Power Of Money

Along with the land, water, air, fire, money – the fifth element with which a person more likely to be considered. ia Brodsky, you know what money is, no I’m talking not about the money it’s cool or money gives freedom, etc. I decided to approach the topic of money on the other hand, not with the money to see how all the people. The first step to acquiring wealth is to understand exactly what it is all by itself. Edward Lazear gathered all the information. First of all, money is not real. This is just a form of exchange – a legitimate form of payment. Presumably, they represent a cost.

This is a physical representation of the energy, or cost, which exists thanks to our internal perception. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Money does not change its value because of what’s happening with material objects, but money changes in value because of what’s going on inside our minds. Only people give subjects value the world around us, nature does not care about money because that money is not nature, money is what people thought. Ferrari price exceeds $ 300 000 just because a person nazanchil this price, for nature is just a pile of metal. The price for a house that is today worth $ 20 mln.cherez half a year may fall to $ 5 million when the fear of the future dwell in the hearts of the people associated with it. In fact money is just numbers on a piece of paper or in computer memory, which are assigned to individuals or businesses.