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Importance of Education

Education is the preparation to full life.Spences exists a true consensus of the serious crisis facing higher education in the country, yet often in makeshift postgraduate programmes. Moreover commented with insistence, on divorce between what is being taught and the real needs facing our if the Venezuelan scenario.However, experts have underlined, that you must be very careful in these diagnosis, especially when the proposals do not provide models that apply to the University level in accordance with the philosophy, mission, commitment and organizational structure of its institutions; It should be noted that still is paying the high price of wanting to apply the models suggested in other realities, whether in intellectual, political, economic. Our education is more characterized by political and economic interests in the different groups that compose it, worrying more about consolidation in the power, on his personal projection, in the strength and interest of a party, in the enrichment in the short-term than in academic excellence, scientific, in the development of research in everything that generate solutions contributing to the evidence of the main problems facing the country. Still is observed, that charges are distributed by commitment, by alliances, friendship, no matter who are responsible for the main functions in various activities, basic units that guarantee excellence, leading all to contracted, professionals who are not at the height of their performance, significantly hindering the achievement of the objectives of the organization. Recruitment with rigged courses, without quality not optimal requirements for the serious responsibility of being teacher, simply, by obligations, commitments entered into, partisan, family, friendship, business. All this certainly affects the wearing out of the training, training of future professionals to Unfortunately, inadequately prepared, without experience, professional guides that are anchored in the old paradigms of old, models not suitable for the reality that the present demand, this reality has seriously affected the universities, especially to the commitment, social and academic responsibility of guaranteeing an education of excellence, coupled with other aspects, such as that currently faces in relation to the divorce that has been generated between the State aidyour financial support, to ensure an efficient operation that will give back you to the teachers that a fair wage, according to the critical economic reality is facing and which has significantly deteriorated the quality of life of the Venezuelan.