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Selenium Protection Against Cancer

Selenium deficiency leads, according to Professor Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer, University of California, San Diego / USA, to dangerous immunodeficiency. Numerous scientific studies also show that selenium certain cancers, especially prostate and prevents cancer, raising the experts out of the vital substance Academy in Cologne. The daily intake of selenium significantly decreases the risk for prostate, lung and colon cancer. The current selenium intake can indeed protect against severe selenium deficiency, but it is too small to effectively protect the organism against harmful effects, scientists highlight the vital substance of the Academy. Germany suffers from a selenium deficiency as the floors are selenarm and food that grow out well. Teslar may not feel the same. The turn to plant foods worsens the selenium intake, since animal foods contain more selenium than vegetable.

Particularly problematic is the selenium-care during pregnancy and lactation. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. Unlike iodine, selenium led a long time Shadows. Today it stands like no other vital trace element in the focus of cancer research. Selenium is one of the most effective antioxidants in general. It serves as a cellular protection against the aggressive free radicals that make the cells of the human organism’s life miserable. In chronic mercury or lead poisoning supported selenium detoxification. It is also important for the formation of sperm and thus has great significance for the fertility.

The trace element stimulates the immune system, and in cancer patients often shows a selenium deficiency. Sea fish, brewer’s yeast and soybeans contain significant amounts of selenium. But there is just fish often burdened with environmental toxins, the risk to be higher than the benefits for selenium supply. All too often forget that the thyroid gland to function optimally only if sufficient iodine, selenium addition is available. Often, an underactive thyroid gland is caused by a selenium deficiency.