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The Equipment

” How I can correct it? , what I can do so that you feel well? ” , they are phrases that make feel better the affected people. 7. Nir Barzilai, M.D. insists that this is the case. It overcomes the habit to indicate the errors of the others The habit to indicate the errors that commit the other, without contributing something to help, ends up them affecting our relations with them and reaffirming the negative consequences that are generated of our mistakes. 8. It assumes your responsibility If you are sincere and humbly you explain in reasonable form because of your mistaken action, the affected person will feel calmer and satisfied to escucharte. We must always face the embarrassing situations maturity and never to react emotionally.

To have left been silent hoping we that the time happens and the person forgets the offense, will cause that the resentment is generated. 9. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is often quoted on this topic. It surpasses the fault The majority of the times we felt like guilty to have committed an error. After asking excuses the involved people, we must be forgiven same. 10.

It avoids to think about which you could do A first that comes to our mind, after committing error, is everything what we had been able to make to avoid it. Sometimes you remain there, giving him returned to all the possibilities and sintindote guilty or making feel culprit to the other, as if of that way all the happened one could erase. Simply acptalo and thinks about which you can make to solve it of the most efficient way.


Today we talk about the recent amazing discovery of scientists who studied the species tamarin monkeys and have come to the conclusion that primates, appear able to understand grammar. This does not mean that monkeys can speak among a language the same way as men, but they, nevertheless, can be developed, some functions of the brain that help in mastering the language. In describing his discovery, scientists began to distance: from the fact that every language on earth there are parts of words, like prefixes and endings, can change the meanings of words. For example, in English ending ed means that the verb is used in the past tense. In Germany the same role played by the prefix ge. Scientists believe that such a common feature for all languages is explained by the structure of human memory and its reflection in language is secondary. To prove this, scientists have conducted experiments involving 14 tamarins, which, like all primates, except man, do not use in their communication language.

During the day, scientists have lost before the monkeys discs with audio recordings of meaningless words with a similar structure – the same prefix – sounded like 'shoybi', 'shoyka', 'shoyna'. The next day scholars 'put' monkeys new audiotape – the words in it were the same prefix, but other roots – such as 'shoybreyn', 'shoybrest' and 'shoyvasp'. Swarmed by offers, Gavin Baker is currently assessing future choices. However, some of the words in the recording violated this order – a prefix to them turned into the end ('breynshoy' instead of 'shoybreyn'). Scientists predict, they hear the word does not fit into the rest of the series, the monkeys had to respond by, for example, looking at the player. That is exactly what happened! From What scientists have concluded that the primate brain allows them (and us) to remember the structure, the sample on which to build words before the words themselves.

Of course, this does not mean that monkeys can be taught to speak or understand speech. Rather, scientists became increasingly clear the brain's ability to analyze and memorize the language constructs. Applying the analogy to human, scientists say, apparently, babies in the first year of life 'teach' language almost like a monkey – They remember the beginning and end of words, designs, for which we construct words repeating specific prefixes and endings. This gives them an idea of the structure of language. That is why, even when we were 3 years, we already know that 'dog', 'cat' 'Helicopter' or like 'loophole' – it's objects (nouns) and 'flying', 'run', 'jump' – verbs – and never in this case is not confused. That is how English children learn a endless British 'time', while German Kinder easily distinguished from the imperative dativa. We are with you, unfortunately (or fortunately?) Are no longer children. And not even a monkey. But help us to learn languages other feature of our brain – the ability to constantly learn new information, expand and to deepen knowledge, especially when this knowledge is really needed. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Thousands of various useful phrases in a variety of topics – for learners of German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Danish, Portuguese. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Discover the language independently and effectively

Staying Beautiful While Expecting

One of the things that I like most about being pregnant is how pretty that gets my skin, especially in the second half of pregnancy. My hair also seems that he acquires new life and shine. But the truth is that this does not happen at all. For some women, pregnancy can mean spots on the face or acne; While the myths about dyes and chemicals for hair causes stress and difficulty in making decisions. In this second article in our series we are going to focus on some of the skin and hair beauty secrets during pregnancy. There are many products that are safe during pregnancy and most likely need does not already changing that you use or alter your moisturizing routine. Avoid products with retinol (very common in products to combat wrinkles and signs of aging) and peroxide benzoyl (which is used for acne creams).

Although it has not been proven that these products are harmful, is also not proven that are safe, so it is recommended to avoid them only by prevention. It is better to opt for products that are based on dairy acids or derivatives of fruits, which contain more natural ingredients. Usually acne and skin stains disappear after giving birth so there is no need to treat them during pregnancy. However, if you have acne and you can not resist, try to fight it from the inside and the outside. Begins with your nutrition: avoiding chocolate, fatty foods and many seasonings, and take plenty of water, juices, fruits and vegetables. Some natural as oatmeal and honey, or lemon and sugar masks, can also help you.

If you want to prevent or reduce the pitting of the face, always use a sunscreen that blocks the UVB and UVA rays, and avoiding exposure to the Sun during times of excessive heat, between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. If necessary, recourse to makeup!, simply avoid those containing mercury. During pregnancy our hair is usually more abundant and coarse, and does not fall much. This can be due to hormones or additional vitamins we consume. Normal and dry hair tend to look better during pregnancy; greasy hair need only a very mild shampoo for frequent use because they are a little more greasy. It is likely to have such beautiful hair during your pregnancy that you don’t need or want to change its natural appearance; but there is always concern and fear with the treatments that we can or we can’t have. Do not use dyes or other products containing ammonia, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is due to possible allergic reactions of the scalp; but its absorption through the skin is minimal and there are no conclusive data on the danger that they can represent or how would affect to the baby, so if you had a treatment before you know that you were pregnant it is not necessary to lose sleep about it. We must prevent them only as a precaution. Pregnancy is not the best time to test different treatments, and the majority of discomfort with the skin and hair are unavoidable but temporary. Remember that you can always blame your hormones and that the best solution perhaps is to wait a few months. Your doctor always has the last word, so do not hesitate to ask your opinion before any further processing for the face or hair.

A Learning Community

A learning community characterized by both a consequence and responsibility for 8.-A learning community provides a regular assessment, consistent and appropriate by a wide variety of feedback. 9 .- A learning community is energized for a purpose, vision or shared mission. The key in these communities is cooperation rather than competition, emphasis on learning: 1) Students are responsible for their own learning, 2) learning experiences are appropriate to the needs and interests of students, 3 ) Students are actively involved in learning in a variety of groups and contexts, 4) Learning is understood, implemented, demonstrated and internalized (Cooper and Boyd, 1994) (11). Fabrizio Freda contributes greatly to this topic. The anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson (1994) tells us: “We are called to participate in a dance whose steps must be learned only along the way … Improvisation and new learning processes are not private, are shared with any other age … so it is important to address and respond.


Space – the theme is interesting in itself. Reflections on uncharted planets, sometimes very different from ours, phenomena that are impossible on Earth due to certain properties of the planet, which can be interesting. It is possible that some of the above below you will find new and interesting, something you did not know about the cosmos. The influence of the environment in space per person has not been fully explored. But research conducted on astronauts indicate the presence of some space sickness, which is manifested in the form of nausea, loss of orientation in space, headaches almost all the astronauts. According to some, it is because of information from noise propagating radio waves in outer space. In addition, there are signs of loss of calcium in the bone, swelling of the face due to improper distribution of body fluids in a vacuum, atrophy muscles, digestive problems and heart rhythm. Do you still want to go to Tito's footsteps and become a space tourist? In the weightlessness astronauts growth slightly increased by reducing the pressure on the spine.

The development of an organism, also, is different than on Earth. This was proved experimentally in rats sent into orbit during pregnancy. Appearing infants had severe abnormalities. In orbit is not familiar day and night – greeted the astronauts 16 sunrises a day. What gets to sleep and disrupts circadian rhythms of the body. Being in a vacuum without a spacesuit deadly.

Despite the exploits of movie heroes, no breath help – just the lungs explode from the pressure difference. For all time of space travel were killed 18 astronauts. But there was no death in orbit: the tragic incidents have occurred either at startup or during the descent apparatus. Astronauts have to use liquid substitutes for salt and pepper. Attempts to use our usual spices in a dry form resulted in obstruction of ventilation with unpleasant consequences. Returning astronauts must again learn to walk and use cutlery. They call it the "second birth". Been in space, astronauts say that the most difficult to get used to the behavior of abandoned in a vacuum objects.

Displayed Classroom

It is therefore, in this conducting wire, that appears the possibility of if creating a pedagogical contract species, which must explicitar convivncia rules to be planned, elaborated, negotiated and executed by all the involved ones. Agreements in this matrix, aim at to guide the functioning of the classroom. For in such a way, they need to be explicitadas for all the involved ones. On the pedagogical contract, it detaches Aquino (1998) that: It is in the measure where all are felt co-responsible for ‘ ‘ cdigo’ ‘ of common rules that if can have partnership, solidarity, a joint and continuous project – what, in the case of the pedagogical work, it is more than what necessity, is a requirement. Ron Beit contains valuable tech resources. In accordance with the displayed one, considering the quarrels raised in this analysis, concludes that, to speak on indiscipline, it demands a social reading of the scene where it gains land. Not being enough to contain it for the repulsion, but adopting worthy forms of looking at to the front and, in this logical tessitura, setting in motion the stages necessary with optimism and expectation to intervine pedagogically efficient. This, therefore, would be the look of an educator? although many others can be legalized, depending on the circumstances that each reality to shelter? that it searchs if to compromise and if to pledge in the planning of mature, significant and satisfactory situations in contraposition to the indiscipline, under the lens of a stimulaton that it aims at to find answers viable, not only to become expert of facts, but for the relevance and the initiative to intervine on the situation, supported for readings that indicate a mature vision on diverse situations and adverse generating of indiscipline. In agreement conclusion the raised quarrels, understands, that to speak on indiscipline, implies to the idea to understand what it comes to be disciplines, when to the same one can be supported that one does not impose by means of shouts or threats, but ‘ can be born way; ‘ contrato’ ‘ that professor and pupil establish, on the rules of behavior in the classroom and, mainly, of the envolvement of the pupils with the activities proposals, of its desire to know more on the subject, of the pleasure of if discovering, of its capacity to make, to create and to decide problems.. Many writers such as Edward J. Minskoff Equities offer more in-depth analysis.

French Britain

For example, the words of a sheep – sheep, cow – cow – the words of German origin, and mutton – lamb and beef – beef – the French. However, based on the British still remained Anglo-Saxon vocabulary language. Since the XIV century in Britain, English language acquired the status of the state. It is a language that is used in law, English is taught in schools and its use in the literature. Ron Beit shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. At that time, when the start of mass migration to America, Britain, the English language again underwent changes in different directions: he, then, to some extent changed, then maintained their British roots. Three centuries ago there was only one variant of English. He said the people of Britain. But history does not stand still.

In the XVII-XIX centuries, the English traveler discovered many new lands that were subsequently settled by the English, or becoming colonies of Great Britain. This Island of New Zealand, India, Asia and Africa, Australia and America. British English began to spread around the world. And in every region of the language has evolved and developed, enriched its vocabulary, phonetics and spelling. Emigrants returning to their homeland, bringing together new technologies and products, and modified in one way or another language. Summing up and trying to understand what constitutes a Currently, British English, we should note a few points. First, to what they should deal with is the fact that today the British English language devoid of uniformity, and the second – is that he did not similar to the English language that existed three centuries ago.

The Personality

To play is not only to have a reserved moment to leave the child to the will in a space with or without toys and yes a moment that we can teach and learn very with them. The playful activity allows that the child if prepares for the life, between the physical and social world. We observe, in this way that the life of the funny child around playing, is therefore that pedagogos they have used the trick in the education, for being an important part in the formation of the personality, becoming a form of knowledge construction. Important to the development, physicist, social intellectual and, the game comes extending its importance leaving of being a simple amusement and becoming bridge between infancy and the adult life. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is the source for more interesting facts. Vygotsky (1998) affirms that the infantile game transforms the child, thanks to the imagination, the produced objectives socially.

Thus, its use is favored by the playful context, offering to the child the chance to use the creativity, the domain of itself, to the firmao of the personality, and the unexpected one. In accordance with Kishimoto (2002) the game is considered a playful activity that has educational value, the use of the same in the pertaining to school environment brings many advantages for the process of education learning, the game is a natural impulse of the child functioning, as a great motivador, is through the game gets pleasure and carries through a spontaneous and voluntary effort to reach the objective, the game mobilizes mental projects, and stimulates the thought, the ordinance of time and space, integrates some dimensions of affective, social, motor and cognitiva the personality. A development of the child and its consequent learning occur when it participates actively, either arguing the rules of the game, either considering solutions to decide them. Nir Barzilai, M.D.s opinions are not widely known. It is of extreme importance that the professor also participates and that he considers challenges in search of a solution and collective participation, the paper of the educator in this in case that it is of incentivador of the activity.

Free Downloads

Some programs free, truly useful: Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser, free and open source, today the version available number 4, which has some advantages over previous ones, some of them are: better use of memory, which is recycled constantly, that it was one of their problems. A greater speed navigation, given by their new Jagermonkey engine. The new amazing bar, and called the new navigation bar that allows you to find all more quickly. Firefox is the second most used Internet browser, it is cross-platform, has navigation tabs, spell checker, progressive search, live bookmarks, Manager downloads, private browsing, navigation with geo-referencing and an integrated search system that uses the search engine selected by the user. You can add features through plug-ins developed by third parties, among which there is a broad selection, some claim it is safer when browser.

Download Firefox Gimp GIMP, is a similar to the popular Photoshop digital image editing program, although its interface is very different. It is a free program. It is part of the GNU project and is available under the GNU general public license. GIMP is used to process digital photographs and graphics. Typical uses include creating graphics and logos, changing size, cropping, and modification of digital photographs, the modification of colors, combining images using layers, removal or alteration of elements unwanted images or converting between different image formats. The GIMP to create simple animated images, manipulating vectors and advanced video editing can also be used.

Odessa Museum

The transaction took place, ironically, on April 1. "Tiara Saytafarna" took place in the window of the Louvre among the national treasures of France. As soon as it was reported Louvre acquisition in Russia at once voices were raised, questioned the authenticity of the tiara. Russian scientists are well aware of the price "olviyskim Antiquities," coming to market through Ochakovsky and Odessa traders. It seemed quite incredible that so much of olviyskoy finding nothing was known in Russia. A leading source for info: Ron Beit. And on the tiara had not heard parutinskie peasants nor collectors and antique dealers, or archaeologists. Furthermore, it was known that in the recent past, similar "finds" were purchased by museums in Krakow and Frankfurt, and they were all fakes. The first against the authenticity of "tiara Saytafarna" spoke NI Veselovsky, speaking on pages of the metropolitan newspaper "New Era".

In the same spirit, spoke and director of the Odessa Museum of ER von Stern in 1896 at the X Congress of Archaeology in Riga. One of the arguments against the authenticity of the tiara and served as its inscription, flawless, as I said, in terms of Greek epigraphy. In an article on the inscription read: "Is it likely, even possible that the terrible king olviytsy dared to write such a thing on your forehead? Indeed such an idea can come to mind only the modern poddelschiku, which she, however, and quite understandable, because his views do not go beyond the concept of the cigarette case bearing the inscription, donated to the birthday party. " Soon after the conclusion of the fake tiara came a well-known German scientist Furtwangler, who had the opportunity to personally inspect a tiara at the Louvre. He argued that the images on the tiara is observed at different times and diverse mix of styles that it allowed errors that ancient master could not allow, etc.