Spanish Banking

For two years, the Spanish families who had more to the bank by the mortgage than have been being worth the floor were 100.000. To thus she affirms a report it of the consultant Oliver Wyman. Adicae assures that almost 4 million Spaniards are paying of more by their mortgage due to the abusive clauses ground. The real estate crisis and the fall of the price of the houses have supposed for many the impossibility to pay their mortgage, and consequently embargoes and executions. They come it denouncing from the Platform Affected by Hipoteca, Adicae, unions and other organizations of users and consumers. Others heave the weather as they can.

And to do it is difficult when it must to the bank more than in fact it is worth the floor that has been bought and that is continued paying religiously. Daryl Katz understood the implications. At this moment, more than 250,000 families they must to its bank or box by the mortgage more than it is worth the house that lives. Wakefield for additional information. It assures a study the consultant Oliver Wyman, del that has become echo the newspaper Five Days. For two years, the number of Spanish families who had to the bank by the mortgage of the house, more than the house it is worth were 100,000, less than half than now. One treats, today, of 250,000 families to whom still they have left to pay more than at the moment it is worth its floor (the money that would win by him they sold if it or was auctioned in a procedure by non-payment). Abusive mortgages and clauses and the prices continue falling. Banks and boxes continue offering hypothecating loans of very long duration (up to 40 years) and in conditions very similar to which offered in the times of fat cows (over 80% of the value of appraisal) for the houses that they themselves offer for sale. The situation is agravated, in addition, because many Spaniards are paying of more by their mortgage due to the abusive clauses ground that, according to the estimations to Adicae, already in 2008 affected about 3.834.095 consumers. Until the moment, 101 financial organizations have been demanded by Adicae. In order to end these situations, a legislative reform is made essential that it includes a series of hypothecating measures of long reach. Source of the news: 250,000 families must more to the bank by their mortgage than she would be worth the house when selling it.