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Old Farm

A former farm is characterized by certain structure that makes it distinguished from other farms are usually built in a material called bahareque which is a compound made with cane and mud, because in the past for the construction of an old estate were not with cement and brick like today, therefore have a more rustic look. Additionally, all former farm that is respected, has a large expanse of land populated by fruit trees, crops, creeks and other elements that make the former farm have a more rustic environment than usual. Under these conditions an ancient estate has certain air which immediately recalls the grandparents, since many of each person’s grandparents have or had an estate of an aspect of yesteryear. Where they spent unforgettable evenings with numerous families and residents of other nearby farms. The old farm can be very pleased as a reference tourist, since their beautiful locations bring memories and pleasant sensations, since usually the old estates they are accompanied by beautiful landscapes that immediately generated an air of freedom and tranquility, in addition the beautiful decoration items found in an old farm, more than its material value highlights a true symbolic meaning for the inhabitants of the same.

It is common to find in any old farm utensils such as fireplaces, wood burning stoves, paintings by regional artists, ponds instead of swimming pools and many other objects than to be seen carrying the observer to a beautiful historic past. However find today, amid the modernism a real estate old, it is a difficult task, because the few remaining in places and regions away from the municipal urban helmets, have been reformed to be at the forefront, unfortunately today, the cultural past of many countries that could be observed through any ancient and historical farm that it reflected with his rustic presence in a strong and beautiful landscape has disappeared giving way to luxurious estates that they are intended for commercial and industrial uses and that thus you end up with the classical structure of the old farm. It can be said that all old farm or the large majority today in day you can find are recognized as cultural heritage and used for tourist purposes in every region, farms that offer fun and knowledge to the younger generations, which by the unrestrained technological progress of urbanization coupled with the social unconscious could be without knowing its past cultural and regional customs. In conclusion we can say that whoever has the opportunity to visit and learn about an ancient estate will enjoy an unforgettable experience, which in any case can be shared on family as a day of rest, at the same time that teaches children about the benefits of past generations, because this is a privilege that many people cannot be given by social circumstances and other aspects mentioned above.