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Engineering Office Lake

Safety and good air indoors Augsburg’ calf’ since the end of last year the city of Augsburg on a new, unusually attractive venue for events is pleased: the calf Hall. The building belonged to the Augsburg slaughterhouse. Today, the Hare-Brau brewery is located here. Colt international restaurant calf Hall – Augsburg brewery to the Bunny”, in which accommodate up to 1,000 people, developed a comprehensive climate concept with adiabatic cooling of peak load for the gastronomy, combined ventilation and exhaust with heating and mechanical smoke extraction. It is over 100 years old, and she stands under monumental protection: the calf Hall in a former slaughterhouse of Augsburg is a jewel of historical architecture. For even more opinions, read materials from Jacobs Dallas.

For the room climate experts by Colt international, which installed a combined ventilation, cooling and fire ventilation system together with the Engineering Office Lake from Donaueschingen here, this was a special challenge. Thanks to smart planning and use of flexible functional Devices able to connect old buildings and modern technology for the benefit of operators that enjoy low operating costs for an effective installation, as well as the guests who take the new place for restoration and event with enthusiasm. In the year 2007 the new owner of the slaughterhouse, the Dane had begun holding AG, contemporary to redevelop the historic slaughterhouse complex. The conversion of calf Hall was a centerpiece of this work. A restaurant occupies a large part of the approximately 1,700-square-meter Hall, which is up to 10 meters high in some places, which seats up to 400 guests. At events, the calf Hall contains up to 1,000 visitors. Reliable air conditioning concept for historical Hall lives the Hall energetically practically made itself”despite the aggravating conditions of monument protection. “This has to do with the process of beer production: brewing creates much waste energy”, the stored partly in residual heat in water and It can be used for example for underfloor heating in the restaurant, which can be activated in case of need.

Individual Solutions

The correct waste disposal competent and individual solutions for waste disposal is a problem for many at first glance. What substances are together in what container? What is picked up by waste disposal, the disposal of which substances I must take care of myself? It is now over, because waste disposal runs smoothly with appropriate waste containers for each substance. For waste disposal directly at the Office desk, there are chic models made of stainless steel with lid or practical waste buckets made of plastic. Special attachment rings prevent slipping into the rubbish in the bins. Combinations of trash and umbrella stand is suited for waste disposal in the entrance area. With separation containers in which accommodate two or three bags of waste, the waste directly in the workplace can be separated environmentally friendly. For the smoking area, there are practical combinations of bins and ashtrays. Security paper basket with flames Erase head are a more competent Solution: If there is fire, the rising combustion gases are pushed back by the erase head and accumulate at the opening.

This means that the oxygen supply is stopped and smothered the fire automatically. In addition you have the choice between waste containers with pedal and swing lids, each made of metal or plastic. Exceeds the amount of waste a normal hopper capacity help you value fabric collector and trash cans in the waste disposal. Value fabric collectors are free standing in various shapes and sizes, or the attach to walls. Refuse containers there are from a capacity of 20 litres up to 1100 litres, as garbage cans, plastic, sheet metal, or metal or as large bins on four wheels. All these waste receptacles are weather resistant and sturdy. Also for waste disposal at the door, there is a large selection: hot-dip galvanized baskets made from wire mesh, plastic or steel bins, optional for mounting on the wall or the post.

Stone Illusion

Lighter than stone stone replicas, but just as strong. Looks like stone, also feels weighs but not so hard the stone replicas differ illusion of Windhagen, company stone from solid stone by her weight, otherwise, the replica is to the real thing. A Boulder for the garden, which would otherwise perhaps weigh 3.5 t, is illusion only with approx. Please visit AMT if you seek more information. 110 kg in weight with stone by stone. By a special manufacturing technique, the castings are made from actual rock walls, the replicas receive identical appearance a nature. Surface texture, form and color are no longer indistinguishable from real stone. Due to the ease of the stone replicas, there are hardly any limits for the design.

Which restrict structural engineers and architects in their work with solid stone, not only problems with replicas of stone illusion. Almost any idea can be implemented through a variety of functions. For example you can be equipped technically, that the fulfilment of a number of Functions is possible: with supply and drainage of water for bath, shower, sauna, wellness areas with waterfall, which can – serve as a source rock, with retrofitted to improve water quality – with built-in camera or lighting fixtures for object protection – with weatherproof loudspeakers to the sound – E.g. for air humidification with air conditioning for aquariums and terrariums cliffs and boulders of stone illusion in form and color each according to the wishes of the customers produced. Consulting and planning are carried out also directly at the customer in the home at request. There is a permanent exhibition which can be visited with prior arrangement of an appointment to look at the interesting objects also.


Dresden, October 18, 2007 – about a thousand years Saxon ingenuity and the century-long tradition of Hanseatic merchant art. When fantasy and Commerce come together, an explosive mixture can occur. Against the background of the well-functioning partnership between the Elbe City-State and German Federal State, free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and the Saxon art and cultural metropolis of Dresden, capital of Saxony, repeatedly mixed groups of real hamburgers and snazzy Saxony found together, who work on joint projects. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jorge Perez on most websites. For example the private initiative HansePro project development for hanseatische nvestitionsobjekte located close to the modern airport and right on the edge of the recreational area of the Dresdner Heide. Over three years, long-time and tinkering around the three-person leadership team, consisting of from a Hamburg-based marketing and PR specialists, a proven real estate merchant of Mittweida/Saxony and a talented architecture students from the prestigious Technical University Dresden, withdrawn and in Quietly on new ideas for the national and worldwide real estate and financial community.

What came out, can be seen: one of the first projects, probably throughout Europe most modern concept for a completely new model of future student dormitories, ISA (international student apartments), was released in 2006 on the basis of a spectacular design for the old building of the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (DVB) at the busy junction of Albert square on the edge of the lively student and alternatively cantonment Dresdner Neusatdt in the DNN (Dresden News) and met with great approval among the population and attracted attention in the home of a well-known insurance company internal, which quickly turned a high financial contribution in Vista, as well as with other institutional financial investors and real estate developers. Because the request this landmark model student living and working in the future on the one hand by surveys of the future residents in the created profile and on the other hand with tough financial concepts supported, which private investors or investors can secure an above-average return.This synthesis of imagination and knowledge to bring together the factor of future idea with the factor in future capital. Therefore, the HansePro has newly paved the way for the future. All activities are offered grouped under the umbrella of ICF enterprises and national ongoing talks and agreements, as well as worldwide active developers and investors to the added. This applies to the drawer-mature project “HanseTower”, a diversified Designer high-rise concept, with a renditeorienierten mix of hotels, restaurants, Convention (congresses & conferences), Spa/Wellness/Fitness, luxury apartments, shops & boutiques and Office/Communications, as well as the ongoing planning project HSH (hurricane safety House), a private residence that is screwed, and firmly resists wild hurricanes and strong storms, “Corkscrew technology” at four corners firmly into the ground and also the international Insurance industry will save enormous sums of money on claims from natural disasters.

It will be interesting to see what exciting project from the small think tank in Dresden will appear soon as first its triumphal procession in the property – and financial community. “We are very optimistic for the future, because many talks and presentations with future Geschaftstpartnern encouraging us, now more consistently to pursue the chosen path,” Siegel, a spokesman of the HansePro against the background of ongoing negotiations with renowned implementation and cooperation partners. ICF Business Office PO box 800 156 D 01101 Dresden phone: 0351-88575-176 project management: A. Fanous, A. Wade, H. Voss mountain project development team

Common Construction

What risks will need the Builder of wooden constructions in the inventory, roofs built up and building trusses and what advantage has a timely opinion of wood protection? All those involved in the building know this: must be saved for the benefit of a higher profit. Save then finally says in extreme cases (which is however not uncommon): an architect or engineer is not charged, the construction manager is completely branchenfremd, instead of specialist companies working on the building site only “independent” construction workers from Eastern Europe. As a result, there is no detailed design, and mostly concern construction States, without at all the causes are to eliminate or to take over the attempt of a professional restoration. Westfield brings even more insight to the discussion. Also the DIN standards have apparently ever better times has seen, namely, built after them than anyone else. It is to see that probably at above States also the inventory, control and damage documentation on the wooden structures and the obtaining of wood protection opinion will, often with fatal consequences for Because an infestation by wood-damaging organisms undetected owner and purchaser, or plattenbau, so if not constitutes at least a major deficiency – even a fraud, or at least a gross negligence. What are now typical dangers that may go undetected and be to the time bomb? Here are some examples, sorted by type of building: here is 1 Unsanierte objects in the inventory (purchase intention, before renovation) mostly about historical trusses, ceiling, stairs etc.

leaking roofs, capillary damp masonry, damaged rain gutters or domestic installations provide a moisture, which can lead to ideal living conditions for House rot fungi together at the right temperature. The real rot, the Brown Kellerschwamm (which is to find whole and not just in the basement) and the pore sponges are the most representative, the unnamed other mushrooms are no less dangerous. Humidity also favors the infestation with wood-destroying insects, such as the Common furniture beetle, the House block or the combed Anobiidae. For even more analysis, hear from Edward J. Minskoff Equities.

Rehacare Design Award 2008/2009 For Stair Lift Flow 2

On October 15, 2008, the stair lift ‘Flow 2’ by ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding receives the Rehacare design award 2008/2009 GOOD DESIGN in the category “Living and housing”. “The stair lift has a graceful use of sculptural forms. Its technical features like arms, which can be used as a seat and stand-up help, the collapse handle or the removable cover based on the needs of users”, says the jury. The excellent stair lift in cooperation with MMID full service design team, Netherlands was developed. The prize, which is awarded for the first time this year at the trade fair Rehacare in Dusseldorf, features products in eight different categories, which are characterized by design quality, innovation and usability. The jury is composed of internationally renowned design experts. Performed the ceremony in cooperation with red dot GmbH in Essen, which “red dot design award” gives also the internationally renowned award. “We very pleased this recognition.

With the electronically controlled swivel seat and the patented single-pipe system the flow 2 especially for narrow and winding stairs offers the ideal solution”, so Dr. Michael Wahrisch, CEO, ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding in Essen. The stair lift flow 2, as well as other lift solutions from ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding can be tried out by October 15-18 at booth C 66 in Hall 3 of the trade fair Rehacare in Dusseldorf, exhibition centre. The business unit belongs to ThyssenKrupp elevator AG in Dusseldorf, Germany, ThyssenKrupp accessibility and is one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts, platform lifts and lifts for private homes (home elevator). With approximately 800 employees around the world ensuring the production, distribution and service of these products. ThyssenKrupp elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies and is represented in more than 60 countries, and at over 800 locations worldwide. With nearly 40,000 employees, the company in the financial year 2006/2007 (30.09.) posted revenues of EUR 4.7 billion. The product range includes Passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walkways, stairs – and Platform lifts, passenger boarding bridges and quality service for the support of the entire product range.

To the Editor: See this press release, more information and printable photos news/news-TK-Accessibility.htm. Or visit us from October 15 to 18 at the trade fair Rehacare, Messe Dusseldorf, Hall 3, stand C 66, and convince yourself of our new products. If you have read about us dollar already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Like we also stand for a personal interview at the disposal. Just call us for an appointment. Contact: Marlies happ ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding GmbH phone: + 49 201 79959-18 fax: + 49 201 79959-20 E-Mail: Web:

Mechanical Key Box With Safety Certification

The KeySafe P500 brings order to the key life and offers a high level of security on the basis of a multi-walled metal construction. Who is not familiar, the eternal problems with misplaced keys or accidentally fallen to home and apartment doors. The key boxes of the KeySafe series bring order to the key life and save one of many waiting for key service. The key release mechanically via a PIN code is entered. Depending on the model, more than 1000 or 4000 are different codes available. This access code can be changed at any time to increase security. The new KeySafe P500 series is the safest model from the KeySafe and features a high-strength multi-walled metal casing. The key is protected inside the KeySafe P500 with additional stainless steel inlays.

Features: – 4000 different PIN codes – PIN-codes can be changed at any time – space for maximum of 5 key – working temperature:-32 to + 68 C – multi-walled high-strength metal construction – stainless steel, water, UV and chemically resistant – integrated weather protection – certification: UK LPS 1175 level 1 – colour: black – overall dimensions: 149 x 81 x 64 mm – internal dimensions: 76 x 47 x 18 mm – weight: 1870 grams using the included mounting the box to any wall or flat surface can be attached. The KeySafe P500 is 1 (wall mounting)-certified LPS UK 1175 level. To increase the security the KeySafe P500 can optionally be equipped with an alarm sensor. The internal alarm system is then able to log when the KeySafe P500 is opened and closed. It is also possible to trigger the alarm when the KeySafe P500 with force from the wall removed, or when a key collection the box has been closed accidentally no longer. The KeySafe P500 is a safe an ideal solution for private homes, cottages, holiday homes, apartments, shops, warehouses, clubs, boat houses, equipment and other assets Need key access.

Located In The Monument – Casa Pauline, 28 Deer Street In Furth

Monuments are an indispensable link to the past – to the historical roots of a city. In the city of Furth with your over full story, there are a number of monuments, which conservation and rehabilitation on the basis of the building condition and the requirements of monument protection for all those involved in the construction poses a special challenge. The interests of the protection of historic buildings dominate anyway, even if they are contrary to the desired short period of construction, to effective technologies and low construction costs. The Imperia real estate NLB GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany has taken on this challenge. The 28 deer Street is located in the heart of the city of Furth’s old town belt and consists of three parts of the building, the front part with the characteristic facade, an intermediate building and the outbuilding, whose Wohnungen Lofteigenschaften show. The three-storey main building with sandstone facade was built in the years 1862/1863. The late Classicist estate with belt moldings and stitch arched Windows has also elements of Art Nouveau.

In the course of the renovation emerge 13 condos in different sizes and variants. The garden area in the courtyard is associated with the ground floor / basement flats in the rear of the building. The apartments on the upper floors of the secret annex have large balconies with Southwest orientation. Living in a monument has its special charm. Here the historic combines with modern comfort.

So, wooden Windows existing in the front were dismantled and replaced with new wooden Windows with double glazing in consultation with the conservation authority. Historic floors (floors or parquet) be sanded and sealed colorless. The floors in the bathrooms will receive a screed and tiles in accordance with the current standard. The heating and hot water supply is carried out with a high comfort for the tenants a gas-powered heating unit in the basement. The new electrical installation complies with the requirements of modern living. On the other hand, the building has the comfort of an intercom system, on the other hand is the tenants that according to requirements of monument protection carefully revised stairwell again and again the historical share of her apartment in front led. The Imperia real estate NLB GmbH is a company that is on the development of the project listed real estate and specialized real estate located in redevelopment areas. The Imperia immobile NLB GmbH currently realized projects in Furth and Landshut and completed several objects in Berlin. For buyers of our quality refurbished apartments in multi-family homes, the exhaustion of the maximum tax benefit and a highest achievable rental income are crucial for their purchase decision. The object picker are town houses and apartment buildings in the best locations in the foreground. Our heritage objects we fully implement the requirements of the respective authority of monument protection and achieve a high-quality state after the renovation with a great living comfort for the tenants.

Exclusive Garages

Intensive customer contact ensures quality service and decades of shelf life exclusive Garagen.de has developed in long years of prefabricated garages, providing affordable quality with high customer satisfaction and decades of shelf life. It is no more a tightrope, to suit your taste, which exactly corresponds to the Zeitgeist of the architecture as the customer wishes throughout Germany between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, between the Rhine and the Alps. In addition come various local circumstances in which virtuoso flow from experience of the sales consultants of the company exclusively garages in Salzuflen in the advice. Demand for single-family homes the single garage construction methods often no longer is the standard, but it is required a garage or a large garage. Exclusive garages can comply as well in the short term which as the needs of investors and property developers after garages of rows of, to make whole garage farms. For even more analysis, hear from Estée Lauder. A saddle roof can offer additional storage space, a green roof is a small biotope or a conventional roof can as Stormwater source used for a garden pond. This attention by proper ventilation all year round inside of the garage.

Essentially involves the removal of air moisture, to reach the dew point as often as possible in relatively dry air. Individual standard sizes of garage designer shows the customer the variety of standard sizes and gives immediate planning security. The decision for a specific garage offer easier if targets are named and are compared with the local conditions. The progress in the construction of the garage was created by this concept of the garages. Both the client as client as also exclusive garages as a manufacturer save time during the planning phase, which leads to low prices and good quality. Individuality and prefabricated are therefore no contradiction, but they create a synergy. The quality of the original why are exclusive garages garages for life?

Carport Aluminum

Many car owners dream to park your car safely at home. Many car owners dream to park your car safely at home. This has generally not only technical reasons; the protection from wind and weather plays a not insignificant role. One way to achieve this goal is of course a garage. This is however not only very costly and expensive to build. In most cases, a building permit is required, which is not often granted by the competent authority.

A good alternative to the garage are therefore carports, in particular a carport aluminum. A carport offers many advantages to a garage or a carport traditional aluminium. ALU-a carport is so much easier in the building as a conventional garage. While a garage in the minority of cases by the buyer itself can be installed, building a carport is quick to accomplish ALU easy and lightweight construction. While the construction of a garage can take several days or weeks, the buyer of a carport can Aluminum come after just a short time to enjoy of a covered garage parking space. Only sufficient space is needed, where the carport aluminum can be rebuilt. A wide range of such car ports can be found on the Internet.

There, the potential buyer can first extensively inform about the respective models and prices. Who a carport aluminum first want to look at in Natura, can do this of course. On the Internet you will find a variety of dealers, where you can watch the carports on the spot. There you can convince ALU and the excellent quality is not only on the ground of the virtues of a carport; the dealer also as regards the construction, supports its customers with advice and practical assistance, if necessary, he assumes also the entire building for a small extra charge. Even if the buyer so does not have enough technical skill, he can quickly come to enjoy of a secure garage parking space.