Our feeding is fundamental for the treatment against the cellulitis. As we know well, the cellulitis is located generally in different parts from our body and resides like small nodules of greasy consequence of different factors such as the ingestion from a rich fat diet, problems of circulation and problems of retention of liquids and toxin elimination. Nothing else far from the reality, many of the treatments and products destined to act of local form on our skin are based on the principle of the liplisis, a mechanism that helps to mobilize the fat stored in these zones and to give a destiny far better him: its elimination. Therefore, when we spoke of feeding we talked about the control of the ingestion of difeentes types of food that one of two: by its high fat content they favor the opposite mechanism (the lipognesis), or, do not help for anything the mobilization of fats and incuso can harm our sanguineous circulation, and not only to make worse the cellulitis, but to be the aggravating one of the more pathologies like for example varices. Which are our enemy foods? Evidently, to ingest a great amount of loaded sugar foods like candies, sweetened drinks or the white bread, as well as the loaded industrial fat baker’s shop, they are going to cause that our body reacts throughout secreting insulin the day, and is indeed this hormone the one that prevents or makes difficult the mobilization of the fat causing that this one is stored of uncontrolled form in our body.

This fat has two preferences basic of storage: abdominal or gluteofemoral. And how we must react before these cases? The recommendation is well simple: Physical activity and movement during the day? Not to be without eating more than 3 hours? To divide the diet in 5 takings? Fruit or salad in the breakfast prefeentemente. Also they can be a taking during the day. Learn more about this with Edward Minskoff.