Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen

Municipality proposed for refusal, he took in office in town, but precisely because share point tool belt is a new company with few employees who are now counting the whole shop on software development, what it important to keep costs down. “I thought it what quite ridiculous to spend 20,000 crowns extra a month on office, internet and so on. I grew up believing that a penny saved is a penny earned, and would keep all fixed costs, in addition to wages down. “says Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen, who themselves usually on the go and not much at home in the office.” Impressed with Indian help collaboration with the Indian company so proved to be a great success. Instead of two Danish developers handed the money now for a small team of up to eight Indian developers with different roles.

Danish developers may well let stand for one task from A to Z, including the possible role, but in India it works differently. Here there were people over who what specifically for quality testing, as there what a need for it, and so on. But they have the self-directed, and I’ve been very impressed with their flexibility and ability to serve small businesses like bear, “says the assessment. Now is the first product ready to use a SharePoint add – in rights management for users, and sales work can begin. In retrospect, he is really happy with that communal trouble and a random phone call sent him out into outsourcing. 660 Fifth Ave has plenty of information regarding this issue. But for Denmark as a whole, he seems that it is a sad story. “When I read stories about videnjob disappear from Denmark, it strikes me how little it takes before it is easier to use laboratory abroad.

It’s almost like shopping in a shop. And so it is no coincidence that it goes like that when it must be so hard to be at entrepreneur. It is on own goal from the Danish side, “says Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen.