Today we will do the search engine, more precisely, we will MetPoiskovik. it will search the Internet sites, Web pages, meta tags and on the title, as in the earliest search engines, but how it will be good depends on you. You can add something new, super-algorithm, etc etc. Maybe you will even compete with Google and Yandex, who knows anything can happen. Before you start writing your search engine, divide it into three parts: 1) Web-based search engine we will implement in PHP.

2) Index database (MySQL), which will contain all the information about the pages. Additional information is available at Shimmie Horn. 3) search robot, indexing web pages and enters the data in the index do in Delphi. just say that I will not do the spider, which should would find the url address. So, here we go: Web-based search engine web interface such a site that allows users to search databases for MySQL. Home page meta search engine Index.php create an index.php file to start will give you the complete code TITLE The title page.

Usually 50, 60, 80 characters. Displayed at the top of the browser is the default text when you make a "favorites", "Bookmarks", and as the title displayed by the search engine results. Example: <TITLE> Search engine! – There is everything. </ TITLE> if the title is longer than it should – you will simply truncate it. DESCRIPTION description of the site. Displayed when displaying the search results page after the title of Title.