Specific Language Disorder Chapter

Elvira Mendoza Lara.” University of Granada. 2001. Introduction. Official site: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. In this article we will focus on the relationship between phonological disorder and TEL. Do children with SLI have phonological difficulties? Furthermore, children labeled as “phonological disorder have no linguistic difficulties in other domains? According to Haynes and Naidoo (1991) all children with SLI have some abnormality in speech production.

The expression in children with SLI. All children diagnosed with language delay, almost without exception, have phonological problems (Leonard, 1982). As a component phonology of the language system, children with difficulties in acquiring certain aspects, such as children with SLI, can also present problems in this component. Despite this, the difficulties phonological not listed as a criterion for inclusion in the categories of TEL. However, studies show that these difficulties are persistent in this population (Roberts, Rescorla, Giroux, and Stevens, 1998). Most children with SLI have phonological problems at some point in their development (Bishop, 1997). Some studies suggest that the phonological development of children with SLI is delayed (Schwartz et al., 1980) while others argue that these children have a qualitatively different development systems of normal children (Gibbon and Grunwell, 1990; Grunwell, 1987 .) Children with TEL vocalize less often and use a more limited consonant inventory (Rescorla & Ratner, 1996). It was suggested that children with SLI severely affected, exhibit a less complex history of stuttering.

Children with SLI show delayed phonetic and phonological development concurrent with its lexical and grammatical delays. However, the language deficiencies of children with TEL diminish their opportunities to practice the phonetic repertoire with his surroundings. In relation to the above, it is believed that children with SLI would be more reluctant to communicate and practice their language, because of its expressive difficulties which would form a vicious circle in regard to language development. Studies have shown that a proportion of children with SLI group achieved normal articulatory skills and seem to recover some normality around five years. However, this recovery may be interested in this item …. I Download Daniel A. Silva T. Univ De Chile audiologist.