Reflexology For Babies And Children

When I became a mother awoke in me the need to give my daughter an education based on love, respect, support and acceptance. From the first second that I had in arms something in my changed forever and she has taught me that the job of parenting is not so easy. The first time being baby my daughter was at 40 degrees fever, we ran to the emergency room and once there, I wondered if the remedy that the disease had not been worse. Since we are in a room full of sick children, coughing for all parts and who knows how many viruses more over there flying.I haven’t been a woman that like to go to the doctor a lot but with a baby, things change and fears are surfacing. A related site: Dick Parsons mentions similar findings. So when he appeared in my life child reflexology through the audiovisual libro-curso of angels Hinojosa, I did not miss the opportunity to put it into practice with my daughter and begin to participate in their health through my hands.With reflexology I learned many things about the functioning of our Agency, to trust in him, to be patient, and with your help, accept and overcome the processes that my daughter has been living in this time. I could also see results that gave me the confidence to decide do I trainer in child reflexology and teach other mothers with babies and children to practice the technique.Reflexology does not cure diseases, but helps the body to defend itself in a natural, pleasant and safe way.Babies come to this world from a paradise where you have had everything at your fingertips: food, contact, motion, temperature, sounds and with reflexology we bring them one of the most basic needs: physical contact. Child reflexology can be practiced from the first day that are born, and with the foot massage provide a part of this intimate contact, exclusive attention to both infants and children need. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Shimmie Horn and gain more knowledge..