October Apartment

Real estate prices Munich Allach – many houses are still to get under EUR 600.000,-. The 23rd District 23 Untermenzing Allach in Munich consists of the former municipality of Untermenzing and the former town of Allach was largely founded in 1938. Allach was first mentioned as Ahaloh 774. The name means forest on the water. Allach was one of the oldest independent municipalities in Bavaria.

Scenic, as well as politically Allach to Dachau was bound. Until 1803, Allach came to the district in Munich. In 1678, Allach in the newly created court mark was incorporated Menzing, in 1818, Allach became an independent municipality in the modern sense. in 1938 the inclusion then came to Munich. The social structure is dominated by multiple-person households with children. If you would like to know more about Elizabeth Arden, then click here. While until the workers prevailed in the 1960s, the finding was mainly in Allach, so employees with over 50 per cent are represented today in the entire district. (1) 2011 – Munich Allach (apartment for sale Munich and House sale prices Munich): real estate prices Munich Allach (prices) are divided as follows: from January to end October 2011 389 objects were offered in apartment sales Munich Allach, in house sales Munich, Allach 390 objects existed. 186 houses in Allach (186) were offered during this period with regard to house sale Munich Allach.

The prices were on average EUR 600.000,-villas in Allach. The 96 semi-detached houses (area home sales Munich Allach) were on average offered for EUR 505.000,-. Sale apartment Munich Allach the average offer price (real estate prices Munich) was m used apartments at EUR 3200,-per m, in the segment of apartment sale Munich Allach new objects offers m amounted to approx. EUR 3.900,-per m. 26 of the objects offered in apartment sales Munich Allach had a rooftop terrace or a garden. (2) actual sales and real estate prices Munich Allach for 2010: (real estate prices Munich with regard to apartment Munich and House sale Munich): with regard to apartment sales Munich, Allach there in 2010 a total of 55 real estate sales.