Staying Beautiful While Expecting

One of the things that I like most about being pregnant is how pretty that gets my skin, especially in the second half of pregnancy. My hair also seems that he acquires new life and shine. But the truth is that this does not happen at all. For some women, pregnancy can mean spots on the face or acne; While the myths about dyes and chemicals for hair causes stress and difficulty in making decisions. In this second article in our series we are going to focus on some of the skin and hair beauty secrets during pregnancy. There are many products that are safe during pregnancy and most likely need does not already changing that you use or alter your moisturizing routine. Avoid products with retinol (very common in products to combat wrinkles and signs of aging) and peroxide benzoyl (which is used for acne creams).

Although it has not been proven that these products are harmful, is also not proven that are safe, so it is recommended to avoid them only by prevention. It is better to opt for products that are based on dairy acids or derivatives of fruits, which contain more natural ingredients. Usually acne and skin stains disappear after giving birth so there is no need to treat them during pregnancy. However, if you have acne and you can not resist, try to fight it from the inside and the outside. Begins with your nutrition: avoiding chocolate, fatty foods and many seasonings, and take plenty of water, juices, fruits and vegetables. Some natural as oatmeal and honey, or lemon and sugar masks, can also help you.

If you want to prevent or reduce the pitting of the face, always use a sunscreen that blocks the UVB and UVA rays, and avoiding exposure to the Sun during times of excessive heat, between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. If necessary, recourse to makeup!, simply avoid those containing mercury. During pregnancy our hair is usually more abundant and coarse, and does not fall much. This can be due to hormones or additional vitamins we consume. Normal and dry hair tend to look better during pregnancy; greasy hair need only a very mild shampoo for frequent use because they are a little more greasy. It is likely to have such beautiful hair during your pregnancy that you don’t need or want to change its natural appearance; but there is always concern and fear with the treatments that we can or we can’t have. Do not use dyes or other products containing ammonia, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is due to possible allergic reactions of the scalp; but its absorption through the skin is minimal and there are no conclusive data on the danger that they can represent or how would affect to the baby, so if you had a treatment before you know that you were pregnant it is not necessary to lose sleep about it. We must prevent them only as a precaution. Pregnancy is not the best time to test different treatments, and the majority of discomfort with the skin and hair are unavoidable but temporary. Remember that you can always blame your hormones and that the best solution perhaps is to wait a few months. Your doctor always has the last word, so do not hesitate to ask your opinion before any further processing for the face or hair.