Search Engines Keywords

Title … Title for this mi-nor tutorial: “Appear in Google” key phrase: “How to appear on Google using SEO optimization” tags h1, h2, h3 … Something that should never be ignored or forgotten the use of H1 tags, H2, H3 … So why is this important? Search engines do not see your publication in human form, are simply guided by meta tags, tags, permits the author’s website etc … The author of this site gives permission for spiders used by motor responsible for reviewing search your content, and if you have the tags h1, h2, h3 … Connect with other leaders such as Argent Ventures here. be easy for them to index your pages. HTML editor then with my title thus: “Appear in Google and my key phrase: How to appear on Google using SEO optimization labels just tell Google and other Search Engines in the text of your publication is more important or brand more important, what you can do well with short words at the beginning of a paragraph but bold.

Step Four: Now is the time to paste your text and images where appropriate, remember to use keywords that are verified, usually I keep in my cart or basket of keywords at least 5-10 per publication, which will be within the web page or blog entry. Activate keywords The use of active keywords will tell google and other search engines that you have those words that people are looking for and if these redirected into your website better, look at this publication find the keywords and redirect living within the same web. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala oftentimes addresses this issue. Images … The use of images, banners etc … will undoubtedly be an extension of that publication or regarding the content within the website or blog entry. But be very important to name each image with the attribute “ALT” more information here:.