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Family Housing

– Type of family housing (ownership, rental, etc..) And status (community or isolated), other housing. – The protection order, along with other security measures that we have seen, and encouraged to police themselves, who may refer to the competent judge with the BAP. Also, when there is particularly dangerous for the victim, taking into account relevant data entered in the official report, are to state expressly in a police care. If so, the police will take the appropriate citations to the conclusion of a “speedy trial.” – Once you finish the statement, ask for the receipt (copy) of filing the complaint and keep it. – The police report must be ratified before the court. If you do not have it, may be requested assignment of counsel.

The judge may make the victim the questions it deems appropriate to complete the Declaration, in a manner deemed to prevent the injury from the assault upon the addition of the “institutional victimization.” Accessible language is used. Measures will be taken protection as appropriate (as explained in section VI), which may be professional or civil. If so, they may hold the trial at that time (“speedy trial”) or take the decisions necessary for urgent processing. PROTECTIVE ORDER: Sample Protective Order: Download from: What is it?: In cases where there are strong evidence of a crime or offense against life, physical integrity or moral, sexual freedom, freedom safety, the victim, through court proceedings quickly and easily, gets a court order provides for interim measures of civil and professional nature.