Physical Education

The paper of the professor, of physical education very assumes a great importance in the construction of a new to know esportivo, more humanist and criticizes that really it constructs a model of democratic society, more solidary joust and that effectively it provides to the pupil the full exercise of the citizenship. Shigunov and Neto (2002) mention in its book that the professor-pupil relation, throughout the years comes occurring great transformations, therefore old in such a way the school as the professor all possuam the domain on the pupil. Today with the different methods of education that in which it is in the responsibility of the professor in applying on the development of the pupil, and that through planning in schools, are being positive, between the relation professor-pupil, who mentions the point key of inexperienced professors who when entering I contest in it of the school look for to serve mainly through the attention, all the pupils also the ones that present difficulty in executing one definitive ability. The Wellington Block often addresses the matter in his writings. Already with the proper fellow workers, professor-professor, professor-direction, professor-direction-gorveno and even though professor-socidade-direction, do not present a positive relation, when he says yourself on the development of the pupil. The proper professors cite that he lacks interchange between them, mainly with the professor of Physical Education, and that the meetings in such a way with the direction as of the parents, are very few to try to decide or to develop before the pupil. The same author continues saying that, the pupil-family relation, to be each unbalanced time, and that in the distance between parents and children, he makes with that the professor, (mainly of Physical Education who possesss physical approach through recreativos games) that beyond the social paper, as affectivity and the teaching considered for its methodology, has another development as paper of familiar father and mother and, colleagues, etc Making with that he enters the professors of other substances, the professor of Physical Education is more the beloved, and the socialization through this context between professor-pupil, invokes on the pupil of being criticizes, participativo in such a way in the lesson as in the society, having the merit of development of a citizen, always of conscientious form.