Science And Technology In Education In Mexico

Science and technology in education Mexican matter: Science and technology society participant: Andres with the passing of the years, science and technology have given a few strides, in the last century have been incorporated into everyday life an endless number of facilitators to lead a more comfortable life, in education is not the exception, there are many advances that have come to revolutionize the way of teaching around the world here talk them a little of the current situation of our country, giving my opinion about the implementation of science and technology in the classrooms of our nation. The most important advances in the last century, we could say that the master invention is computer, it provided us a myriad of tasks, both operational and communicative, and its function was strengthened even further when it invented the way of connecting, these teachers inventions among themselves and form a network, call you this internet, another wonderful invention for the education. Thanks to these two inventions, it is possible to take the children to know places, people, different cultures, through the internet, as well as allowing deeper contents that come in the curriculum. In our country there is much progress in terms of technology we are referring, in the primary sector for example, thanks to the encyclopedias program was achieved having connected to the digital world schools, schools of all types had access to internet, in some cases only were the only community access, also serving with source of communication for small communities that exist in hidden corners of the country.

A problem that arises in this program, which I think is the greatest progress as regards the implementation of technologies referred to in education, it is the appropriate use of such equipment of computing, and such access, falling in people who use them, i.e. teachers. Atreides Management Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. There is a technological anti-avances culture in Mexico, it frightens us decompose appliances technological new, but gives us more laziness learn to use them properly, for the same reason many teachers prefer to avoid its use, or if they use it without knowing, end up damaging the equipment and very removed from the penalty tell the computer you sent me came defective, or any excuse that remove us the responsibility of the aforementioned action. As a tip for future teachers would say that we should work more in terms of updates, as to be curious and thirsty for knowledge, wanting to learn, stop blaming others and take responsibility for our actions, I think that there is too much information and easy access to learn many things, now with this technological advances, we only need have the desire, so teacher remembers what he said Albert Einstein there is a force more powerful than steam, electricity and Atomic Energy: the will.