Metropolitan Berlin

It is a real short runner Fund, because already in 2014 to Metropolitan estates Berlin will be resolved with a high end profit. The fund company it plans the acquisition of 20 million drawing funds that it is sufficient in the full amount as a loan to the object company Metropolitan Berlin real estate GmbH & co. KG as end-mature, fixed loan with a term until late 2014. This offers the great advantage for the investor one by liens secured minimum interest rate of 8.5 percent per year. In addition, he participates to one-third of the profits generated with the real estate projects. These are located so far in a high double-digit and that to balance of the Sanus foundations, although Berlin long has been not the expected development according to professionals in the last ten years, as expected. This only starts”now. The typical secured loan solution gives an increased safety compared to conventional concepts of participation Fund artist here, he is so involved in a fund that offers high chances, but provides the security as well as in the Center.

In Numbers expressed it as follows: for the year 2012 a first dividend of 10 per cent is expected for the next year already 20 percent. It is really exciting to the end: because for 2014 is of course not only provided the full return of the loan, rather there is also a final profit of 107 per cent relative to the capital paid by the investors. This leads to a high double-digit return expectation per year over the entire period. The calculated total return funds itself after return of investor capital from 137 per cent this net, already considering the 25-percent flat tax and solidarity surcharge. Metropolitan estates Berlin is the living example”how investors can now benefit from the real estate boom in Berlin. For more information,