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Sergei Bots

In Aktobe has a wizard – valenschiki representative of one of the oldest professions in the lives of Aktobe. For fifteen years he is engaged in manufacturing boots Bots. Almost all the work he does by hand, according to the old technologies. A small closet – a table, a stove and a few bags of wool – it seems to be back at the past couple hundred years. In this workshop, once worked as a grandfather of the current owner – Victor K.. Sergei only one grandchildren, who had the courage to continue the work of their ancestors.

Sergei Bots drudgery – monotonous, almost every day the same thing, especially when you start schipaninoy do, fall asleep sitting there on the radio and only nudistiki saves the entire winter in a den in 4 walls sit here. Sergei ancestors did for centuries boots. In Kazakhstan came back in the 30s when we learned that there is a huge flocks of sheep graze. Decided – will be raw, so will work. Sergei began to help his grandfather at age 13, wanted to cash in on a bike. Now master of 31 years and he's probably the youngest valenschik in Kazakhstan.

He says that so far do not know all the wisdom of the profession. When Sergei Bots grandfather was still alive to it came, they say they say teach. This is just so fast did not teach, such as go to school there for 3 years to get a profession, is that all the details before the end of the decade to know everything you need. In the arsenal of many Sergei strange by modern standards, tools. Special pads, beater – the subjects in more than a hundred years. However, he does not wear boots master, said to himself tangled, be sure to ask of friends. Despite the fact that popularity among the people felt boot in recent years has fallen to abandon them altogether, said Sergei, humanity can not. Sergei Bots Once someone told me that one day they will be unneeded, I say, they were 100 years ago needed, and now need a man into space and flew to what else I do not know progress comes, they, too, along with the progress will continue. In winter, the snow deep in Aktobe, and the temperature drops to minus 40 degrees – such frosts none Overseas boots do not stand up. Therefore, the boots for a long time still remain an attribute of the national dress of local residents.



Today, human society is often a great many citizens have to associate with such an object as a nursery. Indeed, too many unnecessary stupidity, an interest in things, to question the state of consciousness and it would seem so bad. The lack of thought and aspiration to a lack of ideas. Indeed, pictures from her childhood. Well aesli country childhood, much of popular cartoons, and boast a different kind of entertainment. Absolutely nothing unexpected: happy and not very difficult.

Moreover, the cartoons are usually not able to spend on the activity of the imagination, and an elementary view. And enjoy. In our childhood cartoons were significantly different direction. However, there was another and society. Times have changed, our society has changed, changed the characters and the society. And the people have changed. In this scenario, why did the Soviet cartoons as before so prevalent? This turn of events quite simply nowhere can be explained.

Soviet-era cartoons starring children. Than in smaller older people, and certainly the children. Cartoons formulated a wonderful message, strukturiruyuschu moody program. In the cartoons, there was virtually no physical impacts and the like. Welcome definitely struggled all bad – and not by physical force, and showing elementary evil characters in comic form. It is known that is able to be unpleasant for the evil man than that he can not look evil and stupid. Long known for cartoon about Kapitoshka is pretty solidly demonstrates the technology. Teen wolf wanted to become noticeably angry, 'that they were all afraid', because in this way he was taught to senior wolf and clever book. After all, God knows where did Kapitoshka, a very small drop, joyful, because it displayed all sorts of colors of light – and the wolf baby happily entertained with Kapitoshka. After all, it was delicious and fun. And there was no need to grow up evil. Still, after crumbling of the Soviet state in the early 90s called the most beloved cartoons and vostochnoeanime shtatovskih companies. In Cinemas began to appear different Pokemon and battle raging east, in whom showed his hatred as curious animals, and many Japanese teenagers with enormous peepers. Animation got noticeably more urgent form. And indeed, according to the traditions formed the most diverse people, preschooler can from an early age range receive information about the society in which he will have to exist. In this case, probably, in particular, which is why today so many people not just with nostalgia commemorate the Soviet era cartoons, but also with great pleasure to watch.