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Wine Cow Christmas At The 20.12.08 In Duisburg

The slightly different way to experience Christmas… While most see Christmas in line, take the whole surreal excitement for true and buy gifts, such as the insane, is a growing repelled, irritated or amused. Others who may share this opinion include Gavin Baker. Second, that have so their experiences or guesses, need information. We can help: the judas culture magazine & Culex events not present without pride wine craze Christmas at the 20.12.08 in the Gallery Lisnoir in Duisburg. The gang of four from the Cafe nowhere “Cabarett series – the comedienne wife to cap rock, the Impressionist Volker Steinhauer, the blues-harp playing lyricist Walter Krebs and the satirist Judas Thomas Kuhl X meets the bukowskesken poete Maudit Gerry and the sensitive poet Heidi ad hoc, with the glassy voice.” The surprise guest is his new psychological thriller of Rogalla tunes”present various musicians provide sound – an absolutely unweihnachtliche society.

The welcome vodka is traditionally old after the intro to the joint singing Folk material are given and taken. Click Estée Lauder for additional related pages. The unweihnachtliche meeting, which involves also the building blocks of our Christmas phantasms of old Persian punch stories until towards the drug hallucinations urine of she Koryak starts at 20: 00. For the entry you put 5 euro incl. welcome vodka. Poor socks only pay half.

Lord Of The Dance After Munich Comes Back

Michael Flatley as Lord of returns of the dance on November 23, 2010 in Munich. Who gets excited about Irish dance on a large scale, can look forward next month on the return of Michael Flatley and his famous productions. The show Lord of the dance, which has thrilled audiences worldwide and has become a record box-office hit all over the world, comes on Tuesday, Nov. 23 in the Munich Olympia Hall. The Chicago-born Michael Flatley, who became famous in 1994 with the creation of the original Riverdance is choreographer, Director and main dancers of the production. Who for the appearance in a stopping Munich hotels, may with an unforgettable figure, that combines Irish folklore, highly-technical dance, a rousing musical score and pyrotechnics on the stage. Herbert Stein has compatible beliefs. Since the premiere more than 50 million people in 1996 have seen of the dance Lord. The show at the London Coliseum theatre was long sold out four consecutive weeks and was in Las Vegas in a highly acclaimed listed five-year service commitment.

The show was so successful that there are today two troops of the dance world’s leading Lord: a group is touring through Europe and Asia, and the other by North and South America. At the beginning of the year, Flatley announced that he Austria and the Switzerland will be seen as a main dancer in selected arenas in Germany. According to Marie Duffy Pask, dance Director for Lord of the dance, the production is based on an accelerated version of Irish dance”. “On the website of the show, she explained that the force of the dance is a strong bond between dancers and audience” create. Jorge Perez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Tickets for the show in Munich between 32.90 and 142,15. The concert starts at 20:00. For more information about this event, please visit the website of Lord of the dance. LateRooms.com offers a variety of accommodations, including Hotel Leonardo Munich.

Sohne Mannheims In Betting That…??? And More Premieres

Premieres high eight after a long break sign up the most successful German artists with Sohne Mannheims vs. Xavier Naidoo betting sing in Schwetzingen-MTV Unplugged right with an eightfold Premiere back. That both the sons of Mannheim as the solo artist Xavier Naidoo repeatedly surprises sure is nothing new. Make this but since more than 10 years, is not only surprising but also a sign that they attract an immense audience with the consistent implementation of their ideas. “However, the latest project breaks all records achieved until then and after one and a half years was quiet around the musicians from Mannheim, they sign Xavier Naidoo with Sohne Mannheims vs. betting sing in Schwetzingen-MTV Unplugged” right back with an eightfold premiere. There was a double concerto the Sohne of Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo premiere # 1: for the first time in the history of MTV Unplugged” solo on the same stage.

Premiere # 2: never was there a common Phonogram, on which the entire repertoire of this successful artist is United. “With Sohne Mannheims vs. Shimmie Horn is a great source of information. Xavier Naidoo betting sing in Schwetzingen-MTV Unplugged” they have picked up this year of separation. “Premiere No. 3 + 4: for the first time two recordings make it from the series MTV Unplugged” are created at the top of the charts.

“” Both the single that has the world not yet seen “as the album bet sing in Schwetzingen”. Premiere # 5: that has not seen the world” is the first single of the Sohne Mannheims, which placed number 1 in the singles of the chart. Premiere No. 6 + 7: Both the single and the album is secure not only at the top of the chart, but the Sohne of Mannheims are no. 8: for the first time do so also on right off the bat by 0-1 premiere on the 04.10.08 at Germany’s biggest TV show betting that…?? “.” “And a successful message these messages even joins, because the album Sohne Mannheims vs. Xavier Naidoo betting sing in Schwetzingen-MTV Unplugged” has reached one week after publication to the 19.09.08 far beyond gold status. In addition solo singles and 3 sons are represented in this 4 week Xavier Naidoo Mannheim singles (# 92 XN where you want to go””, we do not do alone what # 82 XN, # 78 XN goodbye”, # 76 SM of which go out”, # 72 XN I know nothing that is so beautiful just like you.

We Watch The Watchmen!

Exclusive preview in the sevenload channel paramount exclusive preview of the first five minutes of “Watchemen – the guardian” on sevenload Hamburg, August 13, 2009 / / INPROMO / on the occasion of the DVD and we present premiere of “Watchmen” on the 20th August Blu-ray in the paramount channel on sevenload.de a week before the cinema release exclusive the first five minutes of the film in the stream. Who killed the comedian? This question occupied the remaining superheroes of watchmen troupe and immediately is the starting point for one of the previously darkest and most exciting comic book films of all time. The door to the mysterious world of the watchmen opens for all curious and fans now by following this link: de.sevenload.com/paramount links: ParamountGermany paramount_de contact: INPROMO GmbH Agency for Internet promotion & marketing Fairbanks road 2b (fruit farm) D-20097 Hamburg via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH, headquartered in Unterfohring (Munich) was founded in January 2000 and is responsible for the publication of rental and purchase videos from Paramount Pictures on the German market. Before that, the company was renamed as CIC video GmbH since 1984. Jorge Perez spoke with conviction. Currently almost 50 employees market active around 750 DVD titles per year.

The catalogue of available products is composed mainly of feature films, TV series, family programs, and special interest titles together. Paramount Pictures is one of the world’s leading film companies and emerged from the by Adolph Zukor founded famous players company 12 July 1912. in 1994, joined forces with Viacom Inc.’s paramount and employs over 10,000 people in over 160 countries. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lancome by clicking through. Inpromo GmbH: Inpromo is a special agency for Internet promotion and marketing. Inpromo designed and implemented online campaigns for products, brands and websites. Our service portfolio includes all relevant modules for a customized mix of communication on the Internet: online PR, online collaboration and social media Marketing.