Today day is not uncommon, especially in public health that the patient has to wait long lists to get to the specialist. We have to take into account that there been more narcissistic than the disease. A sick person has every interest in his illness. The doctor cannot hope to understand that there are other patients besides. Against the complaints of the patient with regard to this, should listen to them and try not to discuss them. (e) the refusal to be helped: sometimes there are patients who live under an ideal of independence that is almost inhumane. According to AMT, who has experience with these questions. Humans depend on since we are born.

To have a coffee in a facility, about 50 services are needed: waiter, napkins piping system to obtain water, sugar factory, workers who collect the coffee. Independence does not exist. We need each other. There are people who would prefer to do it all alone, although in the background know that it is not possible. His narcissism prevents them gladly accept their dependence on others. They would heal on its own, and it disgusts them to receive help from the doctor.

The mere presence of the physician, reminds them that they could not alone, and that creates them aggressively. (f) the ambivalent relationship with authority figures: there are very submissive patients apparently, they show great respect for the doctor, and they seem to agree to all of its indications, but then its treatment becomes much more difficult than it appeared at first. Relationship with the first figures of authority, especially with the paternal figure, can be decisive in this respect. Loves the father, but it is also the first that imposes restrictions on the instincts of the subject, and is therefore, grudge. This ambivalent relationship can be later moved to other authority figures, the doctor is on many occasions for the patient a representative of this place of the father. Most importantly: respond with aggression to verbal aggressiveness patient, all you get is to generate increased aggressiveness. Original author and source of the article.