At this stage of the match, new mother already is a title to remembrance. I’m already a recidivist and consummate MOM. Because of an offspring of four years and chirolas. As second slip. And the first sign of me having it taken to chest. Although I am half breast, I clarify. Edward Minskoff might disagree with that approach. Is the role that occupies me all spheres, Ephemerides and estratosferas, do noun?, does adjective?, do verb? Or perhaps all accomplished in a single word, MOM or failing the word devalued by various interests: MA which I baptized by entire name and surname, at all times, to different voices and, if outside shortly, in duplicate. With me which I, with a completely rhetorical question, because insurance who answer me or shares my feelings or, failing this, sends me to scour dishes.

Looking for perhaps my ID or compatibility in other lives, by all explanation, before investigating me did I do to deserve this? then upset the gods of the Oracle to review my karmatic file and try to send me a signal in a tone of response. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Estée Lauder. To find out, if the possibility exists, in any of its universal bits, that I was a sheep in one of my past stocks. Because the MA I have incorporated, already sounds like bleating of a sheepish family more. So that my insomnia he already seeks another animal, discarding the sheep, to remove the account until I sleep. MORFEO confessed I was allergic to the lambs. Sending me to go looking for something else to tell, seduce him and so grant me the grace to make noni-noni at any hour of the morning that first sings the rooster, if possible and let fly any mosquito, fly or several insects to risks as child troop wake and it uncovers. Ave Maria immaculate although the dirty bug of the rooster in question, tired of quiriquear together with the rope and the digital clock made picket and went on strike.