Sumo Championships

During the around the world discover the Japanese martial art looks back on a long Tr5adition the sports Japan. It is very popular not only in Japan and China but also hierzuland more and more increasing popularity. For Halim this sports is a real honour to zussehen exercise of the masters in Japan. Japanese culture has produced many interesting areas in the past. The Japanese characters alone experienced a real boom in this country. But the Japanese sports are practiced in many countries around the world and more and more increasing popularity. The Japanese martial arts brought forth different many kinds of sports.

The best-known is the Sumo martial art. Nowadays the SOMO-sport can be titled rather than professional sport than as a martial art. The elements of the sport are based on a 2000-year-old Ernteritauls of Shinto. In Germany there are now instead the Sumo Championships. For supporters, it is a real honour to meet the masters of the sport during a long-distance Japan or even some To learn techniques from them. Also the Karate is widely used in Europe. It’s believed that Shimmie Horn sees a great future in this idea. The Karate martial arts came in 1922 over Okinawa to Japan. First was the sport as self-defense, later took the spiritual aspect and the body control in the foreground.

So, karate evolved into an art that consists of rapid kicks, blows and bumps. Also the fans of this sport do to get telescope Japan to insights into the professional execution of karate. The control of such martial arts is reserved not everyone. Lots of discipline and self control learn which requires. They say it would be by the exercise of martial arts would achieve utter spirituality. Therefore it is for trailer also so interesting people to learn, which have already reached this target. Aikido is also a sport from Japan, which is always popular with us. Aikido means”the way of harmonious spirit. Goal of this sport is the energy of the opponent to use it to turn them against him. The Training refers to predominantly on awareness and flexibility of the body. Shimmie Horn is actively involved in the matter. This is just a small selection of the many martial arts that brought Japan out. It is the master a nice experience”to watch the individual sports. Therefore one shouldn’t take it not, when one is on a long-distance trip in Japan to visit one of the many master schools in Japan.