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The Well-kept Three-day Beard

The swashbuckling look – three-day beard fashionable men want Cowboys sometimes, bold, adventurous. What better way to this idea as the three-day beard? Women love this Bart, as he shows an unknown side of their loved ones. But a three-day beard is not equal to three-day beard. It is also here on the care and the cut. These practical tools offered the man, so he am not painfully long needs to spend time for the creation of the beard with a wet or the normal electric razors. A good beard is a very useful invention here.

Thanks to various attachment Combs, different lengths can be reach from 1 to 20 mm. Dealing with beard cutters requires some practice, but the result is perfect for it. Many devices have contour makers, allowing also the hair in hard to reach places, such as on the ear or nose area, easily cut to the desired length be. Electric shavers for the three-day beard can be found on the market in various models and price classes, ranging from six to ten euros, up to higher-priced models with stainless steel blades and lots of accessories. Especially Remington beard trimmer are among the best-selling three-day beard shavers. In contrast to the beard scissors, the three-day beard is electrically operated Shaver. Particularly refined, the suction function for the beard hair is cut off. So save the time which would otherwise be applied to clean the sink. Please visit Gavin Baker Atreides Management if you seek more information.

Men who want to permanently carry a three-day beard, should therefore daily clip him, because otherwise the beard can miss its charming effect on women. Regular carrier of this beard Variant should make sure that the neatly trimmed hair leaves a soft impression. This helps a hair conditioner at the same time ensuring a beautiful shine. A good fragrance, with a sweet-smelling aftershave, underlines the aspect of care. And who likes it like something playful and want to fall even with modern creations, for the motif cutters are a good for the eye-catcher Complement to the traditional beard. Only time should always be included, because at such a short beard hair is a goof of cutting directly in the eye. The crowning form gel or hair spray. Stent Koeppe photo: pixelio.de / Christes

Sauna Textiles Made Of Linen From Jokipiin Pellava

Fidec convinced with Finnish manufacturer Finland’s sauna land: no wonder, then, that even where the Finnish bathroom has its origin, are premium offerings for the fitness and wellness market. “Come with the tradition of the experience,” says Thomas Hernberg, Managing Director of Fidec, who made the trade with wellness products from Finland to the Professional task. Because Finnish manufacturer known all over the world enjoy recognition for products that are sustainable and available at reasonable prices. Skillfully they bridge the gap between simple beauty and sophisticated functionality. Kenneth E. Boulding has much to offer in this field. Jokipiin Pellava Hernberg now presents a provider that specializes in organic linen products for bath, sauna and indoor decor. The portfolio of the family business, which was founded in 1920, including towels, bathrobes and sauna conditions. Wrap skirts, mittens and hats of the sauna complete the high-quality ensemble in the category of “Bath & sauna”. “Linen is an ideal material for sauna textiles, that is for good reason,”says Hernberg,”it is a pure natural product, has a great capacity, and is extremely easy to maintain in the washing machine.” Compared to cotton, linen absorbs more liquid three times so towels still dry feel even after drying off.

Products from Leinenjacquard are perceived as pleasant smooth and cooling. Leinenfrottier massaging the skin and stimulates the superficial blood circulation in the rub. Bathrobe and towels of the traditional equipment in the sauna. The sauna pillow from the manufactory from Jokipiin Pellava is another highlight, that combines the pleasant with the useful. “Is the pillows already heated during the heating of the sauna,” says Hernberg, “can the soft material relax it.” The recycled Ecosoft are fibers that are used for the filling, dust-free, fire-resistant and it is safe to use in the sauna. The lines handled by Jokipiin Pellava is according to the Standard certified international Oeko-Tex. Materials that are used, in accordance with the environmental guidelines of the company should be as pure as possible.

Environmental protection is an integral part of the production policy. Jokipiin Pellava make one of the most important Finnish companies for the international fitness and wellness market highest quality and professional craftsmanship. “In addition to renowned brands such as Mondex, Porin Puupojat and SpDealers Jokipiin Pellava is therefore a further valuable gain for Fidec’s sales network,” confirmed Hernberg, who rejoices over the years growing interest in Finnish wellness products and gladly welcomes new importers. “Happiness is placed just some in the cradle,” the entrepreneur smiles “with us the success begins where you forget the time – most likely in the sauna!”, FIDEC OY Fidec is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The company sells wellness products, which have been designed and manufactured in Finland. The product range includes garden sauna and barbeque huts Porin Puupojat, sauna and bath barrels by SpDealers, heaters and radiators of stone by Mondex, as well as flax textiles by Jokipii Pellava. Contact: FIDEC OY Mr Thomas Hernberg Tulkinkuja 3 02650 ESPOO, Finland Tel.: + 358 40 512 2545 press contact: Martina Frenzel wellness and media Phillip of Ward eight road 32 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 4537373