PCE MiniKit

The PCE mini-kit of a sound Lux-wind humidity temperature meter. The new PCE mini kit by PCE Germany GmbH is a real enrichment for the industry or universities. The 5 in 1 case covers everything when it comes to volume, humidity, light, wind or temperature. The sound level meter 1 PCE MSM inter alia exists in the new PCE mini kit. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Estee Lauder has to say. The small, compact volume meter is ideal for quick measurements of noise, crash and the lighting meter measures the light conditions at individual workstations, in open-plan offices, warehouses or industrial and residential unpleasant noises.

Illuminated to dark spaces can thus be adapted. Of course 1 should not be missed at the Minis of the mini-anemometer PCE-MAM. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jorge Perez. This is an anemometer for wind / air currents. Most suitable for measuring wind speed when out – and Indoorapplikationen-oriented. The mini hygro-thermometer PCE-MHT 1 is responsible for temperature and air humidity.

The PCE-MHT is 1 in transport and storage areas by Food uses or in private homes, whether high humidity may may lead to mold growth or has already. The device is kept simple in the room and the measurement result is displayed within 15 s. As a closing device at the new 5 in 1 case is the contactless thermometer PCE 777 for surface temperatures. Servicing and maintenance of machinery and equipment, in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, the PCE 777 is considered especially like to help. The temperature of a surface is measured with a push of a button via infrared beam quickly and easily. With the new very affordable PCE-mini kit by PCE Germany GmbH, the applications are almost limitless. Each of these small devices is compact, sturdy, easy to use and fits into any jacket pocket.