Mafia II Features New Missions

Finally, the mafia will return the hearts of mafia fans heights slain thanks to this news, because after eight years, the successor of the popular video game is now available. Mafia II “holds new jobs in new environment ready and confident with advanced graphics. The portal for Internet auctions offers a glimpse into the ranks of the mafia and the missions to be expected. Who by mafia”was excited to devour even this new game and quickly immersed in the world of Italian gangsters. For even more analysis, hear from Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.. In the role of the young Vito Scaletta is a variety of jobs to do that hold a lot of action. As the son of the family Scaletta pulls Vito Joe with his friend through the streets of Empire city and has dubious tasks to fulfil. Activities such as stealing cars and jewels, the selling of drugs or the burial of corpses are the order of the day. The player learns in mafia II”new places as well as friends and enemies know and is in a completely different environment than the one of the previous game again. Continue to learn more with: Cushman and Wakefield.

In addition, Vito must also be satisfied with regard to his clothes and food. Overall, the video game rather gives the impression of a movie. It offers a large number of places, authentic and graphically correctly represented. The age rating (from 18 years) seems justified in terms of the violent battle scenes. Also, pictures from Playboy in the game occur frequently because the protagonist finds regularly in different places of the city. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann