Open IMC Launches Portal brings together interested parties and provider of CRM software and services Berlin, April 16, 2008 IMC instant marketing consulting, consulting specialist for marketing process optimization, has with released a new portal for people interested in products and services related to the topic of customer relationship management. In particular the simple navigation, the information clearly presented, the integrated click to-search feature and the waiving of user log-In the make an attractive information portal for interested parties as well as for providers. Interested parties can obtain the desired information without annoying LogIn. It is to leave not everyone finally ready for simple searches its data”, so Thomas Klingberg, operator of the portal. Who wants to read the regular CRM newsletter only, leaves his data are not forwarded us provider”. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Edward Minskoff. wants the information widely scattered in the Internet with its online offer channel around the topic of CRM on a platform and categorize. Categories include consultants, CRM CRM software, CRM integrators and CRM literature.

Also reference examples and case studies, as well as events and news are part of the portal. To ensure maximum transparency of information, the entry on for providers is free of charge. Thus, the portal also for smaller CRM companies and specialists, as well as for small enterprises is an interesting platform for the presentation of their products and services. uses search technology. Interested parties can either search for relevant terms within the portal via a classical search mask or make use of the integrated click to-search function. Keywords that automatically convert itself when clicked in search results are located below the provider entries. Often CRM project manager to your responsibility as the Virgin to the child “, like get Brock. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Daryl Katz.

The term world of CRM is at all not known to many. The “click to-search function enables CRM thus an explorative navigation through the portal.” with an extended search function starts as of August 2008. Interested parties have the ability to search providers exclusively on CRM Web sites for key terms. Providers that want to register your URL for the advanced search, can see url.html. Instant marketing consulting Thomas Kling Muller Bergstrasse 134a 13349 Berlin fon + 49-30-45034133 email: Web: about IMC is an online portal of IMC instant marketing consulting. IMC instant marketing consulting ( supports small and medium-sized enterprises, the complex products develop or distribute for the development and expansion of sustainable marketing infrastructure. Instant marketing IMC called a pragmatism of action which will allow small and medium-sized enterprises, on the basis of a consistent marketing infrastructure with low organizational effort significantly to increase the shock figures in marketing and sales. With marketing infrastructure are both meant software solutions, the company daily work easier, as through marketing processes and a smart implementation methodology in your lead management or with respect to your public relations. IMC you comprehensive support for the development and expansion of your marketing infrastructure.