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Job Search In Kharkov – Now With New Features

August 12, 2009 Internet service job search and recruitment "Working in Kharkov (www.rabota.kharkov.ua) introduced a completely new version of its site. The site "work in Kharkov" was opened in 2000, and over the years has become a leading Kharkov Internet resource in this area. Now the "Work in Kharkiv" – the most popular site in Ukraine Regional job search. Only in Kharkov (excluding capital) city is the site looking for work with such attendance. Every day, come to the site of more than 5,000 people who place more than 300 jobs and 250 resumes daily, despite the economic crisis and during the holiday season.

A huge number of Kharkiv find jobs and often their careers with the website "work in Kharkov." It's no secret that for many personnel officers of companies visiting the site became part of everyday work. Post jobs for not only broadcast on the site, but also sent more than 5,000 subscribers. Now the site has new design by a more modern, more functional. The developers tried to keep the site recognized for everyday users. Particular attention is paid to simplicity and ease of working with Website: those who will only use it to easily sort out the peculiarities of the work. Of course, adding new features. After free registration, the employer or the applicant's section called "My job", in where you can manage their information.

Now, using the internal messaging system, applicants can offer your resume to specific jobs and employers in turn – to correspond with candidates on the right site. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nir Barzilai, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. As a result, all received summaries are stored on site and are always available to registered users. Also, improved search capabilities, subscription capabilities to manage their vacancies and resumes and many others. Leading employers website have additional features such as their jobs are now represented on all major pages and scroll to the job, the opportunity to publish news of companies. Consulting and training companies are able to publish training courses, and candidates – to receive information about planned activities. In this case, as before, visitors can enjoy basic functions of the site without registering (search, display, publication of vacancies and resumes). 'In spite of all the known problems in the economy, the collective capabilities to improve the site is a resource plan for the further development. We are confident that the updated site will help enterprises of Kharkov – better select personnel, and Kharkov – look for a job "- said Dmitry Fire, Project Manager" Jobs in Odessa. "

Planning Time

Just think how many important things happen in your life. And now the really important mentally deselect what is needed. Set in the early works, which is really important to you. Want to write a book or engage in any hobby or spend more time with the elementary family, en-no … all the time is work-work-work. Here you need to do to pass the report, there have to wash the floors, there is a shop to go, and then again immersed in the preparation graphs and reports.

In the life of many small, but there are urgent matters that pile up on each other, and you're drowning for years in this office and residential swamp, often without realizing this report. Just live with the feeling that something missing. Look around you – in front of you is going on future orders and private services. Project "Nastoronu" offers free your time and do the routine chores. Maids, nannies, secretaries, assistants to the house, merely auxiliary temporary workers – about 2,000 people in Russia and the CIS are ready to undertake any task within the law and morality. Everything you need to do – go to the site of the project, register once, and then choose their role: the customer or the performer. You can place the task of searching for an employee or assistant. If you have any talent, then bragging about it in ads.

Offer your services and you can earn. The project so far fairly new, but many users have already appreciated the real opportunities that arise in life through our site. All completely free, non-profit project. Free ads, free setting goals, no intermediaries and third parties. You negotiate directly with everything the other party (whether artist or client). While others are just going to – we are already helping!