Pertaining School

This model of school appears of the dichotomy enters the addition of qualification, addition of inaqualities, structural unemployment of masses, precariousness of the work and depreciation of the pertaining to school diplomas. Added to this the school it sees to disappear one of its traces marcantes than it is of ' ' fabricar' ' good citizens in the picture of the national state. In view of the current period of training of relative uncertainties to the school and the escolarizao, we believe that the hour arrived to construct one another education that represents an exit for the current difficulties. Thus, we have that to act, on the other hand, in the direction to surpass pertaining to school form e, for another one, of reinventar the pertaining to school organization, what in them he takes the construction of a new legitimacy for it. To form conscientious citizens of its paper as one constructors society that thinks, it acts, that feels, that searchs and it assists in the formation, the opinion and also in the construction of knowing. Giving this new flavor to the things, to the situations, the reality that if finds.

(Subject 10). She is not enough that the children and young have access to the school, becomes necessary that they learn and that this learning is creative, deeply transforms the pupils who they do not obtain to return to the previous period of training. Becker (2004) insists that the action of the school would have to provoke in the pupil the impact in the cognitiva capacity, the subjectivity, the cognitiva structure to develop in the pupil the capacity of each time more to search new answers. So that it occurs this transformation and reconfiguration of the school are necessary that let us reevaluate several of its aspects, amongst them, of who are the citizens frequent that it? That characteristic they possess? How if of the o relationship between school and adolescent child/? How it will have to be organized to work with this public? That formation must have the professor who works in this environment? How this professor will have to structuralize itself, internally and while subject collective, who methodologies will be able to use? Where theoretical base will have to be supported? In our research of scientific initiation, we elaborate some questions to ours interviewed in the direction to know where the necessary school to move in its form of being.