School Participation

In the last meeting of 2004, the positive and negative points of carried through meeting had been raised, still, proposals for 2005. As for the positive points, one consists that the lectures had served of reflection for changes in the attitudes of professionals, the improvement of the relationship of the families and the school. The families they had started to have voice in the pertaining to school environment. How much to the negative points, it was registered absence of some families of the Frum in the meetings, the lack of support to the administrative procedures in the school and to little attention given to the Frum for the school. The proposals for 2005 were characterized in lectures for pupils, familiar, employee, for bigger knowledge of what she is a person with NEE; a new call to the families of the school for the participation of the meetings and oportunizar bigger dialogue between the families and professors. In the first meeting of 2005, the families had argued the participation of other parents of the region in the Frum, not losing of sight the identity of this, as well as its conquests and its deliberative character. The families had agreed to the participation of other parents of the community, but they had considered that she was accomplished in the year of 2006, therefore feared the discrimination with the unification of the Frum.

The mother of Hugo told the discrimination that the son already suffered, however, at that moment it it liked them colleagues and them professors. He was a happy pupil and it advanced in the discovery process. We can evidence with the story of this mother the importance of the school if insert in the process of reflection of its practical, in the search to become the environment most inclusive, that is, to guarantee the access, permanence and the learning of quality.