with the practical one of the professor in classroom. It brings useful information on the after-graduation in art in Brazil, listing all the Programs in functioning.

It focuses some pedagogical trends for an education of art in the contemporaneidade, on the basis of theories that consider as essential activities the creation, the interpretation and the appreciation, and that they are worried in contextualizar it from the acquisition of the historical and social knowledge. WORDS? KEY: Education, Arts, Trend, Practical, Brazil. ABSTRACT the major focus is you stimulate discussion about the teaching methods adopted, the difficulties encountered and possible solutions than yourself, acting to teacher, you can find you make teaching it lives and lives quality..

Intense and authoring techniques stand out. In the first case, you can learn English as a classical method (you give grammar and vocabulary, but a very high rate, almost concisely) and communicative (you'll get some examples of communication in most common situations). So we can try to refresh the previously obtained knowledge or get a first glimpse of the language. Real language practice you have to look elsewhere. Copyright same methods are too different with respect to the outside of the classes.

In fact often the case reduced to a non-standard methods that are good in some cases, but often do not provide opportunities to learn English to the same extent as native: when you are talking to, not thinking so, correct or not built Your phrase, when the vocabulary is enough for it to express the idea that you want. The end result of the intensive or the author's technique is more often a certain part of a large field of language learning: a more rapid memorizing words or study a large number of words; scheme memorizing grammar rules, repetition of songs and songs – so certain about it very well "get stuck in your head"; pronunciation training chant for the teacher and other similar methods. The course esl in Applied Educational believe that the best teaching methods and is the author of nature, life itself. There is no one on earth who has not mastered the native his tongue. It is obvious that this method works 100% of cases. This, unfortunately, can not be said of most man-made ways of learning, which we touched on above. It is considered that the study of native language triggered the so-called "immersion." But what is a "dip" in nature? As yet learned English as durable, as naturally as their mother tongue? About this, about the pitfalls of training and many natural method of language teaching. This knowledge will help you not only make the right choice of a teacher or courses that meet your specific objectives in learning English, but you can also learn valuable information about how make the process of learning any foreign language more effectively, no matter where you learned it in the future. Usvoyte English, use this knowledge and be successful in life!


Holistic Education

In meetings or talks with teachers, I realize that my way of seeing things is not the same, I think I'm more complete. I wish to continue studying a PhD, however economically the moment I can not, however I think I have much to study, reread my anthologies and literature suggested, because I felt like seeing it more slowly, savor it for me to provide all the depth that lack of time I could get. It was too much material and all rich in concepts and analysis. I feel very happy and rich, was a great opportunity that I had to make this expertise and I am delighted to have been seized. Something I have very clear is that these two years have been the most enriching in my life as a student.

I appreciate the guide and supervise all the teachers, each one I remember, not only for their preparation, but for their warmth and patience. Some of his liveliness and eloquence. Thank you very much Jesus Victoriano my teacher really helped me a lot in clearing. I really liked your gentleness, order and clarity. You go very soft heart, thank you very much. Whenever I am asked to self-assess quantitatively mane hard for me, the stuff I very interested, I learned and apply it a lot, I think is the best way to make my learning. THANK YOU, MASTER holistic.

To you …. my teacher … … Ramon Gallegos Nava. Thank you very much for giving you to me … to us, humanity, …. with your steady hand and open heart. Now living quietly, knowing that you are … constantly sailing guide, a guide who accompanies you release and calls …. the souls that wander the world … suffer the dark steps of nowhere Put up your hand and indicate … tip over to see the Buddha, the enlightened eternal … who dedicated his life to shed light on the clouds in time, clear opening doors were buried fears. Thanks for letting teachers see the lights in the sky, for helping me find the background of my own insatiable dew drops … the honey that the soul cries out to ride the wind and leave no doubt soon …. the universe. Holistic Education ZEPEDA ZALETA MARCELA EDUCATION Insurance that humanity needs are men and women who call ourselves Mexican, Who Mexico is a country with strong feet rooted to the ground And with soft crown. "


The Internet

Maybe at first you will be hard to catch a quick speech of actors, but it can help a Subtitles. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Albert Einstein College of Medicine by clicking through. They can be totally free to download on the Internet, for example here. Subtitles on this site are loaded by the users themselves, that is, any registrants. The site has subtitles in almost half a hundred languages. Buying the dvd disc with the movie, it always has the original track and is almost always subtitled in the original language and in Russian.

Of course, I mean normal discs, but not "All the movies of the month: 14 to 1. If your home computer connected to the local network, then it certainly is a movie in English. The Internet, of course, there is no problem to download movies to their original language: eMule, Torrent, other P2P network at your disposal. As possible watching your favorite sport to watch on channels with non-Russian commentators. Anyway, comments Gennady Novitsky sometimes not only do not help to look at and understand, but still annoying, so maybe it's worth to give preference to someone else? If you have a free Internet traffic, listen to radio via the Internet. There is a complete software such as Free Internet tv or Super Internet tv, which include catalog radio and tv channels that broadcast over the Internet.

Directory is divided by country and, accordingly, by language. Again same books in their original language to read much more interesting, but difficult. Capable of it, only those whose language skills are above average. But the articles or news on the subject you're interested to understand a lot easier. News sites on the full virtually all world languages. Get a dictionary, and even better interpreter, preferably electronically, to your computer. Record you do not understand the words in the book and from time to time review it. Words that are often used, will be remembered almost immediately, and rare words – slowly, but think about whether you need rarely used words like "consistency" may make sense to spend power to memorize some more useful words. On the page you can find audio materials for all levels of complexity. In the study of languages, you really help audiobooks – with their help, you can hear it and can repeat heard upon request. Here there are lots of audiobooks in English, in mp3, plus the text of these books, so you can follow the text and if you do not understand a word that was spoken, you can always watch it in the text. Podcasts can also help in learning languages. Here there are various directories of podcasts. Most of them, of course, in English, but there are podcasts in other languages, you need only to look. All this, of course, is good, but the best way to learn a language – a meal surrounded by native speakers, to communicate with them. Internet today can easily help you with this. Nothing prevents found by searching the Skype people from selected countries to have a conversation with him. Even as an option to find a foreigner who would like For example, to learn Russian. Then you could help him to learn Russian, and he will – in the study of his native language.


School Pupils

With these apanhados of problems, we find of a side many disinterested pupils, whom the mathematics faces as an arduous but necessary substance its lives, and for another one, dissatisfied professors of its groups, therefore according to them, these pupils do not know nothing of what he was supposedly ' ' trabalhado' ' in classroom. He is to importantesalientarmos that the teach-learning process is composed for diverse activities that poderam to be organized by the professor, priorisando the assimilation, on the part of the pupils in question of abilities and habits, of development capacity intellectual, always objectifying the domain of the knowledge in its diverse applications. CONCLUSION The relations between professor, pupil and contents of completely on mathematics this to the dynamics, in such a way, the activities of education must be a coordinate process of teaching actions, where the mathematics professor will have to organize, with the maximum of possible care, its lessons, leading in account always the real necessities of its pupils in the diverse types of environments where they are inserted. It is important to resaltar that the education of the mathematics depends on the combination of the activity of the professor to teach with the one of the pupil to learn. Being thus we believe that the mathematics would have to be taught thus to the pupil seje stimulated to investigate, making to reason it. It would fit to the professor to not only stimulate this creativity in the pupil, endagada in the reflection on the accumulating knowledge, but yes, on its applications to too much sciences and technology of development.

on the other hand the school would have to offer resources so that this happens. We also need to have a position accomplishes of a professional who if worries truily as learning, that must exert the paper of a mediator between the society and the particularitity of educating. We must awake in educating the conscience of that they are not ready, sharpening in them the desire of if complementing, to enable to the exercise of a conscience it criticizes exactly of itself, the other and the world.



(Crawling on all fours, "a bear"; sitting – sip trunk to the legs, etc. – "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!") Was a pure road ride, ride we come. (Running with acceleration – chug-chug-chug!) Our cheerful engine in the winter woods brought us all. Nir Barzilai, M.D. can provide more clarity in the matter. In the snowy woods now come in and see someone in it? (Walking with the heels of slowing, his hands working the wheels from the train.) Deer in the forest is dense It moves He beautifully antlered and quick feet. The snow, he is easy to Raise foot high. (Walking high knee lifting, while clicking the tongue.) And then they saw zaychishku, he hastens to confuse the trail, because he coward, with very, very early childhood.

(Jumping on two feet forward, jumping with a shift from right to left, etc., and pronounces: "Pryk-gallop! Pryk-gallop!") Carefully on toes There goes the fox, cunning little sister. Redhead beauty Everybody enjoy. (Walking on toes, "Tyav! Tyav! Tyav!") As a frost blew (d / y: Fu-oo-oo! Fu-oo-oo!) Flew in the air frosty, icy circled star. (Jogging, running with turns.) Flew and flew and sat quietly on the ground. (Running with sit-ups.) Snowflake sat on a palm, you play with me a little. (Walking one after another with breathing exercises "with her hands Sduem snowflake.") Verbal games movements. "We will go with you …" We'll go with you to the right – 1, 2, 3, and then walked to the left – 1, 2, 3 And then we turn – 1, 2, 3 and clapped his hands – 1, 2, 3 hands to heels and your ears on their knees and shoulders to arms in hand, at times, up.

And as we see the way that should make a photon, which moves, it turns out more than the fixed route hours and of course time to overcome this way increases, ie the higher the speed, the slower the "go" watch. Jorge Perez is a great source of information. Most likely you have now the question arises: "Well the light hours, but what about, for example commander? "And I can assure you I am that any other clock, which move will slow down. Then I'm sure there is another question: "Why do not we notice these changes in their hours, because they move too?" The fact that These changes are so small that no special stopwatches them and quietly, goes through in billionths of a second, and our daily hours do not have the accuracy. A bit confusing, but try to imagine it all clear. Just judging from the theory of relativity, a person who moves quickly, live longer, because the time for it flows slowly. And this is proved by scientists. Are dispersed small particles (muons) and during their rozpada increased tenfold! Of course, it is worth considering that the rate at which scientists have achieved was approximately 298 000 km / s (99.5% of the speed of light)! But this is a trick.

Slowing down is not only the body but also all its activities. For example if a person is fixed for the life of eat oranges, 40, then at higher speeds it will eat all the same 40 oranges. Indeed, the rate of absorption of food in it also reduced! So when the payoff no speed. And if you get that kind of nonsense I wrote above, of course you wonder, "What about the stop time and travel in it?". My opinion is this: that it is possible, but involves many difficulties, since a change time will need to unwind not only the clock back, but the entire universe. Yes, that's the whole universe, because if a person will change the time just for yourself, then it is far from gone.

Just imagine that they were going three cyclist, and suddenly one stops and goes back, of course, that the other two he did not meet! But, no matter what, I do not exclude such a possibility. But my logic is one big flaw. I'm not a great physicist and perhaps do not know much and do not I understand (to recall the opinion of Einstein, who believed that the very strong gravity, such as the black hole at the root of changing the laws of space and time). It is likely that what I wrote is wrong, but I try to talk like a normal "user" of this world. Agree that the findings are based without too much fiction and I think at this late hour (2:48) is quite logical (in the morning to read … laugh rzhu and lay out the other). PS: Most likely article has given you an archaic and uninteresting places, and maybe the whole uninteresting, but once again remind you this is just my thoughts and knowledge (which I think someone had heard from school). And yet, if someone wants to argue or correct (or, simply obmaterit) can something not understood, knock in ICQ, as far as possible answer. The article uses some material of the book B. Greene "Elegant Universe. Superstring theory "(this is the book and prompted me to write the article, I advise everyone to read.) PS: I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes