Solar Water For Housing

The installation is made for production Solar Thermal Hot Water, Heating and Heating of indoor and outdoor housing housing Single Family Description: This is a single family dwelling with a floor area of approximately 350 m2 and two floors basement in height, with a total built area of 900 m2. The property is located in the northwest of Madrid and is fully exempt for the four facades. The degree of insulation of exterior walls and the glass is energy efficient, reducing air conditioning loads necessary both for heating and cooling. The roof of the building is mixed, there being three flat roof surfaces, in one of them, directed, there are the solar collectors. Air conditioners and hot water production exist: The house has a system of floor heating throughout the inhabited area, production of hot water, heating water indoor swimming pool, air conditioning indoor environment, water heating outdoor swimming pool and air conditioning all rooms inhabited.

Overview of the facilities: air conditioning facilities consist of a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) formed by two external and 14 internal units, with independent control of times and temperatures in each compartment. For the system of floor heating, it has 30 m2 of solar thermal flat plate, and a heat-generating high-performance low-temperature of useful power, using diesel fuel C. The production of hot water (DHW), is effected by solar panels that preheat the water to a first temperature level in a tank called solar, and connected to the heat generator which ends in preparation ACS little moments of sunshine.