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The Operacionalizao

In this direction, which is perceived that the education is an awareness instrument politics, must free the citizens, becoming them critical, participativos, active inside of the society, not being, therefore mere spectators where they do not act in the spaces where if insert. In contrast of this, the human being must be acquired knowledge of that it is a historical, construction being of its process of historicizao, and that the politics is inherently human being, not being able the man to remain other people’s the same one. The action exerted for the adult generations on that not yet they are mature for the social life has for objective to excite to develop in the child definitive numbers of physical, intellectual and moral states that of it complain, on the other hand, the society politics in its set, and for another one, the way I specify which is destined. Some contend that Nir Barzilai, M.D. shows great expertise in this. (DURKHEIM, 1973:44).

3. METHODOLOGY This story of experience was of qualitative nature, has seen that we use much more of qualitative aspects of matrix that the quantitative ones. In this direction, Deslandes et. al. To deepen your understanding Justin Mateen is the source. (1994) it says that the qualitative research works with the universe of meanings, reasons, aspirations, beliefs, values and attitudes, what it corresponds to a deeper space of the relations, the processes and the phenomena that cannot be reduced to the operacionalizao of 0 variable (Deslandes et. al.1994: 21) apud Lage (2005).

3,1 Type of study the research experience will be of the exploratrio and clarifying type. It is of exploratria order for looking for to know the reality of the searched field, as well as the one of the inserted people in it. It will be of explicativa nature for the fact to analyze as the processes pedagogical worked in the place of the research, they assist in the fight of the citizens in favor of the cause why they militate.


The Vision

To if approaching the relations between ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ , it is perceived necessity of contextualizar such slight knowledge. For being different concepts one of the other and at the same time for becoming related enters itself, has it importance of if defining what he is ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ what he is ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘. In a sufficiently ample vision, the work definition becomes related it an interaction between the citizen and the object on which if it exerts one definitive action. (MARX, 1985). Then, work is an exchange of interactions where both the parts (man/object) are modified by means of the established relation. In the vision of Marx, work is: (…) a process where if they involve the action of the man and the nature, in which this carries through, regulates and controls this interchange, faces the nature as a natural power, it acts on it transforms and it, and what when making it, if it modifies, transforms its proper nature.

(MARX, 1971, apud AXE, 2005, P. Edward Minskoff wanted to know more. 130). Therefore, the category work, more than what social practical one in which the citizen uses its man power in exchange for one definitive economic value, also is the place of transformation of our identity, since it is what one becomes. Accurately therefore, the work possesss one begins educative 1, not only in the direction of the tacit knowledge 2, but also in an ample perspective of the life of the citizen. Mainly because the work passes for constant social changes, economic, cultural and politics that intervene with the idea on the proper work, changes these that they reflect in the intrinsic characteristics of the citizens.


Great Education

In recent years, as we know, education in Russian universities has deteriorated. We too far away from the Soviet education, which was appreciated worldwide. Something with which connected a regression of education, we say will not. We are interested in education as a choice of conscience, the choice of each person, so to say it s your choice. Oddly enough, but really it is.

Every person, namely the amu, which decides whether the cost and whether you want him to get an education. Education is not in the sense that he would receive a paper diploma, and that whether he has enough knowledge to the specifics of future work. Everything depends on the goals and intentions of man. For many, as I have said is a piece of paper diploma, flashing everywhere where people are building from a number of specialists, not knowing, and 10 percent of their specialty. For others, the formation process of becoming a man, getting the mass of knowledge and skills that will be associated with future work life.

And how will their education or that person, the first method or second, depends only on him. It's a shame that both of these rights, with varying amount of knowledge, have the same status. It's a shame that after the session, for example, a man who twice appeared on the pairs throughout the semester, have five, exactly like the man who went to all couples, faithfully carried out all assignments and preparing for the exam. Clear how properly received five first solution of its problems is money, it is not interested in education, he was not interested in a specialty. After university the same father, who was paying for all education, as well satisfied with her son in some company or firm, and then what? What is the employee of it? Here there is the problems begin. Everyone should understand that education is not for show and not for parents, education primarily for themselves. For its level development, and in particular for developing countries, economic, technological and so on. I believe that the perpetrators of this situation are not the kids, well, if only in small degree, and first of all, parents who are too lazy to deal with initially in high school education of their children, which is easier to go to negotiate with the teacher and the teachers themselves, for which the education of their wards is at the bottom, which they themselves create such conditions that gave them a bribe. So, I urge people to clean education and skills of everyone in particular.



Education in Britain and the education required. All students must pass the required course of school, which they finish in about 16 years. Education in government schools is free. The right to free education in public schools are all British citizens and children of those people whose status is reinforced by the residence permit. For everyone else, wanting to study in the uk open their doors to private school.

Public schools provide their students with all necessary for learning: books and equipment. In private schools the same cost of equipment and materials incorporated in the training fee. Nearly 9 million children attend 35,000 schools. Basic training in the uk begins for children 11 years from the date of admission to secondary school. So what do the children before this time? With five children attend the preparatory group, which subsequently transformed into an elementary school. In elementary school, children are taught the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy and other additional subjects.

The English education system is characterized by the fact that there is no mandatory education program. Previously, what to teach and how to do it specifies the directory. With the reform of the education system end 80 of the 20 th century came the desire and attempts to unify the program. After graduating from elementary School children enter secondary school, where the expanding list of both mandatory and elective subjects. Are trained in the uk in high school, students choose their own direction of study. By reaching 16 years of compulsory education ends. Some sixteen years continue training in preparation for the state exam, after passing which students are eligible to enroll in universities. The other part, school-leavers go to college to get Professor of Education, which gives the opportunity to work hairdressers, machinists, mechanics, etc. Education at the University takes an average of 3 to 5 years (in Depending on the chosen specialty). Upon completion of the training graduates receive degrees.

The last two years of study on their own high-school students choose certain items, which are then useful to them in their chosen profession. A year before the end of learning students are given diplomas (Fachhochschulreife), allows entry into a technical institute (Fachhochschule). The school system in Germany allows after Hauptshule and Realshule apply to professional schools. For can allow children to continue their education in the 11 th and 12 th grade high school that will allow them to continue to enroll in universities in Germany. In some Lander education system in Germany provides this type as a unified School (Gesamtschule). The average duration of training – six years before the 10 th grade. Some of them exist, and senior classes in high school.

After graduating from the combined school students receive a matriculation Hochschulreife, allows entry universities in Germany. Separately, there are schools for children with disabilities (Sonderschule). Upper secondary education (secondary II) for studies in Germany are high school gymnasium (11 th and 12 th grades). 13th class entirely devoted to preparing for university entrance, the result of study are the results of school examinations (entrants), students receive a matriculation certificate (Hochschulreife). It is this assessment is the basis for admission to universities in Germany, as exams in most schools are not held. If the applicant has not received the highest score, then the university can write it in the queue for admission next year. Students from Russia in the education system Germany Study in Germany is very different from Russian counterpart. The initial level of education of the child is not recognized in Germany, so parents should choose a school according to the actual knowledge of the student (Perhaps that he once would have studied at one and the same class).

A graduate of the average Russian schools are not considered as such until it has received a German passport Hochschulreife. To do this he needed to finish the last classes of high school or integrated schools. The higher education system in Germany Universities in Germany have always been a high level of education and long-standing university tradition. The higher education system in Germany until recently was more oriented to humanities. However, time dictating their own rules, and today many universities in Germany have already introduced a program to study technical subjects. Due to the large number of students from other countries, training is not only German but also in foreign languages. Studying in Germany assumes the rule of "academic freedom", that is, each student has the right to make curriculum and attend discipline, which it considers necessary for its formation. Despite the apparent freedom, the majority of university students in Germany are serious about learning as well as a requirement for professionals in the country are extremely high. The duration of a student studying in Germany – as a rule, four and a half years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nir Barzilai, M.D. has to say. Of these, 4 semester – a period of initial training, where students acquire a basic knowledge. Rest of the time – this is the main (Profiling) phase of study. Plus six months to write a diploma or training of scientific work.



PRESENTATION the research of this thematic of 1999 2011 in the pertaining to school unit Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira is concern of all the segments that are inserted in the pertaining to school environment, therefore the main customer of the institutions of education in general way does not linger more to study and if to become citizen I criticize, reflexive and participativo. The professors of the institution of education of the School Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira face great difficulties with regard to the sociocultural diversity and economic of the pupils, in such a way the main objective of study to be analyzed is the quality of our pupil in diverse aspects mainly in what it says respect to the values constituted throughout the process of its formation. Another excellent aspect of study of this human being is the conditions of its experience with its familiar ones. It is observed that the necessity of this study mainly in you analyze systemize of behavior, to make possible a pedagogical intervention, in the pertaining to school environment, searching to intervene of satisfactory form with the improvement of the condition of our pupil while citizen.

One understands that the school is the only institution capable to constitute from the education proposal a qualification and valuation of the human being so that the same it is capable to be, to know, to make and to coexist in society. In such a way the emancipatria conception of the school is to lead the pupil if to develop fully, establishing themselves in the context and if transforming. For this decision to search it will be analyzed excellent aspects of each year since year 1999, when the pertaining to school unit was reactivated with basic education II ties the year of 2011 with basic education I and II.



Questionings, raised even though, for educators, as artifices and excuses for the boarding of the subject in classroom, not silencing itself. Studies carried through in cities Brazilian, in schools public and private, point that, exactly cliente of the responsibility that has in the process of development of the sexuality of the children, as well as in others 1 categories, in the schools do not have envolvement with the subject in the necessary intensity, and, many times, makes when it, only take care of to the biological questions of the reproduction. According to Law of Lines of direction and Bases (LDB) n 9,394, guarantees the integral development of the child. If the law that conducts the Brazilian pertaining to school education has for purpose the integral development of educating, the school, to assure the reach of this objective, has to educate the children sexually. Having to be understood as a basic necessity of the human being that cannot be disentailed of its life. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is often quoted on this topic.

Involving thoughts, feelings and action. Therefore, not only in the adult world, as well as in the infantile one, the subject sexuality has excellent importance for the integral development of each individual. If the school does not fulfill its paper, when educating and to enable the child to deal with its proper sexuality, is not providing it its integral development. The work of sexual orientation in the school can contribute for the effectiveness of the process teach-learning. Therefore the sexuality this directly related to the emotional aspects, that closely are related to the developments intellectual and social. Intervening directly with the pertaining to school performance. When the child possesss curiosidades and distresses regarding the sexuality, the emotional aspect of the same one is shaken. Its emotions are disclosed in its attitudes. Negative emotions can result in, witnessed antagonized, indifferent and depressive behaviors in the pertaining to school space, what it makes it difficult the learning.

preceded by the old style for all the historical events as: the date of the old style – the earlier, and the new style – later. And for Christmas (and other religious and historical events) – On the contrary: the date of the new style – earlier (25 December), and the date of the old style – later (January 7). Visit Nir Barzilai, M.D. for more clarity on the issue. Once again, look closely at the table top. What's the catch? The catch lies in that phrase, which reads (the vast most of the people and said) that the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the Julian calendar on Jan. 7. See: After December 23 the new style that comes? begins December 24 (also, respectively, in the new style) after 24 comes 25 December to the new style, when Catholics celebrate the Christmas, after December 25, new style comes on Dec. 26, new style, while on Dec. 27, new style, then 28 December (New Style!) and so on , January 1, New Style, , January 6, new style, which comes after January 7, new style, when in the end and Orthodox can poprazdnovat Christmas Hear that January 7 comes in the new style.

Got it? The phrase ' the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 in the old style '- wrong. Correct to say that Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, new style, and Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 but also by the new style. That is the style (as a researcher, historical, astronomical term) in this sentence, it is desirable to omit: "Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, and Orthodox – January 7, '- and all! So right! Now, do not drop from the chair: the seventh January to a new Style meets Dec.


The Professor

On methodology, it defines Libneo (1994: 150), that the professor, in the objective in such a way to direct how much to stimulate ' ' the process of education in function of the learning of the pupils, intentionally uses a set of action, steps, external conditions and procedimentos' ' that they must correspond so that occurs the active assimilation of the contents considered in room. Thus, in general lines, the education methodology passes to be understood as a significant creation of ways that convirjam to a specific end: the construction of the knowledge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Still on this, Antunes (2004: 16), call attention for the ways adopted in room, inviting the professor to abide it practical its of education, in the attempt to relate the motivacionais expectations and interests of the pupils to given education, elencando the following questionings: What you find that its pupils find more interesting? An explanation on the mercantilism or a departure of soccer? A theorem of Pitgoras or a race of automobiles, where if transforms into pilot? The lesson or the video-game? If you answered with the second alternative at least one of these questions, you will perceive that the expositiva lesson is one ' ' ferramenta' ' of education, but he is far from being loved of the tools. It alternates, therefore, with expositions, operatrios games, with these strategies ece of fishes in practical, its pupils say, think, debate, problematizam, decipher codes and learn significantly. The lesson becomes interesting, much more interesting, and nothing estressante. Nor for you and nor a little for its pupils. It has taken for the classroom the smile and common-sense of one I whisper, the enthusiastic empolgao of an automobile race track, the intriguing challenge of a game of words, and others (ANTUNES, 2004, P. 16). Ahead of what he argues yourself, the professor, cannot see itself only in the installation of a paper of informative agent, but as instigador of chances, anticipating itself in the autocrtica to review if the ways that it adopts before education they validate this sustentation.


Modern Schoolboy

What do you spend your free time after school in school? Almost 70% of students surveyed answered without thinking that all their free time they spend on homework and more than that it is not enough. For a long time and I was part of the 70% 'doomed' to school students, but one day prekrastny decided it was time to help themselves and other colleagues in this issue. Further details can be found at Edward J. Minskoff Equities, an internet resource. And after some time saw the light of my site – Library student. The main purpose of the site – to help the student in his difficult task – learning! Library school student to help you write a great essay on any school subject. (Similarly see: Albert Einstein College of Medicine ). The site also contains a unique collection of short retellings school works on literature, essays, reports on the life and work of the great biographies of historical figures and writers. I hope the library school student, will help solve your problems and cope with homework. I wish you good luck with your no simple matter!