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It fits to the State to give conditions so that this right is respected and for this she is necessary that the professors in exercise have worthy conditions of work. One better preparation of the professors is necessary who form professors and are important that the academics of courses of formation of professors have a solid formation. Gain insight and clarity with Edward Minskoff. Lack of professors in Brazil x Pupils of Licenciatura the lack of professors is a so serious problem, that today, in Brazil, that one permitting that it concluded only the first period of its course already obtains release of the State to lecionar. The government tries thus, to minimize the lack of professionals, but it does not think about the consequences of such act. For even more analysis, hear from Nir Barzilai, M.D.. A professor is not only one transmitter of knowledge, and yes a formador of opinions and character. He is necessary that this professional has a good teaching formation to act with our children and young, thus preventing to offer a precarious education. When comparing this precocious beginning of the licenciandos with a medicine pupil, which would be the probable position of all? If a medicine pupil was placed to act in a hospital any, to try to supply the existing lack of doctors in Brazil, some father would take its son to this doctor in formation? Probably not, then why to deliver the formation of our children to an unprepared professor? We must worrying in them about the formation of our children since the beginning of its pertaining to school cycle, so that it can have a solid base in the end of of average education and can enter a university. The precocious beginning in the career can cause trauma in this academic who will have that to deal with situations for which not yet is prepared, and this without mentioning the pupils who will be you deliver to this new professional, who with certainty will be wronged, as much in its formation in relation to the knowledge, as I its social formation.



Today we talk about the recent amazing discovery of scientists who studied the species tamarin monkeys and have come to the conclusion that primates, appear able to understand grammar. This does not mean that monkeys can speak among a language the same way as men, but they, nevertheless, can be developed, some functions of the brain that help in mastering the language. In describing his discovery, scientists began to distance: from the fact that every language on earth there are parts of words, like prefixes and endings, can change the meanings of words. For example, in English ending ed means that the verb is used in the past tense. In Germany the same role played by the prefix ge. Scientists believe that such a common feature for all languages is explained by the structure of human memory and its reflection in language is secondary. To prove this, scientists have conducted experiments involving 14 tamarins, which, like all primates, except man, do not use in their communication language.

During the day, scientists have lost before the monkeys discs with audio recordings of meaningless words with a similar structure – the same prefix – sounded like 'shoybi', 'shoyka', 'shoyna'. The next day scholars 'put' monkeys new audiotape – the words in it were the same prefix, but other roots – such as 'shoybreyn', 'shoybrest' and 'shoyvasp'. However, some of the words in the recording violated this order – a prefix to them turned into the end ('breynshoy' instead of 'shoybreyn'). Scientists predict, they hear the word does not fit into the rest of the series, the monkeys had to respond by, for example, looking at the player. That is exactly what happened! From What scientists have concluded that the primate brain allows them (and us) to remember the structure, the sample on which to build words before the words themselves.

Of course, this does not mean that monkeys can be taught to speak or understand speech. Edward Minskoff has much experience in this field. Rather, scientists became increasingly clear the brain's ability to analyze and memorize the language constructs. Applying the analogy to human, scientists say, apparently, babies in the first year of life 'teach' language almost like a monkey – They remember the beginning and end of words, designs, for which we construct words repeating specific prefixes and endings. This gives them an idea of the structure of language. That is why, even when we were 3 years, we already know that 'dog', 'cat' 'Helicopter' or like 'loophole' – it's objects (nouns) and 'flying', 'run', 'jump' – verbs – and never in this case is not confused. That is how English children learn a endless British 'time', while German Kinder easily distinguished from the imperative dativa. We are with you, unfortunately (or fortunately?) Are no longer children. And not even a monkey. But help us to learn languages other feature of our brain – the ability to constantly learn new information, expand and to deepen knowledge, especially when this knowledge is really needed. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Thousands of various useful phrases in a variety of topics – for learners of German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Danish, Portuguese. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Discover the language independently and effectively


School and Education

For its accomplishment a survey of bibliographical references was made, where Jose Puig, was basic the theoretical support for the research, beyond other sources as Carlos R. Jamil Cury and Pablo Freire. The School is the way to reach Education, citizenship and knowledge, perfecting the educandos for a worthier life and joust by means of the society. In this scope, the School appeared as a ramification of the Church catholic who until then had the function to educate and to socialize the individuals. (Similarly see: Jorge Perez).

Currently, the School plays diverse social functions for the welfare of the society, acting as mediating between man the knowledge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Edward Minskoff. 1 – THE SOCIAL FUNCTION OF THE SCHOOL School is the specific place of the Education, is changeable depending on the degree of development of the society equal this inserted one. It does not have a unification of the School, because of the diverse existing societies, each one has its philosophy and moral that are inherent. The philosophical principles look the moral values and that they must exist in any social life. They would be abstract if they did not take for base in the social reality. The education is a bond to integrate enters the generations to the new discoveries of the world.


Teacher’s Day

"Thank you, teachers! How bystronogo our time, Where in the world, windswept, Prints young tribe Teacher – sower of the good! "TG Reponina. How quickly time flies! It seems that only yesterday was September 1. Festive mood flowers, smiles. And now looms on the horizon Teacher professional day – October 5. In that short time we already had something to do. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is likely to agree.

After all, the teacher is always looking, always at work and, generally, dissatisfied with himself, and therefore constantly strives to conquer the "new and new heights." Of the week the teacher (by the way, and the student, too) gets the hardest on Monday and the last day or two. It is difficult to enter into the rhythm of daily life after the weekend, accumulates and fatigue by the end of the week. Clearly, in these moments as a teacher is particularly sensitive to insults, and the manifestation of attention and sympathy of others, especially colleagues and friends. Different ways you can raise the spirits of each other. In teams, where there is consent and sensitivity in relationships, these are ways of unaccountable and often intuitively.

But it may be worth more to think: how to make smooth "lines of tension are concentrated" on the face teachers? Like any job, and love of children, the load of paper and "leaking ceilings" are doing their "dirty deed". The situation is exacerbated by the fact that some people show their attitude to the teacher's work as a prestigious, "Black". For assistance, try visiting Raphael De Niro. What is really at times "heartfelt thanks"? Our crazy life does not recognize the right man to stop and think, to sit for some time alone with yourself and do not check with the notebooks, to talk with a colleague – and not Ivanov to discuss the behavior of prices and disease, look at those with whom you meet every day in order to finally see them. Sabbaticals, dosed load, informal teacher meetings, perhaps we will live sometime prior to such time. And yet … We will be attentive to each other. Unclaimed, non-consumable good feeling exhausted, as the spring goes into the ground, has not found his bed. Feel free to be kind and gentle, do not assume for work to be patient, more precisely, the tolerance (as is fashionable now to speak) to relatives, friends and colleagues – Given back to you a hundredfold! Happy you, Master! Do not defile your good name is nobody!



Written expression: between the experience and the rules the educational requirements claim that, a capacity of the individual to read, to understand and to produce texts is one of the demanded tools more in some instances of the life, either it in the educational scene as the social one in its all. For signal, such behavior it discloses, that very still it needs to be made so that the level of performance in these areas reveals a compatible formation with the requirements of the superior education, for example, so that the reached results are disentailed of an evaluation that describes tickets for a deficit graduation, thus preventing, the discomfort in such a way of the evaluation attributed to the proper institution of which this egressa as in future pictures of its academic and professional life. In this direction, it is to salutar to remember that it has years, the education of the language was predestinold to ' ' apreenso' ' of the grammatical nomenclatures, as assevera Bechara (1995, P. Add to your understanding with Edward Minskoff. 5) when pointing three orders of crises that, according to it are ' ' independent, but narrowly related, that finishes emptying in the action of escola' ' , in its axle of quarrel concerning the school and the call crisis of the language, accenting that: The first crisis is in the institucional order, in the proper society, that, of times for here, following footprints of a world-wide trend of the post-war one, privileged the coloquial, spontaneous and the expressive one, renewing, considerably, the popular language and argot (…). (…) The second crisis is in the university, since the lingustica not yet obtained to consist definitively, unfolding itself in diverse linguistics that argue its object, its tasks and its methodologies. Presented however parallel however conflitivamente, the truth is that the lingusticas theories had not yet arrived to consolidate a body of doctrine capable to allow to a description fucional-integral of knowing elucocional, it to know idiomatic and to know to it ' ' expressivo' '.


Analysis Language

This is a sufficiently positive point. However, the given approach has not been efficient. The theories applied in the proposals of questions prioritize the internal aspects of the text. This can harm the global agreement of the related text. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jorge Perez on most websites. Ahead of this, we go to present the advantages that the Theories of the Speech can show in this task. We will consider a script of analysis of the speech, the true ones felt of the text.

The procedures of reading and analysis considered by Ingo Voese in its workmanship Analysis of the speech and the education of Portuguese language can be advantageous in the lessons of Portuguese Language in Average Ensino, therefore this author intends to confer to the text the statute of voices of the others, of dialgica instance, that can weave the relation of solidarity and necessary amorosidade so that professors and pupils obtain to construct themselves as citizens. The Analysis of the Speech facilitates the ticket of a phase of conceptualization of the object, that is the speech, for the analysis properly said. On the other hand, Average Ensino in nothing was benefited so far of what already it was produced in the academy. The didactic books reduce the function of the language to the one of representation and to the one of communication. It has a very great distance between what it is produced in the academy and what applies in the education of Portuguese language. The majority of the argued questions does not arrive at the classroom. In this work, it will be presented a proposal to surpass this distance, since it disciplines it Analysis of the Speech can base the studies of the language materna, therefore it does not act with the code notion, including in its field of analysis other dimensions that involve the study and the learning of the language. The study of the production of the directions it can be benefited of what it is known of the social reality of the man.

In the E.T case. , Of 6 years in relation to its colleagues of 1 year, evidenced if difficulty of reading and writing, inadequate entailing with the object of the pertaining to school learning. To broaden your perception, visit Edward Minskoff. 2,5 Indications of accompaniment From all the harvested information, preliminarily, we suggest that it is submitted an individual and familiar psychological accompaniment, beyond a psicopedaggico accompaniment and change of conception of alfabetizao in the school moving education method. 2,6 Instruments of Psicopedaggico Diagnosis Interviews; Comment; Questionnaire; Data-collecting; Anamnese; evaluation of Operatrio Disgnostic: Conservation: Weight, volume, length. Seriao: Palitos Classification E.O.C.A. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES the intention of this work are to contribute for one better understanding of the contexts where the failure happens pertaining to school, visualizing mainly in a Psicopedaggica boarding based and based on the practical institucional professor.

This practical always had the endorsement of theoreticians and boardings that had facilitated the analysis of the questions for raised us in varied angles and contexts. Thus, through the institucional space as opted process, we look for to reflect on the nature of the education, on the history of the considered problems of learning, definition of what it comes to be failure pertaining to school and that if can inside establish between difficulty of pertaining to school learning and failure of what we consider to contextual analyze on the failure pertaining to school, through a clipping of the ample question of learning human being, considering the construtivista psicopedaggica vision the reflection and, the difference comment practical endorsed in the diverse theories, had given them subsidies to conclude that the failure pertaining to school is a insufficient reply of the pupil to a requirement or demand of the school. This question can in such a way be analyzed by different perspectives of the society, of the school how much of the pupil.

The evaluation would have daily to be made, observing the interest, the envolvement and the development of the pupil during the lessons. BRAZIL: A PECULIAR EDUCATION FOR a FIELD OF PECULIAR WORK In the Europe, the religious orders had played important creative function in the reorganization of the territories, as well as in the organization politics of peoples of origins diverse. In Brazil very, the Company of Jesus found a scene different of whom until then they had been its field of work, with priority, educational. /a>. Here, education and catequese would have to walk atreladas, a time that the understanding of the religious rules implied first, in the use of an educational apparatus. The Jesuits, probably, then aperceberam themselves that the work in the colony would have to follow other routes, not being necessary, ahead of as many peculiarities, only adequacies in its system and yes, true innovations. One of these was the learning of manual crafts on the part of its members, occupation which were not dedicated. Later, it deserves prominence the creation of a financial apparatus that, even so contrary to the general norms of the Company, became necessary for the continuation of the works of the priests. It had scarcity of resources.

The regal farm, for times, did not repass to the Order what it age of right and when this happened, the Jesuits did not receive in species, in the majority of cases. Even though the public power hindered the course them works, charging taxes, being that the priests were legally exempt of the same ones. ALDEAMENTOS POLITICS: JESUIT SOLUTION FOR the PROBLEM OF the CRISTIANIZAO Ahead of the fact of that the last end of the coming of the Jesuit ones was the conversion of heathen to the faith the catholic? point that they had never lost of sight? it is observed that the masters had been obliged to be condescending at some moments of its workmanship.



Many times when we sleep grab us allergic reactions that are manifested in the form of: colds, cough, etc. do and this is it? Although it may be for several reasons, one of the principal are mites: in the following report will discuss these bugs that come from the family of Arachnids and are so annoying at bedtime:-where are the mites accumulate? In mattresses, pillows and bedding. This is why your contact with people sleeping is virtually inevitable. -Why the mites cause allergies? The main cause of allergy causing mites resides in their fecal matter. When a person inhales the fecal matter, this triggers in allergic reactions which in turn are responsible for the appearance of signs and symptoms of diseases such as: asthma, rhinitis or dermatitis. -Tips to keep in mind: a-both pillows mattresses there are accumulation of wastes of skin and food residues that are deposited inside, thus establishing a true habitat for mites to be disposed.

Therefore it is recommended to pass him a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. b If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, passes a hair dryer both by the mattress by the pillow and bedding at least 40 inches away. Hot, dry air from the dryer will penetrate the internal structures and eliminate mites. c do not hesitate to change the pillow once a year. d with respect to the mattress is recommended to review the same structures in order to determine whether there is need for change or not. there are mattresses that come with effective anti-mite treatments, do not hesitate to advise you and find out with the leading brands in the category. sale of cheap mattresses in Spain.


Maranho Government

In 1939, thousand of sertanejos rebelled with the Portuguese who only explored the place and infuriated traders with the policy that if atrelava to these for the power, had taken Caxias, one of the main cities of the Maranho and had instituted its provisory government there. However three years later the government it sent to the city its forces to fight this movement, resulting in death arrest of many of these. In century XIX, the main wealth of the country started to be the coffee and, the farmers cafeicultores southwestern of the country were the ones that they ordered in everything. These supported the authority of the emperor, that is, the central government was supported for the men richest of Brazil. Being already Dom crowned Peter II, he almost remained per fifty years thanks to this ' ' aliana' ' in the reign. In exchange guarantee the repression against any revolt that came to harm this group.

However, at least a revolt it occurs in this period, happens in Pernambuco, known as the Praieira, influenced for the agitations politics of the Europe if characterizes against the extreme one to be able of central government e, searched the magnifying of the rights of the citizens, including in its claims the universal suffrage; the end of the slavery and the distribution of lands to the poor families. Soon the government intervined, ending the movement. Brazil that already had started to receive immigrants European, attracted for the country for promises of lands, they had started to occupy not yet busy areas, concentrating itself in its great majority in the regions south and Southeastern. Many however, had been taken by farmers to work in its farms, therefore who possua the land and to did not occupy, exploring its resources for the government, could loses them. Of this form, that many large estate owners had been losing its lands to the point of the captainships to be extinct.