Millenium Tower

EP was recording a musical video in the plant 20. Some of the congregated ones felt a tremor. They have evacuated to 250 people by precaution. The highest building of Sabadell (Barcelona), the Millenium Tower, has been evacuated east Friday when a musical video (lip-dub) in one of the last plants was being recorded after some of the congregated ones felt a tremor. According to the municipal Firemen and sources have explained, the recording was being realised in plant 20, and have been evacuated 250 people by precaution, although everything has been in a false alarm. The tremor could have produced when the participants in lip-dub have jumped together, and have ended up going the firemen, who have received the warning to the 15,10 hours. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The Millenium Tower, of 90 meters of height, is located in the zone of the Eix Maci. It is work of the architects Joan Roig and Enric Batlle and was finished in 2002. Source of the news: They evacuate a tower of 20 plants in Sabadell because many people jumped simultaneously