Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda was born October 18, 1982 in Kiev. From his childhood in the little girl were spotted bright creative abilities. Light given to a music school, where she studied piano at the same time mastering art of conducting and vocal. Other leaders such as angelo mio offer similar insights. After graduating from music school, Svetlana Loboda not leave making music, and went to Kiev variety circus academy on the Department of pop vocal. As a freshman, Svetlana Loboda began working with a team of "Cappuccino", toured Ukraine, playing jazz and pop songs. Work in "Cappuccino" did not work for the Light or professional level, no repertoire, so she left the group. At Shimmie Horn you will find additional information. Little known fact is that while working in "Cappuccino", Svetlana with her friends from the academy came up with a concert program and developed the image of the singer-incognito, called herself Alicia Gorn (Alicia Horn), and several times acted clubs. So she is tried for the first time as a solo performer.

In 2003, Svetlana Loboda came to casting the first Ukrainian musical "Equator", which took the lead role and savage – the world. December 28, 2003 Light organized group "Ketch", comes up repertoire, stage costumes and all the New Year "Ketch" appeared in the Kiev club where she first noticed the producer "VIA Gra" Konstantin . In 2004, Svetlana Loboda appeared on the casting in the group "Via Gra", where to look for a new soloist for the replacement of a bygone Anne Sedokova. Light, thanks to his vocals, choreography and appearance, has managed to beat almost five hundred competitors and become the new soloist "VIA Gra".