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One of the most beautiful breeds of cats, thanks to its pleasant image, is the Himalayan, featuring a very attractive to the eye and to the touch fur, aspects that make it a very interesting cat breed Himalayan cat and that is worth much know. In response to the above, mentioned some of the main characteristics of cat Himalayan and so know a little more about this lovable breed of cats. Is suitable to start talking of the Himalayan, begin with the origins of this breed of cats, which resulted from the mixture or made crossing between the Siamese cat, with a Persian Cat, although possible, the presence of a Burmese cat, the conformation of this breed of cats is due to that during the 1920s cats breeders sought a cat with the physical characteristics of the Persian Cat, but with the beautiful colors of the Siamese, but the result can not be set up until the 1950s; regarding the designation of Himalayan, is due to the result of its appearance is very similar to the typical of this area rabbit, which without doubt refers to a very elegant appearance. It must be borne in mind that this breed of cats in Europe, more than an own breed of cats is considered a colorpoint variant of the Persian Cat. Read more from Elizabeth Arden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Turning to the physical features of the Himalayan cat, can say that it has the same morphology of the Persian Cat, since your body structure is of type compact and with a good weight, which can range from 9 to 12 pounds, giving you a solid body, its body is wide and short, its size is medium, but it presents some short legs that has great strengthits tail is short and thick; In terms of the image of the head, it is round, wide and solid, with a short nose that gives a flat image, but is wide, their ears are pointy, as well as being very small, presented a slight forward tilt and they are well separated, add an aspect to the ears, the fact that you have colored.

Your beautiful eyes are blue, are large and round. The fur of the Himalayan cat, is one of its main features, which is long and very dense, as it is soft; in what refers the colour of the mantle, this presents many of the colors of the Siamese, so that it can be found in a grey seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream and red, all of them stained, i.e. with colored tips. The way of being of the Himalayan cat, shows a friendly cat who enjoys giving affection and to similarly provide it, is a very intelligent cat; It is not a cat that will see them much yelping, it fits easily, even in small spaces, so it is ideal for apartments and enjoy the presence of children. Original author and source of the article