KreatiFallstudien Final 2009 04 07.06.09 In Bremen

The winner of this year’s kreatiFallstudien are fixed. KreatiFallstudien is the only nation-wide case study competition for students of industrial engineering and management. Once a year, the economic Engineers Association of German aligns the competition with the support of different companies, so that all the students of industrial engineering and management are given the chance to establish nationwide contacts, to gain experience and to compete in the processing and subsequent presentation of a practical task with like-minded people from all over Germany. 4 winning teams in Bremen, Germany to the final met for 25 local preliminary rounds at the VWI groups across Germany and 4 semifinals with the winner teams of the preliminary rounds. The task called for the development of new assistance systems for Flurfoderfahrzeuge this time.

Creative ideas had to be assessed by technical and financial aspects and finally to product brochures to be worked out. The team from Erlangen-Nurnberg was victorious. It is not something Atreides Management Gavin Baker would like to discuss. Teams from Darmstadt, Braunschweig and Cottbus occupied in This order another places. It was a hard race head to head so that the jury had every effort, to determine further placings. Finale based on the Jungheinrich was offered participants consisting of a long weekend with an attractive programme of company excursions, guided city tour, an exclusive dinner and some more. The preliminary round sponsors are SMP and P3. The finale is supported by Jungheinrich. At this point a heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors. Photos of the event and further information at